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Amapas Neighborhood Assoc. 'Welcome Home!' News

November 1, 2017

Founded in 2002 to improve the quality of life in Colonia Amapas, ANA works to keep our neighborhood safe, beautiful, desirable and welcoming to tourists and residents from all countries and walks of life.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - The Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA), a group of Mexican and ex-pat residents and business owners that work together to enhance the quality of life through improvements in security, streets and infrastructure, and responsible development, brings us up to date on what's been happening in Colonia Amapas this Summer.

As our snowbirds begin their annual migration back to paradise, those of us who have stuck it out through heat, torrential rains (but no real hurricanes) and humidity are pleased to report that our landslides have (mostly) been repaired, the sand on our beaches is (mostly) back where it was when you left, and City Hall is busy making major improvements on Calle Morelos in preparation for the celebration of Puerto Vallarta's 100th birthday in May 2018.

Everything takes time here – especially during the summer heat and ridiculous rains, but there's been a lot going on in Amapas. In short:

ANA's Hortensias Repaving Project is now complete, including an additional meter of grooved cement track, making that 90 degree turn coming up the hill passable to cars coming in opposite directions. Thanks to our many Full Building and Individual Members who contributed over $260,000 pesos to get the job done!

Now that the summer rains have finally stopped (we hope), a construction crew on loan from Obras Publicas will begin construction of Phase One of our new Highway Sidewalk, opposite Paramount Bay in the next two weeks. Special thanks to those members and neighbors who contributed almost $100,000 pesos to jump-start the project!

At an October 19 breakfast meeting with ANA Board members, Transito Director Everado Rubio agreed to rearrange the 'topes' – AKA 'speed reductors' – at the Highway 200/Callejon de la Igualdad intersection so reckless drivers can't avoid them by driving in the oncoming traffic lane. In the coming weeks, Transito also promised to repaint our crosswalks and center line, and add 'Topes Ahead' warning signs. As always, ANA will be covering the cost of materials to get the job done.

ANA also alerted and coordinated with Proteccion Civil, Planning Department and Obras Publicas when a portion of Villa Lucia's retaining wall, on Gardenias, opposite Brisas Lunar, came down during our heavy rains. The Owners of Villa Lucia, with City oversight, are finishing a new, and better-drained, poured concrete replacement, making our hillside neighborhood safer.

Misbehave at ANA Annual Dinner Dance December 14!

December's Big Event will be held on Thursday, December 14, at Bistro Teresa, overlooking City Hall and the Bay. Our 3rd Annual Dinner Dance will feature a welcoming cocktail, fabulous 4-course meal with wine, and 'first-run' entertainment by The Voice sensation Jessica Childress. And, of course, there will be dancing! Our theme will be 'Speakeasy – Let's Misbehave!' so gangsters, flappers and molls are encouraged to dress - and act - the part. Tickets are $1,900 pesos and tables of 8 are available, but seating is limited, so get your friends together and reserve now! Click HERE to email Viviana for more details, and to reserve your seats for an evening of Misbehavin' fun!

A Month of Renewal, Thanksgiving... and Giving

November begins ANA's annual Membership Renewal drive, and we´re holding the line at $1,500 pesos for Individual Members, and only $1,300 pesos for Full Building Members. But ANA's long To-Do List, our many neighborhood improvement projects, new office and full time Administrator have pushed expenses beyond the limitations of annual dues. ANA needs to raise an additional $300,000 pesos to cover expected costs for the coming year.

You can help us meet our goal by contributing at a higher level of giving.

Become an Amapas Supporter, Protector, Guardian, Visionary or Founder this year. Higher levels of giving come with greater rewards, including VIP seating at the Dinner Dance and our exclusive 'Chef's Table' gourmet dinner and wine-tasting event. We'll be sending out the details in the coming week. But, for now, contact Michael Lindner at development(at) Our Dinner Dance will climax and celebrate ANA's 'Month of Giving' - help us reach our fund raising goal and be part of the celebration!

Special Open-air 'Unplugged' Event Coming in December

The Voice's Jessica Childress, fresh from her Puerto Vallarta debut at our ANA Dinner Dance, will also be performing, along with happening sounds of DJ Outright, in a special open-air 'unplugged' event on Friday, December 15, at Mantamar Beach Club. Jessica will be letting her famous hair down and pulling out all the stops for a more energetic 'greatest hits' evening of lively contemporary songs. Enjoy a special music-included day-pass rate of $600 pesos, or pay $200 pesos for just the event. Proceeds to ANA projects. Don't miss it!

Jumping Through More Hoops: Los Pinos Pavement Problems

ANA has invested two years of calls, meetings, official Civil Protection dictamens, formal written requests and follow-ups, plus the cost of an independent Civil Engineer, in attempts to get City Hall action on the undermined pavement at the curve near #104 Los Pinos. So far, we have City Hall's attention... but no action. City Hall sometimes responds to sheer numbers, so ANA has prepared a petition (in both English and Español) for individual owners and residents to sign. We'll be working with the HOA Boards and Administrators of Horizon, Terrazas Del Mar and La Cima III – as well as other Los Pinos neighbors – to collect signed copies, then bundle them together for a formal presentation to Mayor Davalos and his administration.

ANA Sponsors 'Pulpito Underground' Executive Plan

The overhead wires on Calle Pulpito, between the Pinnacle Funicular and the beach, are an unsightly rat's nest, and the sidewalks are narrow and dangerously broken. Plus, except for the lights in Coco's Tree, the street is pretty dark. But ANA has a plan to change all that. Using the proceeds from this year's Pulpito Drag Derby, and working with City Hall's Planning Department, CFE, Telmex and ANA member/local hotel owner Oscar Moran, we are funding and creating an Executive Plan for Calle Pulpito. It will combine and coordinate taking the overhead wires underground, improving the existing sidewalks, and adding planters and new street lighting. Once the Executive Plan is complete, ANA will present it to City Hall for review, funding and execution. Stay tuned!

Trimming Hortensias & Gardenias

Now that our rock slides have been cleaned up and the rains abated, ANA is working with Condos Las Moradas and Selvamar to cut back the growth that has been inching onto our pavements and obscuring visibility. Look for a similar ANA-directed & funded cleanup and serious trimming along Los Pinos - both above and below the 90° curve - in the next week or two.

October Meet & Greet

Halloween was the theme of ANA's monthly Meet&Greet, hosted by Paul Mesner at Condo Selvamar October 20. But, based on the table spread with goodies and adult beverages, it could have been Thanksgiving. The 30 or so ANA members and guests enjoyed getting together and the decorations - including the bat hanging from the chandelier – but we enjoyed the air conditioning more! Thank you, Paul!

Tell Us What's On Your Mind - ANA Member Consultation, Wednesday, November 8

Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, November 8, when your ANA Board will be hosting a free-wheeling Q&A session for members only at Taste Restaurant @ Casa Cupula. Ask questions, make suggestions and/or air complaints about life in Amapas and what ANA is, can, or should be doing to make it better. Your Board and your neighbors will be there to listen, and refreshments will be served from 4 to 6 pm.

November Meet & Greet

ANA's monthly social event takes a special turn in November – Social Chair Robin Spencer is organizing a special ANA Mexican Sunday Brunch at Canopy River on – you guessed it – Sunday, November 19! Robin is arranging a special pickup for those of us who want to ride up to Canopy River together. The bus will leave from the Canopy River office on Highway 200, across from the Pemex station. The cost of the brunch is $180 pesos, and the round-trip bus fare is $60 pesos per person. It'll be a fun adventure, especially if you've never visited Canopy River! Robin needs a head-count so we have a large enough bus, so please call Viviana at 322-244-0185 and reserve your seat today!

The Amapas Neighborhood Association is the official association of residents and business owners in the Colonia Amapas of Puerto Vallarta. A volunteer and not-for-profit association with about 350 members, the ANA was founded in 2002 to improve the quality of life in Amapas. We work to keep our neighborhood safe, beautiful, desirable and welcoming to tourists and residents from all countries and walks of life. We are also the official "Junta Vecinal" or neighborhood council for Amapas, the legal representative of the neighborhood to the city government. Learn more at