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PV Scavenger Hunt Raises $50,000 Pesos for Pasitos de Luz

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July 23, 2012

Michael Hammond, Cheryl Schrean, José Alfredo Gonzalez Padilla and Julie Guerrero bobbing for apples at Que?Pasa during PV's first community-wide Scavenger Hunt to benefit Pasitos de Luz.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - I know many of the PV fans, frequent visitors and new visitors to Vallarta like to keep up with local events and happenings, so I thought I would fill you in on an amazing event that happened last Saturday.

First, I want to say I feel it is a privilege to live in this great place surrounded by some very amazing people. This is one of the reasons why....

We have a local charity, Pasitos De Luz, that was started to help local special needs children and their families. Started back in 1999, this charity does fabulous work, allowing families to work outside of the home and have support for their child, including therapy, nutritious meals, special education classes and more at NO COST to the families. During the slow season and in tough economic times, this charity and the families need support more than ever.

With that said, an amazing (yes, I am using that word a lot in this post) group of local business owners in Vallarta banded together once again to create an event that gathered the community for a day of fun and adventure for a good cause.

Tim Longpré from, Charlotte and Carol from Xocodiva and Lix Ice Cream, and Lori Lorenzen from Rio Amapas Luxury Residences came up with a scavenger hunt that had teams of four people competing to find the most objects.

On Saturday, July 21st, over 140 people were running around the south side of Puerto Vallarta, on a mission to collect the most items on the list. Competition was fierce but friendly as teams had to find (and carry with them) items such as a Danielle Steele book; a Mexican Flag; a U.S. flag and a flag from Canada; they had to take a photo of them bobbing for apples at Que?Pasa; have one of their names written on a grain of rice; and find and bring with them a live cockroach! (here is where you were able to see some of Vallarta's most beautiful people dumpster diving!)

Each team paid a $500 Peso entrance fee which went directly to Pasitos de Luz. Part of the items to collect for the hunt was another $500 Pesos which had the teams asking for donations from local businesses, tourists, friends and anyone they came across. This money was also tallied and donated to Pasitos de Luz.

Everyone had four hours to collect the items on the list on one of the hottest days we have had so far this year... and at 5:00 PM sharp, everyone had to be back at Nacho Daddy where the REAL party began!

Top 10 Teams (in alphabetical order)

Awesome 4Sum
Bendito entre las Mujeres
Buzos Basureros
Las Sirenas
No Way Jose! 3 Babes and a Man
PV Sea Dive
Tequila Mockingbirds
The Dog House
Twisted Palm/Los Muertos Brewing

Nacho Daddy was packed with the teams, volunteers, supporters, visitors and the curious. By the far this was the place to be as now people could get their drink on and listen to live music and laugh about the experience!

As well, TONS of local businesses donated GREAT prizes for the raffles which also helped to raise money for Pasitos de Luz. Some of the prizes were gift certificates from No Way José!, Casa Isabel (they donated many free nights), Cassandra Shaw Jewelry, Rhythms of the Night, Villa Azalea, St, Regis Hotel, Provecho Dining Cards and many others. (Sorry if I missed anyone!)

There was also a 50/50 cash raffle where 50% went to charity and the other 50% went to the winner (over $1500 Pesos!)

The best part was announcing the winners and seeing who collected the most items... and the winners generously donated their winnings back to Pasitos de Luz!

One other fun prize was Bruce from Teatro Limon auctioned off a private dinner party/cooking class for the highest bidder and up to 39 friends! This alone raised another $16,000 Pesos for Pasitos de Luz - and Bruce is donating the wine, food, staff and location for the party!

I am hoping that we are able to do another FUN event in the future - as this was truly an incredible experience for everyone involved. I am proud to live in a place where people donate so much time and effort to not only have fun but to give so much back to our community... and hopefully you can participate in the next event.

Special thanks to all the business owners mentioned (Sorry if I forgot anyone!) and to all the volunteers who help put this all together. Peace and love!

Located in El Pitillal, Pasitos de Luz is a marvelous day care facility for children with special needs. This non-profit organization provides children with various handicaps with a caring and loving environment, along with treatment for individual rehabilitation, nutritional meals, physical stimulation and therapy. For more information, Click HERE.