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40th Anniversary of Tianguis Turístico in Acapulco

February 3, 2015

Tianguis Turístico is the largest tourism showcase in all of Mexico, attracting hundreds of local exhibitors, and thousands of international buyers every year. This year, the event returns to Acapulco, March 23-26.

Acapulco, Mexico - Tianguis Turístico Mexico 2015 will be held in Acapulco, Guerrero between March 23rd and 26th at Mundo Imperial Acapulco, presented in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and the Mexico Tourism Board. Attendees can find information on a variety of Mexico travel interests, such as Sun and Beaches, Culture, Luxury, Business, and Adventure.

From the beginning, the event had always been held in Acapulco, until a few years back when the organizers decided to have the show travel to other regions, including Puerto Vallarta / Riviera Nayarit, Cancun / Riviera Maya and Puebla. This was in part due to the tarnished reputation that Acapulco was quickly getting with international media. Not only were inbound visitation numbers on the decline, so were the number of attendees at the annual Tianguis Turístico.

With recent changes at both the regional tourism and government sectors, newly implemented infrastructures to the oceanfront Costera Avenue, and new hotel properties being built, things in Acapulco are once again on the upswing. As well, a new urban transit service called "Acabus" is being introduced, and the "Macrotunnel Project" will now connect the Diamante Zone with the Traditional Zone. There's even a new campaign, "The best is yet to come. Acapulco is reborn," proving that Acapulco eagerly wants to get the message across that their new 'drug' is tourism.

At last year's Tianguis Turistico in Cancun, Kevin Spacey was brought in to tout the benefits of tourism to the country. He praised the Mexican government for tax reforms making it more enticing for foreigners to invest and live here, which in turn he said could lead to more movies and music videos being made here.

The almost one and a half million square miles making up Mexico's geography are home to a large cultural and natural diversity. From the Baja California Peninsula to the Yucatan Peninsula, landscapes and history are interwoven to make Mexico an unparalleled attraction. Its territory, divided into 32 states, is encircled by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Ocean to the east, comprised of 34 biosphere reserves. UNESCO has also declared 27 archaeological sites, historic centers, and natural areas as World Heritage Sites.

Mexico seems have the pulse on technology as well. According to eTourism Monitor, the country ranks third in the number of social media followers. The Visit Mexico Facebook page has more than a million followers, surpassing both of its North American compatriots.

Tianguis is the largest tourism showcase in all of Mexico, attracting hundreds of local exhibitors, and thousands of international buyers every year. The event is also open to the public, providing locals with the knowledge they need to visit other parts of their own country. Still, the main objective remains to put Mexico first and foremost in the global marketplace for tourism.

Source: Huffington Post