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'Kukur Tihar' - A Celebration of Dogs in Puerto Vallarta

October 25, 2016

This year, for the first time, Puerto Vallarta will celebrate the 'Kukur Tihar' on Sunday, October 30th from 5-9 pm at Hotel Puerto de Luna. For more information, see the Kukur Tihar PV event page on Facebook.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Because they are loyal, beautiful, loving, bathe us with kisses, make us laugh and accompany us on our journey through life, this year, for the first time, Puerto Vallarta will celebrate the Kukur Tihar, or "the adoration of dogs."

The Kukur Tihar is part of the Tihar, or Festival of Lights, that Hindus celebrate for five days every fall. The second day of this festival is dedicated to expressing appreciation for the loyalty of dogs, and acknowledging the strong bond between humans and pups. In India, dogs are considered the messengers of Lord Yamaraja, the God of Death, and on this day, dogs are offered garlands, a colored chalk-mark on the forehead called a tika and delicious food, all in an effort to demonstrate the important link between humans and dogs.

In order to continue making the population aware of the respect that we owe to all animals, we will, for the first time in our city, celebrate this festival in honor of the dog, because we are convinced that a human being who does not hurt an animal could hardly harm a human being.

The event will be held on Sunday, October 30, 2016 from 5 pm to 9 pm at the Hotel Puerto de Luna, which has been well-known as a pet-friendly property for more than 8 years.

In conjunction with the Municipal Government, Sociedad Animal, Veterinaria Dogfather and other recognized animal organizations, a full program of activities has been planned so that families can come out and enjoy an afternoon with their dogs. Admission is free and open to the public, the only requirement for entry is that the dogs are leashed and wearing identification tags.

The program consists of a Kukur Tihar exhibition, a catalog of adoptable pups, brief educational talks, the garland, Tika and offerings of delicacies ceremony, as well as two fun contests: "the dog closest to its owner" and "the dog with the most skills."

Entrance will be from Food Park PV starting at 5 pm. Leashes and dog tags will be on offer at the gate for those who come unprepared. Pet owners are encouraged to bring the necessary items for the ceremony and a candle to be lit in memory of all the pets we have lost and in honor of stray and street dogs everywhere. More than 200 people with their dogs are expected to attend.

For more information, see the Kukur Tihar PV event page on Facebook.

El Jardín de la Luna is within the Puerto de Luna Pet Friendly & Family Suites Hotel, located at Francisco Medina Ascencio Boulevard #2500 in the North Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta.