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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkEditorials | Issues | August 2009 

Jerry Brown Creating Public Phobia Regarding Marijuana
email this pageprint this pageemail usStewart A. Alexander - Peace and Freedom Party 2010
August 19, 2009

Stewart A. Alexander - Peace and Freedom Party
Recent statements by the leading candidates for California governor, regarding the legalization of marijuana is another indication that California Attorney General Jerry Brown, Steve Poizner, along with the other Democratic and Republican candidates, are going down a different road from California voters. Recent polls indicate that more than 50 percent of public favors the legalization of marijuana.

The issues of legalized marijuana go much deeper than legalizing marijuana to generate tax revenues for cash strapped California. Recently, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, introduced AB390, a bill that would generate $1.4 billion a year in fiscal revenues for California.

Legalizing marijuana would save California billions in prisons and judicial cost by decriminalizing marijuana. More than one out of three of the state's 33 prisons could be closed and the tremendous financial burden on the state's court system would be greatly reduced. Also, legalizing the cultivation and distribution of marijuana on the state and federal levels would create jobs, would reduce crime on the streets, and would close the back doors for drugs at the borders.

Legalizing marijuana is also far less of a threat to public safety compared to the use of alcohol in our society, or the tens of millions of Americans that drive everyday while using their cell phones and text messaging.

Jerry Brown has made the assumption that if marijuana becomes legal, society will start getting stone and will become less competitive. Many of the gubernatorial candidates from the real Left dismiss Brown's phony claims and believe legalizing marijuana will be a benefit to society, our economy, and will help California generate revenues.

The phony war on drugs has been a complete failure since the mid 1930s and within the past three decades, the states and federal government have spent hundreds of billions of public funds on failed policies. Recent public opinion is revealing that a majority of the public is now dismissing the rhetoric, propaganda and fear tactics that the Democrats and Republicans use to win public office.

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