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PV Ready for Most Beautiful Bays in the World Congress

October 24, 2016

Located on Mexico's Pacific coast, Puerto Vallarta is framed by the Bay of Banderas, part of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World - an exclusive club of the world's most striking bays - and the Sierra Madres.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust (FIDETUR) and City Council are working together to refine the details of what will be a great showcase for this destination - the XII Congress of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World Club.

Scheduled to be held here from October 30 to November 2, 2016, the Congress will be attended by representatives of 40 bays located in more than 25 countries with delegations to include an entourage of press, which will give Banderas Bay, our city and the entire Vallarta-Nayarit tourist corridor international exposure.

When it was announced that Puerto Vallarta would host this important world congress, the municipal government and the Tourism Trust began a series of meetings to develop a top-notch program for these special guests; preparing the details of logistics and designing an agenda for both participants and the press that will give them a very clear impression of what this great bay represents.

Trust Chairman Tourism Álvaro Garciarce said, "the Congress will be an extraordinary opportunity to show these special guests the great attractions of Puerto Vallarta; the attributes that make us part of this select global club apart from its natural beauty; the things that make Puerto Vallarta stand out, like the high quality tourism services that include a wide range of world-class hotels, restaurants and tours by land and sea."

He went on to say, "we will show them that, in addition to having one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Puerto Vallarta is also one of the friendliest cities in the world; a place whose inhabitants extend extraordinary hospitality; a place where visitors feel welcome, are greeted as friends, and always receive very special treatment."

Meanwhile, the director of the Tourism Trust, Agustin Alvarez Valdivia, has spearheaded a series of meetings with officials of the Municipal Tourism Office to fine-tune every single detail of the event agenda.

"This is a great opportunity that we will not miss. It gives Puerto Vallarta a chance to show off all of its beauty, its attractions and entertainment; the FIDETUR supports the City Council in the program of activities that will leave a very positive impression on our guests," he said.

The Congress' inaugural dinner will be held at the host hotel on October 30. On November 1, the Most Beautiful Bays of the World Club delegations will have their assembly, while the foreign press participates in various tours of the bay and the city. The closing dinner will be on November 2.

As the October 29-November 2 Most Beautiful Bays of the World Congress coincides with the Día de Los Muertos celebrations, Puerto Vallarta will also have a unique opportunity to share one of Mexico's most beloved traditions with the world.

Because of the importance of the dates for our country, delegates will also have the opportunity to participate in the Day of the Dead Festival activities, which include traditional altars in various hotels and public places, music, dance and theater performances, and parades and street parties throughout the city.

The Most Beautiful Bays of the World Club is an international association created in 1997. In the Americas there are 10 bays belonging to the club, 10 more in Europe, 9 in Asia and 6 in Africa. Member bays must meet certain criteria, including: environmental protection measures, interesting wildlife and attractive natural habitats, national recognition and appreciation, be emblematic to the local population, and have potential for economic development. For more information, visit

Translated and edited by María Francesca for