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Time to Throw Out the Democratic Trash
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July 29, 2010

The system must be replaced and unless that happens soon it will be too late to save a failing nation called the United States of America.
Failed President Barack Obama promised change in Washington. What he delivered is more of the same.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi promised to drain the swamp. Now the House’s boss bitch is drowning in her party’s own swamp of corruption, ethical lapses and lies.

Democrats got another shot at running things in Washington. The only thing they ran was another scam on voters.

It’s time to throw out he Democratic trash, sending them to the compost pile to join their equally-corrupt Republican brethren. We can start in a few months at the mid-term elections but the process won’t be complete until we purge Obama and his cabal of miscreants from the White House in 2012.

These cretins are beyond redemption, driven by their own greed, lust for power and lack of concern for the real problems that face this nation and the poor sap voters who trusted them with the keys to the government.

Leaked documents from the nation’s failed Afghan war effort shows the Obama administration — like those that preceded it — lied to the American people about what was really happening in the conflict that is now “Obama’s war,” an effort that he promised would make this nation more secure.

Why should be be surprised that Obama lied? He’s just another corrupt, lying son-of-a-bitch who said anything to get into office and then turned his back on the very people who put him there. His promised “transparency” was a lie just like the promises by Princess Pelosi to clean up Congress.

Under Democratic leadership, Congress remains a cesspool. Pelosi proved her true attention when she tried to install criminally-corrupt John Murtha as her number two in power when the Democrats took over in 2006. Even other Democrats balked at that one. Her inaction over slimeball Charlie Rangal is just another example of how Democrats care for their own criminal kind while telling the American public to go fuck itself.

Replacing one party of political hacks is not the answer. Republicans and Democrats are out of control and so is the system that allows them to destroy this country.

The system must be replaced and unless that happens soon it will be too late to save a failing nation called the United States of America.

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