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Sucesos Boutique: Hand Painted One of a Kind Art-wear

Sucesos Boutique • Hidalgo 113 B • Downtown Puerto Vallarta • Tel: (322) 222-0868 • Email: sucesosboutique(at) • Website: SucesosBoutique.comFacebookArea Map

Ever since Gucci sent its stunning Spring/Summer 2016 collection down the catwalk for Spring 2016, hand-painted garments have become all of the rage. And the unique Mexican fashion style that blends innovative designs with modern cuts are taking shops around the world by storm.

Located on the corner of Hidalgo and Libertad in downtown Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Sucesos Boutique has been selling "Artwear" for men and women for 38 years.

Sucesos started out as a stylish clothing line created by artist Héctor Lomelí to proudly reflect Mexico's energy, and one of its ageless resources. Beginning in the late 1960's, Lomelí's innovative designs were among the first to explore the distinctiveness of Mexican cotton, which has since inspired an entire fashion industry.

Discovering that muslin, which had only appeared in home décor, could also be crafted into clothing, he began using the 100% natural cotton fiber - lightweight, cool and 'breathable' - for his own shirts. Again and again, people complimented him on their style, and he began selling unbleached muslin shirts, dresses, skirts and slacks; to which he soon added garments in a rainbow of organically-dyed colors.

In the early 1980's, Lomelí opened his own boutiques with Puerto Vallarta as his base of operations, and the coastal resort town's residents and visitors became his most devoted customers. Then, in 1997, with no doubt as to the demand for unique Mexican clothing, Lomelí introduced another Sucesos success: his first hand painted, one-of-a-kind clothing. This artwear delighted his long-time clients, and has stimulated a new wave of Sucesos collectors.

Each season, yards of Mexican cotton are treated to the artist's abstract brushwork in a lively range of vivid colors and soft tones – to captivate and showcase the women and men who want high quality and comfort along with memorable style.

Every piece of Sucesos' 100% cotton gauze clothing is hand painted and crafted for clients of any age or size. These designer garments are wonderfully wearable, great looking and long lasting, with little maintenance required - whether at home or on the go. And, with so many beautiful fashions to choose from, you are sure to find something in your own unique style that is suitable for any occasion.

Open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, Sucesos Boutique is located at Hidalgo 113 B in downtown Puerto Vallarta. For more information, call 52 (322) 222-0868, visit, or become a fan on their Facebook Page for special offers.

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