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Taking America Back
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December 14, 2010

It’s a familiar refrain heard often during the midterm election and uttered several times during most campaign speeches.

“It’s time,” the refrain goes, “for us to take back America.”

Stirring words to be sure. It has a suggestion of revolution sprinkled with just enough populism to ensure sound bites on the evening news.

But the refrain, for all its curb appeal, ignores a few tempering realities:

• Did we, as Americans, ever really have a country to “take back,’ or;

• Assuming we can take it back, what will we have when he take possession?

Consider the realities of the myths of American creation.

We base our rampant patriotism on the stated belief that “all men are created equal.”

At the time, the Founder Fathers (and note that there was not a single “Founding Mother”) considered free men to be white, land-owning men of means.

Women had no place in the newly-produced America. They couldn’t vote or attend anything more than a finishing school to they could at least act like demure lady while laying flat on their back while “servicing” them.

Which lead Oscar Wilde to once describe the perfect wife as a “lady in public, a slave at home and a whore in bed.”

Of course we evolved over the years. Women got the vote, went to school, got out of the kitchen and even became governor of Alaska. Blacks won their freedom – through one of the bloodiest wars in history — also won the right to vote, took over the NBA and NFL and even became President.

We’ve come so far and now we’re ready to “take back our government.”

But who is it out there standing at the gates, ready to seize the reins and ride the horse called America into the future?

Is it the GOP, with its homophobic, 18th-century agenda and stereotyped view that all black women are baby making machines who want only to produce more recipients of welfare checks?

Or it is the Democrats who see government as the grand caretaker of us all — protectors from cradle to the grave — no matter what the cost?

Or maybe it’s the faux patriotism-spouting Tea Party nation, talking about fencing in the nation, night sticking the colored folk and practicing their Second Amendment Rights on anyone who doesn’t look or talk like them just as soon as they can locate that legally-concealed weapon buried beneath all that beer belly fat?

Yep. They’re all out there waiting to take America back.

God help America… and us all.

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