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12,000 Flautas Earn Mexico a Guinness World Record

October 16, 2017

The kitchen at Mexico City's Bancomer Tower was recently granted Distinctive H certification by health authorities for its hygienic standards in food handling and preparation. (Guinness World Records)

Mexico City - On October 9, Bancomer, the Mexican division of the multinational Spanish banking group BBVA, set a new Guinness World Record for preparing and serving the largest number of flautas in eight hours.

The flauta, also known as taquito or taco dorado, is a typical dish of Mexico consisting of a corn tortilla filled with meat, rolled, and fried until crisp. To break the existing record, the bank had to prepare and serve at least 5,000 of the crispy tacos.

However, since flautas are one of the most popular dishes in the banking group's corporate dining rooms, and the dining room at the BBVA Bancomer Tower in Mexico City can serve 3,761 employees, managers and guests, they decided to prepare 12,000 beef flautas so everyone could help set the new Guinness World Record.

To break the record, team of 89 cooks led by one chef began working at 6:00 am, using 495 kilos of beef skirt, 165 kilos of panela cheese and 3956 kilos of tortilla to prepare the flautas. 200 liters of sour cream and 429 of guacamole, for which they used more than 300 kilos of avocado, were used to garnish the crispy tacos.

The supplies were more than enough to meet the goal and by 2:00 pm, 12,000 flautas had been served and enjoyed by those in attendance.

Fernando Eguiluz Lozano, general manager of Human Resources at BBVA Bancomer, acknowledged the work of the chef and cooks who prepared the meal, saying, "the challenge that was completed today reflects the values that BBVA Bancomer has set: thinking big and, above all, working as a team to overcome any challenge to reach a specific goal."

He also thanked the 3,761 diners for being part of the feat. "None of this would have been possible without all of you, who have been savoring these flautas," he said.

Mexico has won a fair number of Guinness World Records for preparing and serving large quantities of food in 8 hours, including the largest number of empanadas served in 8 hours, the largest amount of paella served in 8 hours and the largest number of lobsters served in 8 hours.

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