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Halloween has Become a Tradition in Puerto Vallarta

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October 26, 2017

Carved pumpkins have begun making an appearance in Puerto Vallarta, but we don't recommend leaving them out on the front step, as we are wont to do in chillier climes. They will rot quickly in the tropical heat.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - When we first began to visit Puerto Vallarta in the early-1980s Halloween celebrations were scarce. On October 31, a few people would show up at local clubs in costume and some got in the spirit.

For the most part, Halloween was just another night in Puerto Vallarta. Kids were just beginning to catch on to the holiday and often the Malecón would have families showing off little goblins, princesses and we recall a little boy in a Superman cape, with a big red S handed-painted on his chest.

Over the years we have seen this spooky and fun celebration catch on, with both children and grownups in full regalia of haunting, super heroes and cartoon characters. Each year we are amazed and delighted with the elaborate details people are willing to go to and the sophisticated makeup they don't mind wearing when the weather has yet to have really cooled down.

We love being out on this night to participate and observe. Everyone's in a jolly mood, despite some of the macabre and scary outfits. There are places in Old Town where you can have your face painted as a Catrina, the skeletal mask decorated with flowers and gems. Women (and men) dress up as Frida Kahlo and there are many Pancho Villas & Emiliano Zapatas wandering the streets, along with the Walking Dead.

If you sit in an outdoor restaurant, especially those down at the beach, children will accost you with loud voices, shouts of 'Queremos Halloween' in their manner of trick-or-treating, which has been modified in Puerto Vallarta. Come prepared with a bag of candy, as you also will pass these little creatures on the sidewalks and they are expecting something in return for their efforts.

Carved pumpkins have recently begun making an appearance in Puerto Vallarta but we don't recommend leaving them out on the front step, as we are wont to do in chillier climes. They will rot quickly in the heat, making a mess and smell; plus they'll attract critters of all sizes, ants, raccoons and other unwanted pests.

It's no longer necessary to purchase and pack costumes from up north. Puerto Vallarta now has its own stores, which supply all sizes, adult and children, with a multitude of themes, plus wigs, makeup and ideas, too! We have stopped into Disfraces Pillin in El Fluvial and can assure shoppers that they are ready for the masses. Get your Thriller on!

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