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Proposal to Provide Low Cost Medical Services Advances

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October 4, 2017

The mayor stressed that the initiative's objective is to reduce the existing gap in terms of medical services in the municipality by offering people of scarce resources with low cost general and specialized care.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - A proposal to provide low cost medical services to the poor is about to become a reality in Puerto Vallarta. After being approved last week in a working session of the City's Health and Treasury Committees, preparations began for the publication of the call for interested companies or persons to provide medical attention to those in need.

At the meeting, led by Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña and council members of these commissions, it was made clear that this initiative will not be at the expense of the Municipal Government, which will only provide the company or person that is selected for the task with space in the old Regional Hospital and Municipal Medical Services facilities, and use of the equipment within.

The mayor stressed that the objective of this proposal is to reduce the existing gap in terms of medical services in the municipality by offering people of scarce resources with low cost general and specialized care, especially those who do not have IMSS or Seguro Popular Insurance.

Councilor Francisco Sánchez Peña, President of the Health Commission, explained that after the initiative was originally proposed by city council member Edelmira Orizaga Rodríguez. After many meetings were held with the purpose of enriching the enterprise, it was decided that the dictum had to be approved by the plenary of the City Council, the publication of the corresponding call had to be made, and the interested parties' proposals will be analyzed and deliberated by the Municipal Acquisitions Committee, who will decide which is the best option.

The dictum must also include a draft of the loan agreement to be concluded with the selected person or company, establishing in its content in an objective and clear manner the obligations of both parties, the terms, and the area and location of the property to be used under the juridical grant.

Mayor Arturo Dávalos mentioned that there are three companies interested in participating under this scheme, which does not contemplate municipal subsidy but that will allow this government to contribute to the health care of Vallarta families in general, especially those who live in vulnerable situations and which do not have medical services.

He indicated that this initiative has been openly and transparently worked on, and that all residents who so wish are invited to join in the selection process. "What we want is to give citizens more options for affordable medical care, including laboratory studies and specialized personnel, at low cost. The health services in Vallarta are many, this is one more option," he said.

While he was at it, the Mayor once again brought to the table a proposal for a facility that provides assistance for the people who go to the Regional Hospital to visit or wait for patients, or have to be there to watch over their loved ones. Currently, patients' family and friends are sleeping in the corridors, with no food or place to freshen up.

Press release translated and edited by María Francesca for