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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkTravel & Outdoors | September 2009 

Six Golf Course Locales for Boozing Golfers
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September 05, 2009

Face it – golfing can be a pretty frustrating sport.

Sure, it's fabulous to be out in the great wide open, golfing in scenic vistas that are best described in that cliché term of "breathtaking," but it boils down to this: you are whacking a little white ball into a teeny tiny hole. It's enough to drive you insane sometimes.

How best to deal with such frustration? Simple – drink.

But not every course is welcoming to the tipsy golfer. If you don't want to get dirty looks when you stumble onto the 18th hole, stick to imbibing at golf courses in these spots around the world.


According to Premier Golf President Bill Schickler, Seattle's public courses are licensed. But that doesn't mean that you should bring your booze with you. You'll have to spring for a beverage directly from the course's beverage cart, which carries beer and wine. (Apparently, most public courses have one.)


Koralbyn Valley Course must've known a drink cart would come in handy on their course, as golfers are saddled with the extra stress of dodging kangaroos while playing their rounds. Just one question – does the addition of alcohol suddenly make the kangaroos multiply, thus making your game even tougher?

Puerto Vallarta

According to a seasoned golfer, five out of seven premiere courses in Puerto Vallarta go in for on-course drinks service, though the prices do vary from course to course. If money's no object, then go nuts! But if you're counting your pennies, stick to the courses that may not have the best variety or service, but get it to you cheap and good.


Many of Malaysia's courses have drink cart girls, whose sole job is to go around the course and furnish golfers with their libation of choice. And at the higher end courses, you even get your own drink girl who walks the course with you!

Cape Cod

Ocean Edge golf course just recently won an amendment to their liquor license that allows them to sell boozy drinks from on-course carts, ensuring you don't have to break your concentration on the game to down a brew.

Saint Paul

If this isn't a genius idea, we don't know what is: a cheapo beer and golf night. Every Saturday night, the Highland Nine gives players nine holes of golf for $9, then helpfully plies them with half off beer and wine.

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