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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkEditorials | July 2009 

Eight Parties
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July 06, 2009

Voter confusion reigned Sunday as midterm elections were held throughout Mexico, on the whole, in a peaceful way, as expected.

Confusion did not stem from organization nor the fact that voters are not intelligent or ill-informed, but from the proliferation of political parties supporting the candidacies of thousands of hopefuls for deputies, mayors and governors.

A total of eight parties are contending in this race. So in any given district, municipality and/or borough, you have eight candidates to choose from.

No matter how well informed you are, eight choices are too many as it is virtually impossible for a person to know the virtues or defects of each of the contenders.

Just deciding from the faces on the posters hanging from posts is extremely difficult as one candidate pleads for the death penalty for kidnappers and drug lords while the next poster asks for the opposite.

Politicians from the left, center and right are calling for "a much needed political reform," whatever that may mean amidst the reigning Gordian knot Mexican politics has become.

Definitely this reform could include the downsizing of political party participation. True, some will die of natural causes by not having the minimum amount of votes required, but those getting through to the next election on bare bones will continue to fatten up the roster of useless candidates who in the end only cause voters stay away from the balloting booths not because they don't want to vote, but for not knowing what the candidates stand for.

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