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Whale Watching in the Waters of Banderas Bay

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November 25, 2013

Breaching is the most spectacular of all whale behavior. The whale launches itself out of the water and lands on its side sending a massive spray of water into the air.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Come December the sounds of Humpback whale song can be heard once again in the protected waters of Banderas Bay.

These behemoths of the deep return to the breeding and calving grounds off Puerto Vallarta in December, and stay until their newborns are strong enough to begin their migration northwards to the rich feeding grounds off Alaska in March. Their presence in the bay provides locals and tourists alike the opportunity to go whale watching.

There are several companies which offer whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta but before we make our recommendation letís have a look at some typical whale behavior you may to see on the incredible adventure.

Breaching - The most spectacular of all whale behavior, the whale launches itself out of the water and lands on its side sending a massive spray of water into the air. This behavior may be a warning, a way of attracting a mate, or simply having fun.

Spy Hopping - When the whale raises its head out of the water, normally vertically to have a look at what is going on around them. Whales on the move will turn on their side with one eye out of the water to have a look.

Fin Slapping - The whale lies on its side and smacks its huge pectoral fin on the surface of the water repeatedly.

Lob Tailing - The whale raises its fluke or tail out of the water and slams it down onto the surface of the water. It is usually a repetitive movement considered to be a sign of aggression or perhaps a way of foraging.

Hopefully on a whale watching tour in Puerto Vallarta you get to see all of this typical whale behavior but be warned - seeing a whale is not always guaranteed and if you do see one they might not be in the mood to perform.

We recommend that you contact the experts at Superior Tours to set up the ultimate whale watching tour for you and your friends. Send an email to Info(at), or visit, or call +52 (322) 222-0024.

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