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Letter to President Peña Nieto Re: Health Emergency

July 6, 2016

Former Olympic skier, Suzy Chaffee was featured in an AARP Magazine article on staying young at 69.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Three years ago, you, President Peña Nieto, brilliantly asked groups across Mexico to come up with innovative ways to help prevent a collapse in Mexico's health care system from being No.1 in diabetes and obesity. Having served on three US President's Councils on Fitness and Nutrition, and addressed the American Hospital Association, which reduced sugar in hospital food, I wanted to give back to my new home in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta's Secretary of Health agreed that our holistic 12 Step plan to restore the health of our 6,000 diabetics, including Nano Tech breakthroughs proven by the University of Guadalajara, could together save Vallarta 12 billion pesos over 3 years! Plus you may know we are partnering with the United Nations to help return Puerto Vallarta to a model organic farming community with a turquoise bay within a year!

We applaud your judgement just banning GMO's in Mexico! And in that spirit, I am alerting you about a HUGE MISTEP made while you "Three Amigos" were in Canada, which needs your immediate attention since it could set back Mexico's health back 20 years and cause countless unnecessary deaths of Mexicans and Gringos depending on them.

Vitamin Store Raid

Vitamin stores in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and probably all of Mexico, were raided last week by Cofepris (Federal Commission Against Health Risks) agents, confiscating the top natural products developed in the U.S., Canada and around the world that have been legally brought over the border for decades through customs (under $500 each trip). Many were not certified by Cofepris, despite repeated attempts, because of the "extreme difficulty, time, and costs required to get approvals."

As a result, these Mexican and Gringo store owners have lost their life savings and are having to close because they cannot afford to pay rent selling just Mexican products. While Mexico has made amazing strides, you have not had a trillion dollars worth of research and time to develop many of these natural solutions as effectively yet. Now MDs say that almost all diseases and obesity are from malnutrition - not enough nutrients in diets and supplements.

For a high percentage of Mexicans and Gringos living here, being able to continue having easy access to these products is critical for survival, or extending a youthful quality of life in our golden years... which is why we come here!

Since vitamin store owners have identified some of the world's most effective nutraceuticals, they have been saving Mexican scientists billions in time and research to develop Mexico's own versions. And when these nutraceuticals were combined with some of world's most powerful medicinal herbs, superfoods like chia & amaranth, and super fruits like noni and jacka, grown in Jalisco's "Vegetable Garden of Eden," Mexico was heading in a vibrant direction.

The death of both Michael Jackson and Prince from overdoses of pain and sleeping medications, finally exposed that 1.5 million are hospitalized and 100,000 Americans die each year from prescription drugs, so pharmaceutical companies, politicians, doctors and universities could make billions in "blood money" kickbacks.

Now U.S. Congress, Medicare, talk shows, social media, and ethical doctors are advising that prescription drugs need to be balanced with diet and natural remedies, like in Asia and Europe, and more organic farming, exemplified by the Obamas. So any attempt in the U.S. to kill off access to top supplements at vitamin and health food stores would have resulted in wrongful deaths, huge liable suits and a possible uprising.

We trust this was a MISSTEP by Cofepris since you wisely recommended on TV as a solution for diabetes and obesity, the zero carb herb stevia, and you started making Mexico a stevia growing country. You knew that the recommended healthy limit of sugar a day is 15 grams, yet an average Mexican is consuming 200g a day (U.S. 168g) with 40g in one small Coke.

Since sugar, especially in Coca Cola, is more addictive than heroine, the stevias need to be as sweet as sugar. That is why ZEVIA stevia colas (we want to bring in) saved the life of President Clinton, whose Cherokee ancestors are from Mexico. Those with indigenous blood living closer to Nature, have not developed as many enzymes to process sugar, so Mexicans are more vulnerable.

China now grows the most stevia to prevent their diabetes. Yet it has taken the US and China 1,600 years to create an organic stevia that tastes better than sugar. Together they developed an enzymatic way to extract the sweetest part of the stevia leaf from the bitter without hurting its powerful medicinal benefits - anti cavity, anti viral, anti bacteria and anti plaque.

So far Mexican stevias straight from the plant are very healthy but not as tasty, or they are over-processed or cut with not so healthy fillers. Therefore, getting the delicious organic ones from the U.S. for now is critical.

Your promoting stevia is also reducing crime and enhancing safe friendly tourism, why you want to help streamline access to the U.S. organic ones. Thanks to a visionary Mexican-American teacher getting sugary soda machines banned in the LA school district, National Public Radio (PBS) reported "that it surprisingly also reduced violence in the schools by 65%." And CNN's Sanjay Gupte reported that Japan has low school violence from 40% of their foods using stevia as a sweetener since the 70s, since it also reduces alcoholism-related violence since alcohol is a fermented sugar.

Since my grandfather had diabetes, I am grateful to Mexico through Tijuana's Doctor Roberto Villafana, my Mayan dentist, for introducing me 13 years ago to stevia, discovered by the S.A. tribes and spread by the Spanish worldwide. Stevia happens to be my middle name, so in tribal traditions I am a messenger.

So we gladly did a taste test for PV's Secretary of Health of the purest, healthiest, most affordable, best tasting U.S. organic stevia brand in 10 superfood recipes, at a clinic and a hospital. MDs at both exclaimed, "No tiene madre," (AWESOME), and several took a blood sugar test (before) and started using it. They even agreed to make it an import-free emergency, like vaccines for other epidemics, so it is affordable to average Mexicans.

We heard that GNC, a company with huge wealth and a team of lawyers, was tipped off in December that this raid might happen so their hundreds of stores could protect their percentage of uncertified products. While Jalisco's vitamin stores have been carrying what top MDs consider some of the most effective nutraceuticals in the U.S. and world, compared to GNC, the humble vitamin store owners have (curiously) struggled more to get approvals than GNC.

You need to know all this and listen to your top professors, like at the University of Guadalajara, who have tested the imported stevias and want these organic ones to help turn around their 100 professors struggling with diabetes, along with most of the MDs at PV's hospitals. That is because the Mexican pharmaceuticals combined with the supplements approved by Cofepris, have not been able to heal them. That is why PV's Secretary of Health MDs asked us to first help them restore their health so they can then better save their patients. And the professors asked us to help them set an inspiring example to generations of their students.

Correct us if we are wrong, but after your wanting to legalize medical marijuana to stop that black market to reduce suffering and prescription drug addiction like the U.S., you would surely want to prevent starting an underground vitamin market. Especially since the taxes from the CBC oil sales, like Colorado and Washington, can more than fund this critical health reform to restore the health care systems of Mexico and its overworked doctors.

You would also hopefully want to prevent losing the support of many other Mexican and Gringos like me who have worked for three years with local leaders without pay at our expense, to finally help restore the vibrant health of Vallartans and Mexicans. You can do this by also stopping the feet dragging and implement emergency funding for the best proven life and health care saving innovations you asked for.

Thanks to the world peer reviewed studies we provided PV's Secretary of Health, they now know that organic food has 3X the nutrients as pesticided, plus three U.S. studies found that "one month of fresh raw organic fruits and veggies ends diabetes and drops significant weight." Therefore, the other cause of Puerto Vallarta's diabetes and most disease, is malnutrition from having only a handful of organic fruit and vegetable farms. And the Secretary of Health is not yet providing that missing education.

So Vallarta Saludable includes both in our plan. Meanwhile, thanks to word of mouth between our cultures, more and more Mexicans are buying organic foods at PV's thriving farmers' markets and supermarkets. So our plan is to greatly expand that education, and assisting farmers in growing more organic produce, including organic orchards at all our schools after planting fruit trees at six schools with their happy students. Puerto Vallarta's Superintendent of Schools loves our adopting the California Fruit Tree Tour. See the rocking video on

Top restaurants worldwide use organics for great taste and now a handful of Vallarta's award winning restaurants have shifted and we are helping expand these affordable organic deliveries for homes, offices, hospitals and schools.

United Nations NGO Helping Vallarta Restore Organic Farming and Save Ocean

Yet our plan would still take years to restore the health of most Vallartans, until a team member two months ago invited Leonard Sonnenschein, president of Conservation for the Oceans Foundation, here. He is a consultative status member under ECOSOC with the United Nations.

Sonnenschein agreed to implement his plan, proven in India, Nigeria, Sweden, Canada, Panama, and USA, which would pour funds and technology into helping Vallarta become an organic farming community again! That is thanks to his project being embraced by many big and small farmers here "at minimal costs since it will double the nutrients and yields."

Sonnenschein explains that, "Farmers work in multi-stakeholder units to identify problems, and solutions will be determined with follow ups using a series of organic, environment safe technologies including micro minerals for soil, seed treatments, toxin removers, non-toxic fertilizers that don't pollute the ocean, and safe pesticides."

In cooperation with the University of Guadalajara scientists, professors, and students, discussion was covered on their 104.3 Wakeup Show. It included how these minerals can be tracked by satellite showing them entering the streams and then Banderas Bay. Sonnenschein said, "This will also restore the plankton for your whales, and coral breeding grounds for significantly more fish, and turquoise bay within a year!"

So this UN field project also answers your other initiative, President Peña Nieto, to clean up Mexico's leading ports!

Monsanto Loses In Mexico Permit GMO - Judge Sides with the Bees!

We salute your scientists and judge for protecting the food supply of generations of Mexican by banning GMOs since bees are critical for Life. According to The Guardian, they found pesticides are killing the bees and farmers are unable to export honey (5th biggest in world) to Europe with pollen from GMO crops.

So this UN organic outreach is exquisite timing since thanks to Vallarta's tests, farmers can easily replicate this organic solution across Mexico with your help. While 80% of Mexico's organics (near Mexico City) are shipped to America to get them healthy, they will finally be plenty and affordable to restore the vibrant health of Mexicans too!

Meanwhile our Vallarta Saludable plan can immediately reduce the biggest diabetes costs, by compassionately reversing dialysis, as well as gangrene in 12 days. This can also save the poorest Mexicans from having their limbs chopped off unnecessarily at hospitals that cannot afford pain pills or prosthesis because of the financial drain from diabetes, resulting in suicides.

With organic fruits and veggies readily available, generations of Mexico's pre-diabetic children can get enough nutrients to grow up lean and clean to win more Olympic Football Golds and lead the Rise of Latin America.

So thank you, President Peña Nieto, for your focus on restoring the health of Mexico by:

• issuing the immediate return of these vitamin store products

• insisting that Cofepris streamline certifying natural products based only on the amount of healing properties

• issuing the most effective organic stevias by NOW Foods and ZEVIA colas as emergency import free

• funding the most effective proven diabetes innovations and plans that you requested to finish the health part of your cleaning house

• helping replicate the UN Ag and Ocean Field project across Mexico

• and, after reviewing the U of G's Sellafresh breakthrough, quickly compassionately prevent the unnecessary "deaths of 1.3 million Mexican children from starvation and malnutrition annually," by extending the freshness of your food supply 25X longer, starting through your DIF "No More Hunger campaign." Ideally partner with the bishop of Mexico and Pope Francis, who are both looking at this solution for their largest food banks, along with the UN since 65% of the emergency relief food sent for catastrophes rots before getting to victims. (Critical if global warming progresses.)

There is currently enough food to feed everyone in Mexico and the world without clearing more forests if kept fresh longer. Besides your also showing the U.S. how they can easily feed their 17 million children going to bed and school hungry (highest of developed countries), Mexico can lead humanity in significantly reducing CO2 from rotting food. And this can help get our beloved Madre Tierra / Mother Earth down to 1.5 C to ensure a breathtaking future for the World's Children. You can be so proud of 15 year old Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, a Mexican-American youth leader of 100 countries, my godchild, asking you and UN leaders to further stand with them.

In so doing President Peña Nieto, you can heroically make Mexico more than the "Comeback Kid Country." And Vallarta can light the way to being a thriving center for Diabetes Medical Tourism, thanks to partnering with the Mexican Space Agency to grow Astronaut Superfoods at Cabo Corrientes with our Quantum Agri-Amplifiers so they can finally thrive in deep space, and even grow superfoods there.

You could announce these exciting breakthroughs at the World Space Congress you are hosting September 26-30, which evolved out of our compassionate Nanotech innovations that you brilliantly inspired! So muchas gracias El Presidente. Viva Mexico!

Suzy Chaffee, a former Olympic skier who helped invent dancing down mountains, has turned activist, journalist, filmmaker, and has worked with seven U.S. Presidents. She is now co-chairman of a non-profit partnership of the Elders of the Americas and Olympians, called the Native American Olympic Team Foundation, which aims to heal Mother Earth for all our children through joyful sports and education. For more information, contact Suzy at SuzyNativeVoices(at) or visit or