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Thanks WikiLeaks
email this pageprint this pageemail usGuillermo Ramón Adames y Suari - PVNN
December 06, 2010

Thanks WikiLeaks… for putting in the open with hard core documents, the true way in which politics really operates. I found this WikiLeaks exposure to be the best political science lesson ever. How cynical and two faced are our politicians, all of them, whichever country whichever level and whichever religion whichever political tendency.

This overall new science, for which I have no name, is in its beginnings but at the pace in which computers and technology develops; it will not be long before we start seeing results.
On one hand politicians say something to the population in order to obtain their vote and once they are in a power position, they do what we all have read. This is certainly not new, we “supposed” that was the case but could not prove it. For example, what is the “real thinking” of a president, say, about “another president”? Or about his/her policy? Or an issue? Then the polite phrases they use to address to the person in question, that we all watch on TV presentations and that are published in first page’s newspapers. Exchanging precious gifts and so on, paid for by the taxpayer. And finally what they “really” think about the other president. And this goes both ways. But we all supposed it was that way but now we have the proof that it is in fact like that.

What can we learn out of that?

1. In general, we did not trust our politicians because we supposed they were two faced: Now we are sure they are and there is the evidence.

2. We were more or less aware that we were living in a police system. All you said was summarized and was taken against you or in your behalf. Now we have additional information that was not available before: Your email accounts. And info keeps adding up.

3. The next step will be “psychological profiles”: These will be developed by the police and it would not be surprising that Interpol has already some ways of crossing info from various sources and elaborate “personal /psychological profiles”. In the name of security (terrorism) this will certainly see the light (if the application has not seen light already).

4. To avoid the previous point, “Filtering” companies will be created: They will analyze whatever a public personality is going to say or publish before doing so. For the first time they will start massive analysis of all available info about the topic you are developing. Some of these types of companies already exist. Their heading is more of an “image” kind of companies rather than this “filtering” analysis.

5. Physical analysis profiling: this is based in a relatively new technology (20 yrs maximum). Expert psychologists will analyze your from the way in which you express yourself, the way you move yourself, your body language, your physical expressions, your facial expressions. Your verbal presentations and even the movement of your hands in a speech will describe what you are trying to transmit. It will be even considered the way you hold up yourself in front of an audience and / or a camera.

6. Interrelationships with the audience will allow to assess how “true” you are (and how true you are perceived) and whether you are good speaker. Whether you are a fast thinker, faster than you talk, or whether you are speaking the truth. Or whether you are simply nodding or simply being there.

7. Interviewers will be now deeply trained and their speeches will be pre-prepared and oriented to provoke the reactions that experts absolutely need to measure. Interviewers, with a feeling less expression, will only serve deeper questions that are not theirs. The funny “sudden idea” of the interviewer will no longer exist. An interview will be more a trap than an interview.

8. Incoming documents will be matched to the personalities of the persons who sign them. Orientation analysis will measure what is the potential impact of the already received document in the receiving service. How far is it intended to go? So far we all read “between the lines”. This will become a science which will not come alone on its own.

9. Outgoing documents will follow the same scrutiny. Now even style will determine what is that you are trying to transmit, the intensity, the depth, the implications.

10. Wait for tougher times, this issue has confirmed that whatever you even think, will be measured and considered.

This overall new science, for which I have no name, is in its beginnings but at the pace in which computers and technology develops; it will not be long before we start seeing results. High speed computers like the Cray’s in the Department of Defense or NASA, will be used in these new models. I am happy for this: as a statistician there is plenty of challenging work ahead for our profession. It makes me think of the early beginnings of weather modeling. Do not be surprised that the technology is somehow matched. After all, all of those are almost linear models.

Guillermo Ramón Adames y Suari is a former electoral officer of the United Nations Organization. Contact him at

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