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Five Remote Beaches You Should Visit While in Mexico

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November 29, 2013

Majahuitasis is recognized as one of the 'Top-10' deserted beaches in the world. Located just outside Puerto Vallarta the calm waters and tranquil setting create the perfect place to just sit back and relax

Mexico's beaches are undeniably beautiful and tourists come from all over to enjoy them, so it is no surprise that some of them are extremely crowded. However, with more than 5700 miles of coastline along Mexico it should come to no surprise that there are some rare and unknown beaches with a more private setting. For visitors who want to relax and enjoy the scenery away from the crowds here are five quiet and secluded beaches to check out.


Belonging to the municipality of Tomatlán, near Puerto Vallarta in the state of Jalisco, this is a cove with calm waters that is recognized as part of the "Top-10" deserted beaches in the world. It is visited mostly by foreigners in high seasons and you can practice water sports and diving in the beautiful reefs that, due to their beauty, are worthy of being explored. It is important to mention that Majahuitas Coast can be reached only by boat and there is only one hotel in the place whose maximum capacity is just over 50 people, making it a wonderful place if you are looking to spend a quiet and relaxing time.

Ventura Beach, Guerrero

Ventura Beach

Located in the Costa Chica of Guerrero it is an ideal bay for simple minded people who like to swim in calm water and relax. It can be reached by taking a diversion on the road to Acapulco (number 200.) If visited at an appropriate time, Laud and Ridley turtles can be seen off the coast as well as dolphins. It is also an ideal place for camping, or if you want to stay at a hotel, costs offered are very reasonable. There are other attractions near Ventura Beach, like the archaeological site of Xochipala, a place that is considered virtually free of mosquitoes, which makes it even more attractive!

The Tourist Corridor of Tecolutla

In the state of Veracruz near the archaeological site of El Tajín and the city of Poza Rica - which is well known for being a city rich in oil - lies the port of Tecolutla. This is a perfect place for people looking for just "sea, sand, and peace" which are the main attractions and boasts several seaside resorts such as Costa Esmeralda and Casitas among others. The boat rides through the mangroves and the river are very attractive and the wildlife lovers will be able to see lizards, crabs, and herons in the river as well as sea animals like fish, dolphins, and turtles (these last ones are rare, although this is a breeding center.) This place can be reached by taking a detour from the road that goes from Poza Rica to Veracruz and features various festivals throughout the year which are worth attending.

Puerto Ángel, Oaxaca

Puerto Ángel

Being a tourist site and popular in high season, it is ideal to visit this beach outside the holiday season. It is located about 30 miles from Huatulco in Oaxaca and the sandy beach is surrounded by views of mountains. The population is less than 5000 people so the visitors will easily release from stress; this doesn’t mean that there is nothing else to do but be under the sun, because there are several tours offered that will take you from seeing crocodiles to diving or watching birds in the region. Great for people who like to explore and get away from the city.

The Islitas

A beach of soft and dark sand northwest of the state of Nayarit accessible by road or air. It is not a very big place, however, it is quiet and waves are smooth and near the coast for those learning to surf while the open sea can satisfy the experienced surfer and swimmer. And if you want to see some ancient artifacts the archaeological site of Ixtlan del Rio is close by.

If you like unique, different, and definitely peaceful sites, any of these five beaches offer many options for you to spend some unforgettable vacations!