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Vallarta Hosts Pacific Games to Promote Healthy Living

November 11, 2015

To encourage a taste for discipline and promote a sporting culture, the Pacific Games will offer more than 500 Crossfit athletes a premier event full of adrenaline over 3 intense days of competition.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - Swimming, weight lifting, gymnastics and resistance are some of the disciplines to be evaluated by the judges in an unprecedented event, the 2015 Pacific Games.

Scheduled to take place from November 13-15, Pacific Games 2015 is one of the most important Crossfit competitions to ever be held in Puerto Vallarta, bringing national and international athletes together at the Bobadilla Stadium to show off their skills and compete for more than 150,000 pesos in prizes.

To encourage a taste for discipline and promote a sporting culture, the Pacific Games will offer spectators and the more than 500 Crossfit competitors a premier event full of intensity, adrenaline and fun over 3 days of competitions.

All of the competitions center around Crossfit-inspired entertainment that presents participating athletes with body and mind challenges through strenuous tests of skills such as swimming, running, weight lifting and gymnastics. What makes it exciting is that the athletes will be racing against the clock with little rest and no prior knowledge of which skills and abilities will be tested.

"The idea is to take everything they've learned in the gym to a place where they can compete with athletes from around the country, which in this case is Puerto Vallarta, a well-known tourist destination," said Fabiola Perez, the logistics director for the event. "Although in theory it may look simple, competitions like this require intense preparation. Crossfit is an explosive and a trendy sport, which has led each athlete to achieve maximum physical development."

The goal of this kind of sporting event is to inspire the Mexican people to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, it is hoped that competitions like these will promote the development of new safe spaces for exercise and sport and position Puerto Vallarta as a sports destination, since events like this get international media and television coverage.

For more information and the schedule of events visit the official Facebook page.