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What's Happening at the Vallarta Botanical Garden

October 12, 2017

Vallarta Botanical Garden thanks Guardian Members Ken Shanoff and Steve Young for funding the construction of El Puente de Los Sueños, which has just been completed, and is now open to the public.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - In addition to exploring the 60 acres of native tropical plants and flowering trees, there's always something new to discover at Vallarta Botanical Garden! Founder Robert Price brings us up to date on some of the Garden's ongoing, new, and soon-to-be-completed projects.

Guacamaya Update

In last month's newsletter, we reported on a pair of Guacamayas (Military Macaws) scouting an enormous nest box installed at the Garden. Our goal has been to provide a custom-built home right on our grounds with the precise requirements of this species in mind. While recent activity by the Guacamaya couple has diminished and they may have moved on for now, we remain committed to our threatened local Macaws as an important emblematic species and key indicators of the health of our surrounding forests. The Garden has just sponsored two new nest boxes that have been installed in a beautiful natural area near the Emiliano Zapata Ejido upstream of the Garden, along the valley of the Horcones River. By doing our little part, we can help improve the chances that these magnificent birds will remain wild in our region and grace our skies with their beauty for many years to come. Additional nest box sponsorship opportunities along with guided tours of these birds in their habitat are available through El Rancho el Santuario, a local natural bird sanctuary. If you're interested, please contact our friend Jorge from El Rancho el Santuario via phone (322) 223-6234 or email: novoapv(at)

The Bridge of Dreams Project Completed

The Garden thanks Guardian Members Ken Shanoff and Steve Young for their generosity in funding the construction of El Puente de Los Sueños (The Bridge of Dreams) which has just been completed, and is open to the public for your enjoyment upon your next visit to the Garden. We thank all of those who dream with us and create bridges - both literal and figurative - to the bright future we envision.

Construction Continues on the Cactus and Succulent Plant Project

Mexico leads the world in cactus and agave diversity and is home to a wealth of other succulents. The state of Jalisco is home to a vast number of these incredible plants. Upon successful completion of the Cactus and Succulent Plant Project, we will cultivate these plants to their full potential to create inspirational displays for our visitors to enjoy. In late 2016 the Vallarta Botanical Garden received a grant of $15,000 USD from the Stanely Smith Horticultural Trust (SSHT) to begin this project. Since then, the scope and grandeur of the project have grown with our vision for what we can do in this area. We invite you to join us as one of the first visionary contributors toward the Cactus and Succulent Plant Project. Your tax-deductible gift will create a legacy of cactus and succulent plant cultivation and display at the Vallarta Botanical Garden. Together we will also create a powerful new attraction for our visitors.

Personalized Custom Floral Paintings
by Cheryl Wheeler

Do you have a special flower that you feel connected to when you visit the Vallarta Botanical Garden? How would you like to experience your connection in your home? What if you could have a painting of your favorite flower and make a meaningful contribution to the Vallarta Botanical Garden at the same time? I am a passionate believer in the importance of supporting the Vallarta Botanical Garden as a special sanctuary for all of us in Puerto Vallarta and our visitors. In an effort to give back to the Vallarta Botanical Garden community I would offer 50% of the proceeds for up to 15 personalized custom floral paintings to help further the Garden's mission and vision. If you would like to enjoy your special piece of the Garden in your home everyday please reach out soon! Contact Cheryl at: wheelercheryl(at)

Vallarta Botanical Garden's Membership Drive

Starting November 1st and continuing through the end of the year, the Vallarta Botanical Garden would like to especially acknowledge our family of members. We're extending special offers to encourage membership renewals and upgrades and to encourage you to invite your family and friends to join the Garden as well. As a public benefit nonprofit, memberships to the Vallarta Botanical Garden qualify for tax-deductible receipts in Mexico, the US, and Canada. Our membership staff and volunteers are happy to share with you how to make your membership payments to qualify for tax-deductible receipts. Most importantly though, our members collectively allow the Garden to continue flourishing and continuing achieving its mission here in our Puerto Vallarta community and beyond.

Special Offers (From Nov. 1 - Dec. 31)

Renewals at either of the following levels will receive 2 free months of membership:

• Individual Level - 1,200 MXN ($60 USD) annual membership fee
• Sustaining Level - 1,900 MXN ($95 USD)

Membership upgrades to any of the following levels will receive 2 free months of membership & a complimentary commemorative tile:

• Board of Trustees - 30,000 MXN ($1,500 USD)
• Guardian Level - 100,000 MXN ($5,000 USD)
• Benefactor Level - 200,000 MXN ($10,000 USD)

This is an exciting time of year when we at the Vallarta Botanical Garden welcome back our friends and members. It is also one of the best times to grow and cultivate the support base necessary to continue a pathway to botanical garden excellence for the benefit of Vallartenses and our visitors from around the world. Please partner with us on achieving excellence together.

Visit the internationally famous Vallarta Botanical Garden located just 30 minutes south of Old Town at Km. 24 on Highway 200 and easily accessible by public transportation and taxi. This 60 acre wildlife preserve and botanical garden have something fun for everyone. Over 200 species of birds have been observed on the Garden's grounds. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit for a refreshing dip in the jungle river. See plantings of vanilla, chocolate, and hundreds of other botanical delights! The Garden is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm (closed Mondays from April 1 to December 1). Authentic Mexican Cuisine is served in the Hacienda de Oro Restaurant from 10 am to 5 pm. Garden admission is just $150 pesos. For more information, call (322) 223-6182 or visit

Click HERE to learn more about Vallarta Botanical Gardens.