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Michael Walters as Dame Edna in 'Mouth of the Border'

December 24, 2018

Michael L. Walters' critically acclaimed parody of Dame Edna's fabulous Broadway shows has been hailed as a "Theatrical tour-de-force," so get your tickets TODAY for his new show, Mouth of the Border, at The Palm.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - If you are of a certain age and have been a fan of late night talk shows, you might have seen the lavishly dressed, flamboyant, aging Australian character named Dame Edna Everage. With her perfect lilac hair, shimmering dresses and rhinestoned cat-eye glasses, Dame Edna in all her glory pranced onto our television sets with her quick-witted humor to give us her glorious opinions and satirical take on life.

Dame Edna is a character that was created by Australian actor, Barry Humphries. While a student at Melbourne University, he was asked to write a short sketch for a comedy/variety show which led to the creation of the character, Dame Edna Everage. The part originally was written for a female friend, but Barry was persuaded to play the part in drag. The 'Dame' was added much later by Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam as a publicity stunt, although Dame Edna insists her very good friend Queen Elizabeth has since endorsed the title.

Moving to London, Barry worked as a writer and actor, but somehow, Edna kept reappearing in his life. Barry's Dame Edna caught on in London's underground circuit becoming a cult favorite among the artistically aware. The character was a huge comic success, and soon television and theatrical producers were calling. Barry skyrocketed to stardom as Dame Edna, who became known in the U.S. and Canada through TV appearances, Broadway shows and National Tours in the 80's and 90's.

With Barry Humphries now in his eighties, it was almost inevitable that someone would pay homage to the outrageous and hysterical Dame Edna, and Michael Walters stepped up to the plate.

Walters has taken on the role brilliantly. In Michael's own words, "the Dame Edna character appeared in my life by complete chance and with very little premeditation on my part. I was living in Orlando working at a murder mystery dinner theater. They came to me with a new character which was a psychotic, female, celebrity chef. I was actually about the fourth actor they'd asked to play because no one was having any luck pulling it off. Something about the script reminded me of the purple-haired, older woman I'd seen on television. I asked for a lilac wig and a pair of rhinestone glasses. It worked so well I almost couldn't believe it myself. Soon people in the audience wanted to hire me for parties and events. Eventually, producers from venues all over North America were asking if I had a full show to perform. I lied to the first one by saying 'YES!' My partner, Doug, and I put the show together and Michael Walters' Dame Edna Show was born."

According to Walters, "People love Dame Edna because she says what everyone in the room is thinking, but is too afraid to say. She reminds us that it's okay to laugh at ourselves and each other because we're all the same. We all have flaws and troubles. Dame Edna doesn't like hyper-sensitivity. The more we take it easy and have a good chuckle, the better off we'll be. Essentially, Dame Edna is your Maiden Aunt at the family reunion. She doesn't care what anyone thinks!"

Michael Walter's Dame Edna show is a delightful, improvisational experience with Barry Humphries' beloved character. For some of us, the show brings back fond memories of a well-loved character we used to know, and for others it is an entirely new entertainment experience. Either way, we know for sure, that Michael Walters is fabulous as Dame Edna.

Catch 'Dame Edna: Mouth of the Border' at The Palm Cabaret on Dec. 26 @ 9:30 pm, Dec. 27 @7:00 - Dec. 30 @ 9:30 - Jan. 2 @ 9:30 - Jan. 4 @ 9:30 - Jan. 5 @ 9:30 - Jan. 6 @ 9:30. For information and tickets, go to For the those "up north," Michael will be performing at Luna Lounge in Bucerķas on Dec. 29th.

Open 7 nights a week, The Palm Cabaret and Bar features two shows per night, one at 7:00 pm and the other at 9:30 pm. They sometimes offer afternoon matinees as well. For more information and the 2018-2019 season's complete line-up, visit

The Palm Cabaret and Bar is located at 508 Olas Altas in the heart of the Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone. Tickets to all shows can be purchased at the venue's box office, which opens daily at 10 am, or online at

For more information, click HERE, call (322) 222-0200, or follow The Palm Cabaret and Bar PVR on Facebook.