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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkTravel & Outdoors | September 2006 

5 Star Day at Canopy Veranos!
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Mother and son discover bonding while bounding through the jungle.

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Canopy Tours de los Veranos
Having lived in Vallarta for over 5 years now I have done it all when it comes to tourist attractions. That is except for the once-dreaded Canopy Tour. To say I was apprehensive is a understatement. I love the beauty of the surrounding jungles and mountains we have here but I prefer to see them with my feet on the ground.

But with the arrival of my 23 year old son, Taylor, and his girlfriend, I wanted to show them a really great time. Taylor has asked about taking this tour the last 3 times he visited and I have managed to keep him occupied with other things. But the waiting was over.

So, along with my daughter, we headed out to meet the group in downtown Vallarta for the jeep trip up to the jungle. After we arrived we were meet but a crew of young men who ushered us into the training area. These young men were great, and began to put my mind at ease.

After we got harnessed up, we began the hike to the first platform. As I stepped up to be hooked to the wire to begin my first trip across the tree tops, I was sure I was going to die! [or at the very least wet my pants.] As any good mother would do, I made the kids go first.

Heart pounding, it was my turn ... Whoosh! I made it to the other side, and my first thought was "I wish that was longer." As we continued our hike to each platform, the rides became longer and more beautiful. I was sold! The experience was unbelievable. The fun did not stop when we returned back to the starting place, where we had a wonderful lunch, played with some animals and even swam in the river.

Here is my son's account of our Canopy Tour:

After spending a week in Puerto Vallarta, the Los Veranos Canopy Tour was without a doubt the highlight of my trip. Even the half-hour bus ride that led us winding through the mountains and up to the forest was enjoyable. When we arrived, the crew was very welcoming.

After a quick instructional speech, the staff helped us into our harnesses and we made our way through the canopy to our first cable. Because people often feel nervous, the guides made sure to start you out slow on shorter cables. As the canopy tour progressed, the cables became longer and higher.

Surprisingly, once the group got going there was not much waiting around and everyone moved along quickly. At the beginning and end of every cable, we were greeted by the guides. They really made the trip extra fun because they all had a great sense of humor and always asked how you were doing at every stop.

The most daring cable ran almost 600 feet high above a canyon! Although very frightening at first, swinging through the canyon and looking down at the river below was absolutely incredible. It really felt like you were flying.

Before we knew it, we were done. When we arrived back where we started from, we enjoyed a complimentary cold drink and 40 minutes to play. There was a refreshing river to cool off in and lots of animals to see. We had the opportunity to hold little monkeys and feed them fruit. Having never held a monkey before, this was another great experience. The whole trip was great, and there was never a dull moment. I would highly recommend the Las Juntas and Los Veranos Canopy Tour to anyone who ventures to Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
-Photos by Taylor

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