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Common Sense Immigration Reform - Politicians Go Home
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July 04, 2010

We keep hearing our liberal politicians talking about 'comprehensive immigration reform' without ever offering any real plan of attack or solution short of turning our cheeks or offering amnesty.
The subject of illegal immigration in America is one of the more divisive in recent memory. Regardless of party affiliation most Americans would agree that the current plan, which is no plan at all, is not working.

The time has come for the politicians to put the politics to bed and focus on a realistic and practical evaluation and solution to the problem. It's time to set personal agendas aside and work to solve the probem. That includes making tough and often unpopular decisions.

The time for political correctness is gone. If you are offended by the truth and live and breathe by the notion that some things, true or not, should never be mentioned, I urge you to stop reading now.

America has a deadly problem on its border with Mexico, which is leaking illegal immigrants, drugs and murder like a sieve. The body counts are rising rapidly, and Americans are in harm's way.

Arizona, which is currently under fire for enacting its own version of the existing Federal Immigration law, is the hardest hit by the illegal immigrant population and the crime that has come with it. The state has become America's capital for identification theft, kidnapping, and of course auto theft; the majority of those stolen vehicles ending up across the border in Mexico. As a former resident of Phoenix I had my truck stolen twice, and the first words out of the mouth of the officer taking my statement was "your vehicle will be in Mexico within hours." This is not speculation but reality, and those who deal with it know the truth, as ugly as it may be.

Detractors of the Arizona law say it's an invitation to racial profiling. Let's be realistic here, we have the right and obligation to enforce our laws, and our government seems to have forgotten that. Our own labor secretary, Hilda Solis, touts protection of worker's rights for illegals, which means our government is giving a wink and nod to illegal immigration.

Arizona's law enables police officers to act on "reasonable suspicions" to determine an individual's immigration status and turn said individual over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement if they are in fact illegal. We should all be carrying a legal state ID or license, or have appropriate paperwork on our person, whether we are here or in another country. As we learned from our parents years ago, if you've done nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about. Trust me no other country, especially Mexico, has any qualms about checking the status and paperwork of people they suspect are from other countries. Would you go to Mexico and not have your documents in order? Would you cry racism if a Federale or the Policia asked to see your papers?

While America has illegal immigrants from many nations, the truth is, our primary issue is Mexican or Latino illegals. Mexico is a country in economic crisis, riddled with drugs, and a compromised political structure. America is the open door to the world embracing those who want a better life. Unfortunately, many of those who come across the Mexican border are not here, like their relatives before them were, to work hard and build a better life of personal happiness and earned prosperity. Many of these illegals are not like our forefathers who immigrated through Ellis Island so many years ago, who while remembering their heritage, embraced America as their new home with pride. Many of these modern illegal immigrants simply want a better, easier life without hard work, and they know America will provide the environment where they can find it by illegal means. In many ways they have become like the illegal immigrant mobsters who grew out of those early days in New York.

They are in fact hurting those who want to do the right thing, and live the American dream. And our government is enabling them.

It's time for tough love, and Arizona has taken steps to take their state back, since our Federal government will not.

We keep hearing our liberal politicians talking about "comprehensive immigration reform" without ever offering any real plan of attack or solution short of turning our cheeks or offering amnesty. The majority of conservatives are no better. They talk about a path to citizenship without ever laying out a map that will get us there.

Here is a common sense outline for where we can start:

1) Lock down and take control of our U.S. Mexico border. Shut down the supply of drug and human trafficking.

2) Dealing with illegals currently residing in the United States-- There are two groups; those who have committed crime on American soil, and those who are here working and building a life and have committed no unlawful activity beyond their immigration status.

a) Those who have committed crimes in America are not eligible for citizenship and will be returned to their home country.

b) America specifically needs a working plan with Mexico that those who commit a crime on U.S. soil to have them serve their time in a Mexican institution and not simply set free. If Mexico wants our help, they need to work with us not against us.

c) Those who are simply here illegally, but not committing any other crime may be granted temporary amnesty if they come forward with their status, and can show gainful employment. They will be allowed a reasonable amount of time (to be determined) to get a temporary work visa, and apply for resident status or citizenship.

d) Those who do not come forward voluntarily will be deported permanently blocked, with no option for residency or citizenship.

e) Those who have committed previous crimes in America, but have returned, must also turn themselves in for deportation. Failure to do so will result in incarceration and permanent deportation and they will serve their time in a Mexican institution. This means setting an actual term of incarceration for their illegal status.

3) U.S. employers willing to hire immigrants for basic labor jobs must pay the minimum wage and supply healthcare coverage, but may receive tax incentives to help offset costs. This is not to exceed a benefit that would promote discrimination against American citizens who are willing to do the same job.

These are simply beginning steps and ideas, but it all starts with doing more than talking. It starts with taking control of our border in the southwest.

This week President Obama gave another poignant speech about the history of immigration in America and the right to attain the American dream. He was eloquent as always, but as usual he gave no specific plan, and laid blame for the failure to achieve anything so far on the Republican doorstep:

“In sum, the system is broken and everybody knows it,” Obama said. “Unfortunately, reform has been held hostage to political posturing, special-interest wrangling and to the pervasive sentiment in Washington that tackling such a thorny and emotional issue is inherently bad politics.”

On those points he is correct, but perhaps it's time to put his own house in order and take a look in the mirror.

It's time to stop pointing fingers. It's time to take action.

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