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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkEditorials | Issues | June 2007 

Iraq War, Many Diversions
email this pageprint this pageemail usStewart A. Alexander - Peace and Freedom Party

US Marines from 2/6 Battallion, Echo Company are reflected on the sunglasses of an Iraqi policeman in the restive city of Fallujah, 50 kms (30 miles) west of Baghdad, May 2007. At least 14 more American troops were killed in Iraq over the weekend, the military said Sunday, as a former US commander warned victory in the intractable conflict was now beyond reach. (AFP/Roslan Rahman)
The first weekend of June 2007 was another deadly weekend for American troops in Iraq; America lost 14 troops in a civil war that appears to be without end. The previous month, the month of May, was one of the deadliest months for US troops since the beginning of the Iraq War in March of 2003.

During this deadly weekend the American media focused the attention of America on other matters of national importance; the countdown to Paris Hilton surrendering to Los Angeles County authorities, coverage for the Democratic and Republican celebrities campaigning for president, the Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup for hockey, millions of Americans waited to see another exciting Nascar race before it was canceled due to rain.

America was able to focus on a slight drop in gasoline prices; there was continuing coverage on the Phil Spector trial, and millions of Americans were able to keep up on the latest developments in the case of Mary Winkler, the convicted 32-year-old Tennessee woman that was accused of killing her minister husband. On television there was the usual programming with a possible interruption to cover a police pursuit.

While America was being distracted by the tears and fears of Ms Paris Hilton, brave American soldiers were dying in Iraq. American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan are now more than 3,900, and the Iraqi deaths are now more than 1,000,000 according to recent scientific data. The Iraqi people have suffered more than 1.5 million serious injuries since the beginning of the war and the Iraq refugee crisis has become so severe that the US government is now arranging to bring thousands of Iraq refugees to the US; this news was also pre-empted to cover Ms Hilton.

If there was nothing of interest, or of importance, to watch on CBS, NBC or ABC, there was always MTV, BET, ESPN, VH1, Entertainment News, Fox News, and I Love Lucy.

The timing of the immigration debates is another diversion from the Iraq War. The issue of immigration has become a major cover-up for the events that are occurring in the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan. It stands to reason that 12 million illegal immigrants did not arrive in the US within the past few months or few years; and at the same time that the immigration issue is being discussed, the Democrats and Republicans are joining with Bush to push a “Fast Track” bill that will force additional migrant workers to the United States; this news was pre-empted to cover entertainment news and sports.

While Americans are watching television, the events in Iraq are dividing the Middle East. While America is watching television the Bush administration is assisting the multi-national oil giants in the attempt to privatize Iraq’s vast oil reserves, an effort that will destroy Iraq’s economy, will leave the people of Iraq in poverty and will weaken the existing government.

Americans need to be aware of several important issues that will never be covered on America’s corporate news services; Americans need to support our troops and demand that we bring the troops home immediately. Americans need to understand that the Iraq Civil War will not be won with bombs, guns and tanks; to bring peace to the region will require international diplomacy.

The Iraq oil belongs to the Iraqi people; U.S. Labor Against The War (USLAW) and Peace and Freedom Party support the rights of the Iraqi people and their rights to control their own natural resources. It is not the right of foreign multi-national corporations or foreign governments to control any amounts of Iraq’s oil reserves.

America is the most technologically advance nation in the world with the capabilities to cover the four corners of the globe; yet Americans are less informed about world events than most people in the industrial nations. The Democrats and Republicans support America’s corporate media because it keeps the nation in the dark and their candidates in the spotlights.

For Americans to receive the best coverage about the war, the Middle East, immigration, trade, labor, education, human rights, civil rights, world events and other important news, Americans must rely on the Independent Media coverage around the world.

For more information search the Web for: Stewart A. Alexander; Presidential Candidate: Senator Reid was Right, the War is Lost; Alexander: PFP Setting Tone for 2008.

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