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A Different Spin on the Mayan Calendar Prediction

December 5, 2012

'I believe that balance is critical to every aspect of our life not only on our Planet, but in our Universe as well.' - Hank Muffett, The End of the Church Age. Endgame! The Harlot is Falling

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Well, we are approaching the time for the long awaited end of the Mayan long count calendar, and many people are feeling anxious. All of the latest thoughts and theories maintain that this is not the end of the world or human existence, but a major change in the way we think and behave.

I have taken a rather Gnostic approach of certain Old Testament stories, Science and Astrology that have formed my personal theory. Numerology also plays a big part in this thinking, as does the alignment of planets and the effect they have on us.

I believe that balance is critical to every aspect of our life not only on our Planet, but in our Universe as well. I view our Earth experience as separated into time periods of influences that either pull us closer to our "Creator" or pit us against said 'Creator.'

Two thousand year intervals have a good balance, and I believe we are reaching the end of this particular period that began with the "creation" of the New Testament Jesus. Putting his "birth" which is questionable, at the year 12, and continuing for two thousand years brings us to this coming December 12, 2012.

This particular time is also very significant concerning our political as well as religious state of affairs. The date for what I believe to be a major planetary alignment to reach it's peak, or most influential point, lies half way between the past U.S. Presidential election and the inauguration placing him into office.

The ideal date would be the 12th of December because of the importance of the number 12. The three twelves, the month, the day, and the year added together add up to 36 which reduces to the single digit of 9. In Numerology, the number 9 indicates finality. The 666 (and it's balance, 999) from the New Testament book of Revelation concerning the 'Mark of the Beast,' also reduce to the single digit of 9. (3 x 6 = 18, which adds to 9, and 3 x 9 = 27, which also adds to 9.)

This is the event I believe is spoken of in the Mayan account. I believe the date of the 21st of December is arbitrary to the well balanced number 12. Cleverly, like so many Biblical stories, the 36 of this month day and year match the number 36 of the Book of Revelation...the two added together equal 72 which reduced is again 9.

Alignments are not an instant mind blowing event even though their overall impact can be. If you are walking or driving down a road in the dark and you see a light far away from you, the closer you get the brighter the light gets until you reach the source. When you arrive at the bright point you become "enlightened" or influenced by the light. This is the peak, or high point. As you walk or drive away the power and influence of the light fades away again slowly as you move further away.

This is what happens with the alignments, a gradual move to the high point and then moving further away, with the "influential impact" affecting the Planet for however long, depending on their distance from you. Many alignments are many thousands of years apart.

You can't help but notice the increasing number of kind and gentle actions being posted by people out there who are sensing this shift influencing our lives. Even touching and tender pictures and actions of genuine caring and concern for fellows either Human or Animals, are in our face every day.

The contrast of the hatred from the Religious and Political groups is like night and day. I would have mentioned between Black and White but the prejudice, instead of waning, is louder and more hateful and shows nothing of justice or equality. And a part of our balance is that equal point where neither color recognizes the difference and peace is possible.

I firmly believe that this particular and major alignment will usher in the end of the church age putting the God of Abraham back into His rightful position. This will be that "rapture" that the Christian churches have been praying for for hundreds of years. This is that time when "the dead in Christ" will be removed from our planet... not physically as they believe, but a complete change in the Spiritual system on earth. The right wing Christians have demonized the Republican party and put a wedge between any chance of a unified peace.

Following archetypes of the Old Testament, The Great Harlot of Babylon, the arch enemy of the God of Abraham, will have "her" final battle for the power over the people. The importance of balance spoken of earlier is in everything. The Democratic party follow closer to the Masculine trait of legalities and fairness and the Republican party leans to the Feminine side, influenced by swings in the emotional side of the balance.

The promised Messiah brought in by Elijah in historical writing is said to appear in the sky as a light shining from the East to the West. The Mayan inscriptions at Tortuguero in southern Mexico speak of something as a major happening in the sky.

Aside from astral happenings, there is plenty of unrest coming from our Eastern neighbors and a warhead could easily come our way as a light shining from the East to the West. I believe no matter how it comes, we are on the brink of a major shift to the positive.

I believe in "creation" through Universal Intention, which is a force that once started (who knows how many thousands or millions of years ago) continues on a positive path. Whatever you want to call the negative counter to this positive intention, the ancient writings used whatever story line at hand to describe it. Interestingly, many Old Testament stories actually elude to our genetics and sciences, and not so much about moralistic behaviors.

Our best "defense" for the possibility of this predicted event is to practice positivity and caring for all citizens of our planet. If you really believed that your present state of mind and behavior to others would be your demise, wouldn't you choose life?

We are a stubborn world and we cling to ideals even though in our hearts we know they carry negativity that is counter to our future. Pride is our worst enemy. It is easier to remain rigid and filled with prejudice and hatreds than to look within ourselves and admit our wrongdoing. An apology is not a sign of defeat but a sign of great strength, because it makes you look at who you really are and consciously judge your heart's motives.

Have a party on which day you choose and send hope for a friendly planet and people. By the New Year the Anti-Christ will be a household word and a great surprise... filled with logic.

Hank A. Muffett has had a lifelong curiosity of how we got here and what our purpose is in life. Over the past three years he's recieved some insights that resulted in the creation of his book, "The End of the Church Age. Endgame! The Harlot is Falling." This article is an excerpt from that book, which may be purchased on Hank spends winters in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with his partner Conrad, and summers with his family in the Pacific Northwest.