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'Milagros Caninos' Gives Sanctuary to Wounded Dogs

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October 18, 2016

Around three hundred dogs now live at the Milagros Caninos sanctuary for abused dogs - living and playing in the green gardens of Ruiz's family property located on the outskirts of the Mexican capital.

Mexico City - Throughout the world, many animals - including dogs - bear the wrath of human cruelty. In Mexico, there is a special place for some of the most severely injured. It's called "Canine Miracles." CCTV's Franc Contreras reports:

During our filming, we met one of the kindest creatures you might ever meet. His name is Pay de Limon or "Lemon Pie." Members of an organized crime group cut off his front legs. The people here say it was practice for what the gang wanted to do to humans.

Lemon Pie's life was saved and transformed at Milagros Caninos or Canine Miracles.

Paty Ruiz is the founder of this sanctuary for abused dogs. She created it after her own pet died in an accident.

"The idea here is to give them one last opportunity - or perhaps the only opportunity these dogs will get in their lives to know what love is," Ruiz said. "The majority of them suffered at the hands of cruel humans. They were victims. But now they are happy dogs."

The staff at Canine Miracles give the dogs several kinds of therapy, including petting and play time. They also give them names so that each one has its own identity.

Canine Miracles is a charity organization and is kept alive through donations.

Around three hundred dogs now live at the center - living and playing in the green gardens of Ruiz's family property located in the outskirts of the Mexican capital.

A few of these dogs, the healthier ones, will be put up for adoption but the vast majority, because of their health condition, will remain here for the rest of their lives.

Their suffering is over. And they are now free to live their lives running and barking - as happy dogs do.

"Canine Miracles has been operating now ten years. And it will stay around as long as possible because unfortunately, cruelty against animals will not disappear," said Ruiz.

Yes, cruelty exists. But lucky for Pay de Limon - so does kindness.

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