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'Proof of Heaven' Clarifies Why PV was Saved from Willa
Suzy Chaffee -

Thank Heaven, Puerto Vallarta and her people were protected from Hurricane Willa, after also magically surviving Patricia! A Harvard brain surgeon, recently featured in a Newsweek cover story, finally helps us scientifically understand why we were so blessed.

Legal & Illegal Immigration: A Winning Hand for Trump?
Domenico Maceri -

Everyone remembers the way Trump began his presidential campaign in 2015, attacking undocumented immigrants, accusing them of being criminals. Now, the 45th president of the United States has signaled that he wants to go even further, striking legal immigrants.

Assessing the Effects of Microplastics on Human Health
John Meeker - The Conversation

Given that human exposure to microplastics is widespread, results from animal studies are a cause for concern and an important factor for risk assessment. But, lab animals and wildlife are not accurate proxies for what might happen in humans due to differences among species.

Travel is a Fundamental Component of Being a Humanist
Randy Malamud - The Conversation

Psychologists have found that the more countries you visit, the more trusting you'll be. Immersion in foreign places boosts creativity, and diverse experiences make people's minds more flexible. As Mark Twain once said, 'Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.'

World Cup: Nationalistic Feelings - Beyond the Soccer Field
Domenico Maceri -

It's difficult to predict who will take home the World Cup trophy this year. One country, though, has already won. As the host country, Russia will be the focus not only of significant media attention, but of political legitimacy as well. Vladimir Putin, by hosting the games, has already won.

Is Seaweed the Answer to the Global Plastic Crisis?
Bakti Berlyanto Sedayu - The Conversation

The impacts of global plastic use have reached an alarming level. Plastic waste not only damages the environment but also threatens marine life. A start-up in Indonesia is developing bioplastic products that show seaweed's potential as an alternative to nondegradable materials.

Opinion: John Kelly Fails English and History
Domenico Maceri -

'They don't speak English. They don't integrate well.' This is how John Kelly described his reasons for blocking Mexican immigrants from coming into the US. In truth, immigrants learn enough English to make it in America, providing the base for their kids to integrate fully and live the dream.

Kilometer 5: Killer Views, Great Burgers ... and Pizza?
Ed Schwartz -

I had a pizza last night at Kilometer 5 in Higuera Blanca. It is a wonderful, funky spot with a killer view and more iterations of a pizza than one can imagine. In a nutshell, the pizza at Km 5 tastes pretty great, but the issue I have is that it isn't pizza. It is pizza-like. Let me explain.

Mexico's 'Silicon Valley' Offers Different Image for US
Steven Greenhut - Orange County Register

Guadalajara's technology boom is definitely one of a kind, so it's easy to understand those who bristle at the 'Silicon Valley' comparison. But the comparison is an improvement from the usual American discussions of Mexico, which center around drug cartels and illegal immigration.

Vallarta Hailed Mother Earth-Madre Tierra on Solstice
Suzy Chaffee -

Mother Earth was royally celebrated on the Solstice by millions around the world, including the hundreds who gathered next to Los Muertos Pier and, led by joyful Azteca dancers, participated in sweetly regaling Her and Her ocean caretaker Neptune, with flowers at sunset on March 21.

Opportunity to Improve Mexico's Environment & Economy
Drew Nelson - Environmental Defense Fund

Mexico stands at the edge of a remarkable opportunity to usher in a much-needed wave of economic growth in a manner that protects its own environment and solidifies its role as an international leader. Smart and effective methane regulations are a cornerstone of that future.

Opinion: A Recipe for a Successful Nation
Piers Steel - The Conversation

When you think of the ideal version of your nation, it likely reflects your own values. Those who value friendship over work, for example, experience a different world than their more diligent counterparts. And as it is true for you, so is it true for your country.

Trump Could Make Things Worse After Mexico Quakes
Guadalupe de la Torre - Open Democracy

Trump's threat of imposing an additional tax on remittances sent home by migrants living in the U.S. could have serious consequences for Mexicans – especially now that the country needs as many resources as possible to recover from the recent natural disasters.

Will Native American Day Replace Columbus Day?
Suzy Chaffee -

Monday, October 9, was a landmark day for America. South Dakota celebrated 'Native American Day,' followed by the big-hearted cities of Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Austin. Our Native American Olympic Team Foundation salutes these enlightened cities.

Mexico's Road to Recovery After Quakes Will be Long
Morten Wendelbo - The Conversation

In the span of just 11 days, Mexico was devastated by two major earthquakes that destroyed buildings and claimed lives across southern and central Mexico. Long after the dust settles and new buildings are erected, tens of thousands of Mexicans will continue to feel the impact.

Opinion: Earthquakes Expose Mexico's Deep Inequality
Luis Gσmez Romero - The Conversation

Mexico is and always will be a land of earthquakes. Pre-Columbian records report seismic activity attributed to the wrath of gods said to be unhappy about the state of human affairs. Today, quakes still unearth the best and the worst in Mexico.

Opinion: Trump's Tiny Heart and DACA's Repeal
Domenico Maceri -

In the presidential campaign, Trump said many times that DACA was illegal and once in office he would repeal it. After eight months at the White House, the 45th president kept his promise. Trump, however, did not do so personally, leaving the task to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Border Wall Will Kill U.S. Jobs, Business, Environment
Deepak Chopra, Kabir Sehgal & Paul Avgerinos

Since Donald Trump threatened to shut down the US government in order to secure funding to build his controversial wall during Tuesday's speech in Arizona, it's a good time to read an op-ed written by Deepak Chopra, who explains why Trump's Mexican border wall should be opposed.

Editorial: Yesterday's Immigrants Better than Today's?
Domenico Maceri -

It would be simplistic to say that modern immigrants are treated worse than those who came to the US at the turn of the century. America keeps growing and improving as we've learned to treat immigrants in a more humane way. That doesn't mean everything's rosy for new arrivals.

Environmental Laws Around the World are Under Attack
Bill Laurance - The Conversation

An analysis, led by Sweden's Agricultural University, reveals a rising tide of assaults on environmental safeguards worldwide. Legislation designed to protect wildlife is being rolled back or ignored in all sorts of ways in all sorts of places, according to a new global database of attacks.

Thanks, Mother Earth, for Stowe's Epic Snow Miracle
Suzy Chaffee -

Since we can only ski or snowboard on Mexico's volcanoes with a helicopter, some of us miss snow sports and hearing the stories. So here is a story about an amazing miracle I witnessed while skiing in the U.S. last week to show you the power of giving gratitude to Mother Earth.

NAFTA World Cup? Just the Thing to Improve Relations
Arturo Sarukhan - LA Times

For Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, a joint bid for the 2026 World Cup would be about more than just soccer. It would be about shifting mutual perceptions first and foremost, about the three nations becoming better neighbors, and about creating a sense of common purpose.

Reshaping NAFTA Could Be Good for Mexico's Economy
Cecilia Tortajada - The Conversation

Overall, NAFTA has been beneficial to Mexico, Canada and the US alike. Since it was signed in 1994, foreign direct investments in Mexico have averaged 2.6% of GDP (compared to 1% before NAFTA). At present, annual bilateral trade between the US and Mexico is at US$580 billion.

UC Mexico Initiative: Cooperation over Confrontation
Janet Napolitano - Sacramento Bee

I've just returned from three days of talks in Mexico City with leaders in the Mexican government, in public and private education, in energy, and the business sector. At each stop and in every conversation, uncertainty about the Trump administration underpinned the tone.

U.S. Congress Repeals Internet Privacy Protection Rules
Evan Greer -

The U.S. Congress just decimated Internet privacy rules and voted to allow Internet Service Providers to sell your sensitive information without your consent. Slashing these privacy rules means that ISPs will be able to monitor your private information, and sell it to the highest bidder.

Mexico: Land of International Investment Opportunities
Luis Qujano-Axle -

When it comes to investment opportunities, Mexico is a good bet. The combination of high technology and a qualified labor force has developed enough industries, such as automotive, appliance, telephonic and others, to become important and, in some cases, the world's major producers.

Equinox Love Fest in PV Hopes to Heal Trump's Heart
Suzy 'Stevia' Chaffee -

Everyone is invited to our Equinox Love Fest today at 5 pm on Los Muertos Pier in Puerto Vallarta. In solidarity with the Equinox ceremonies around the world sending love to Mother Earth's heart to heal Her, our intention is to send tsunamis of Love also to President Trump to heal his heart.

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