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A Nation at the Crossroads
email this pageprint this pageemail usAlan Burkhart - PVNN
July 02, 2010

Laws, not just federal but state and local as well, are no longer enforced for the sake of law and order. Laws are enforced or ignored according to the agenda of those in power.
There was a time when America was a nation that, for the most part at least, respected its own laws. Those days seem to be fading. In more recent times laws seem to be open to interpretation by whoever happens to be in power at the time. The rapidly heating debate over illegal immigration is the most obvious example of how our laws are misinterpreted and even ignored outright by those in power.

Let's compare the state of Arizona to the city of San Francisco, CA. San Francisco a couple of years ago proudly announced that it was a "Sanctuary City" for undocumented (illegal) aliens. Illegal aliens were assured that no one in power in that city would enforce federal law and deport them. And the Left cheered San Francisco's actions as being humane and "pro-immigrant."

But more recently, the state of Arizona passed a law granting police the authority to enforce federal law by questioning the immigration status or citizenship of people they'd already stopped for other reasons. This, cried the left, was out of bounds. Arizona, they claim, does not have the authority to to do such a thing even though the city of Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the USA thanks to drug and human smugglers from Mexico.

In essence, the federal government under both Bush and Obama has welcomed illegal immigrants. Never mind the fact that legal Americans are having trouble finding work. Illegal immigrants stream across the border by the thousands every day and do their part to make sure jobless Americans remain jobless.

The federal government is not enforcing immigration law to any significant degree. And evidently Obama and company don't want the states to enforce it either. So just who is supposed to be enforcing federal law? The states? The federal government? You and me? Who???

When California legalized medicinal marijuana, the federal government under George W. Bush was quick to assert itself by raiding a number of the state-sanctioned distributors. Of course, the fed still takes a strong stand against marijuana in any form for any reason (though not so much under Obama). But what about the screaming silence of the fed regarding sanctuary cities? Or Obama's threat to sue the state of Arizona over its new law?

That's easy enough to pin down: Both parties want more, not fewer, illegal immigrants in our country. Why? Because Republicans see a wave of cheap labor for their principal donors. And the Obama Regime sees a wave of ready-made Democrat voters. Give them food stamps, free school and medical care and tell them who to vote for. Soon as amnesty rolls around they'll be the most uneducated, uninformed and slavish voting block in America. Every Democrat's wet dream.

Federal law gets enforced according to who happens to be running the government at any given point in time. Laws, not just federal but state and local as well, are no longer enforced for the sake of law and order. Laws are enforced or ignored according to the agenda of those in power. Be they Right or Left, the Powers That Be enforce the law as they see fit.

In a situation such as this, we are not citizens. We are subjects in a kingdom, and like all kings, Clinton, Bush and Obama have all been in the habit of making up the rules as they go along. We are peasants in a kingdom of snotty little rich boys who spend our money like water, send our youth to die in questionable wars and inflict more and more restrictions on the freedom of the peasantry. Our concerns receive little more than lip service, our votes are wasted on broken political promises.

But the peasants are pissed. The unrest is growing. If the law is meaningless to the American royalty inside the moat (aka I-495), then it is only a matter of time before those who reside in the kingdom begin taking matters into their own hands. The Minute Men and the Tea Party are but two examples of Americans who have had enough of Washington's unwillingness to respect and enforce our Constitution. Arizona's new law and their governor's feisty attitude toward Washington is another fine example.

We are nearing a crossroads. The Republicans had their pompous asses kicked out of Washington for their foolishness. The Democrats evidently were not paying attention to specifically what got the Republicans booted from power since they've taken many of the same bad ideas and made them worse. Many so-called experts from both parties are predicting utter carnage in the midterm elections. It's a good bet that the Republicans will regain the majority in at least one house of Congress. Possibly both.

And that my friends is when we reach critical mass. The American people by and large have reached the boiling point. Should the Republicans regain power but then return to their old habits, or if the Democrats retain power but fail to change their socialist ways, a revolt will be in the offing.

We are facing crises of epic proportion. A failing economy, a bloody war, a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (with hurricane season upon us), an unsustainable new healthcare bureaucracy and trillions of dollars in new debt have combined to become too large of a burden for us to bear. If faced with no viable options from either party, Americans will take matters into their own hands.

Do you doubt me? Look at the anger and frustration across the nation. Look at the lack of faith Americans have in their government. Listen to the voices of those who shout their protests against the wasteful and corrupt ways of Washington. The unrest of the 60's will pale in comparison to the unrest that lies just around the corner.

We have been painted into a corner by a government as corrupt and inept as any on the planet. If there is still such a thing as American Exceptionalism, it does not exist inside the Beltway. We are for the most part a decent and civilized people. But everyone has limits to their patience, and I fear a large number of Americans, this writer included, is nearing the end of our collective fuse.

Washington, you have a problem.

Alan Burkhart is a freelance writer, cross-country trucker and proud citizen of the reddest of the Red States - Mississippi. Visit his blog at

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