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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkTravel & Outdoors | August 2007 

Discover the Wonderful World of Dolphins
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If you've been dreaming of swimming with dolphins and are planning to visit Puerto Vallarta, check out the videos above to learn more about the full range of educational and interactive dolphin programs at the Dolphin Adventure Center.

If you love dolphins, a visit to the Dolphin Adventure Center should top your list of things to do on your Puerto Vallarta vacation!

Offering interactive programs that combine the right mix of education and entertainment for all ages and abilities, Dolphin Adventures offers a full range of interactive dolphin programs designed for dolphin lovers of all ages and abilities.

Conveniently located in Nuevo Vallarta, the state-of-the-art seawater lagoons at the Dolphin Adventure Center make it possible for both swimmers and non-swimmers to learn about, swim and play with Pacific Bottlenose dolphins in a safe environment.

Submerged platforms offer non-swimmers the chance to examine, stroke, and even kiss a dolphin while standing in waist-deep water in the Dolphin Encounter program, while specially designed educational pools allow children ages 4-8 to learn more about dolphins in the Dolphin Kids program under the watchful and protective eyes of caring trainers.

Swimming with Dolphins is an amazing experience that leaves a lasting impression on both heart and mind, so Dolphin Adventures offers two interactive programs that allow small groups of guests to make a special connection with these remarkable creatures.

The Dolphin Swim Experience gives up to 8 people 30 minutes of in-water dolphin interaction, while the Signature Swim Program is a more personalized experience where meeting, playing and swimming with dolphins are all rolled into a swirl of shared laughter, caring, and learning.

Dolphin Adventures' goal is to educate the public about marine animals, so they have developed the Trainer For A Day program, offering people who want to learn more about training marine mammals the unique opportunity to spend an unforgettable day working with their dolphin trainers.

With over 30 years experience in all phases of the marine mammal field, the dolphin trainers' primary concern is overseeing the health and welfare of their dolphins. As one dolphin trainer puts it, "We are still learning how incredibly complex and intelligent these dolphins are, and it is an immensely rewarding quest. It is equally satisfying to share this knowledge, since it is only through a better understanding that we can ensure their preservation and well being."

The original Dolphin Adventure Center was designed and built in 1996, after Dolphin Adventures was granted a special license to care for dolphins by the Mexican fisheries department. Dolphin Area Two opened in October of 2000 and, due to the growth of their dolphin family and the success of their programs, was expanded again in 2004.

Today, Dolphin Adventures is a state-of-the-art dolphin and marine mammal educational facility with specially designed educational pools, an underwater viewing area, and a maternity pool with a special life support system for expectant mothers and recently born dolphins.

If you've been dreaming of swimming with dolphins and are planning to visit Puerto Vallarta, click HERE to learn more about the full range of educational and interactive dolphin programs at the Dolphin Adventure Center.

Planning a Cabo San Lucas vacation? Be sure to visit CABO DOLPHINS, where both swimmers and non-swimmers can get up close and personal with Pacific Bottlenose dolphins at one of the most exclusive dolphin centers in the world.

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