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Discover the Magic of Chacala on the Riviera Nayarit

August 19, 2015

All magic aside, the fine sand beach nestled against the backdrop of the lush green jungle on one side and hugged by the sparkling waters of the Pacific on the other is something in its' own right!

Chacala, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico - What is this magical place they call Chacala? According to those that have discovered this "secret" beach halfway up the Riviera Nayarit coastline, just 62 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, this little piece of paradise holds an air of something rather mystical.

Could it be due to a vibe unfolding from the volcano located in the lush dense jungle high up on the south end? Is this why so many are attracted to hiking up this mountain for exploration? Possibly it explains why so many come to the yoga/healing center located just below. Or is it something else?

The Huichol Indians seem to also feel these spiritual vibrations, as they perform many colorful ceremonies in the nearby mountains. What is the reason behind such happy, hospitable locals and the calm that overtakes its visitors?

All magic aside, the fine sand that is nestled against the backdrop of the lush green jungle and hugged on the other side by the cleanest, most sparkling swimming beach on the coastline is something in its' own right! Great pride is taken to sustain the "clean beach certificate" that has been awarded year after year.

Gazing out to sea, you will most likely notice the fishermen on their journeys back to shore loaded up with their fresh hauls. Should you elect to lunch in one of the dozen restaurants while digging your toes in the sand, you will be served the freshest catch of the day, most likely right off one of the tiny fishing boats and prepared in a variety of traditional methods. Try the filleted mahi mahi or snapper, slow cooked over wood and basted in an amazing local sauce - all the trimmings included, just for good measure!

If your timing is right, you may catch sight of the whales and dolphins daringly swimming in very close to shore, happily leaping in and out of the water - what better show can you ask for?! This is provided free of charge - compliments of Chacala! Possibly they are also feeling the magic as well. Many sailboats elect to stay for the night, or sometimes much longer, as they take in the calm bay and spectacular scenery.

There is actually a little more to Playa Chacala than meets the eye, but the charm of this village is the low key image that it manages to sustain. In truth, there are more seafood restaurants dotting this beach than you will find in Sayulita, San Pancho and Lo De Marcos, all put together!

There's also a medical center, 2 schools, an art gallery, a Saturday artesian market, world class surf break close by, as well as weekend workshops for spiritual guidance, a first class yoga retreat (as mentioned) and much more.

The 5 mile drive in, once you leave the main highway, is breathtaking as you pass mango and banana orchards, a little lake, and gorgeous terrain before the sudden turquoise ocean view jolts you into the reality that you are about to reach the village and beach of Chacala. Feel the magic!

Lindy Laing is a Chacala resident who is currently working on medical tourism in the area. If you'd like more information about Chacala, Nayarit, or are in the area and have a particular need, she and is always happy to provide guidance. You can reach her at igualla(at)