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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkTravel & Outdoors | August 2008 

Kids Love the Dolphin Adventures Center
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Sofia shows us one of the most unique and exciting adventure tours in Puerto Vallarta - swimming with dolphins at the Dolphin Adventure Center. To find more kid-friendly tours and activities in Puerto Vallarta that everyone in your family will enjoy, click HERE to watch our exclusive Vallarta for Kids video series.
During their summer vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Sofia and Ileana Ceja, two teenaged girls from Southern California, spent an unforgettable day swimming and playing with the friendly family of Pacific bottlenose dolphins at the Dolphin Adventures Center.

Located in nearby Nuevo Vallarta, the Dolphin Adventure Center is one of the few dolphin and marine mammal educational centers in the world where people of all ages can experience up-close and personal encounters with Pacific Bottlenose dolphins.

A unique and intimate opportunity to swim and play with bottlenose dolphins in a fun and safe environment awaits you at the Vallarta Adventures Dolphin Center. Home to more than 25 of these amazing marine mammals, Dolphin Adventures offers a full range of educational and interactive dolphin programs designed for dolphin lovers of all ages and abilities. And, to ensure that everyone in your family has a memorable experience, group sizes are kept to a minimum in all of the programs.

Through the educational and interactive portions of these programs, which begin with an informative introduction about the dolphins' anatomy, physiology, natural history and fascinating underwater communications followed by face-to-face interaction with these gentle creatures, you will gain a deeper understanding of these amazing animals.

Commonly known for their friendly nature and curiosity of humans, dolphins are highly adaptable to their surroundings. Their astute eyesight allows them to see above water as well as under water in dim light conditions. To feed, they use a form of echolocation by producing certain sounds and then listening for the echo. To communicate they use squeaks, whistles and body language to convey danger or a nearby food supply. Their sense of smell, however, is quite weak, while their sense of taste is still unknown.

The Dolphin Adventure staff has over 30 years experience in all phases of the marine mammal field. Their prime concern is overseeing the health and welfare of the dolphins. Sofia had the opportunity to speak with one of the dolphin trainers, who said, "We are still learning how incredibly complex and intelligent these dolphins are, and it is an immensely rewarding quest. It is equally satisfying to share this knowledge, since it is only through a better understanding that we can ensure their preservation and well being."

After her Dolphin Adventure 13-year old Sofia, who is an avid swimmer, said, "The Dolphin Swim Experience was awesome! Getting to touch, hug, kiss, swim and play with the dolphins was really cool, but the best part was when my sister and I got to ride across the pool on our dolphins' tummies... it was something that we'll never forget!"

If you love dolphins, a visit to the Dolphin Adventure Center should top your list of things to do on your Puerto Vallarta family vacation. For more information or to make your reservations, visit, or call 1-888-303-2653 toll free from the U.S..

To find more kid-friendly tours and activities in Puerto Vallarta that everyone in your family will enjoy, click HERE to watch our exclusive Vallarta for Kids video series.

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