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Be an Olympic Hero: Support Conservation of Oceans

August 15, 2016

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics was praised by the international media for its vivid, diverse performances, emphasis on multiculturalism, and its appeal to the issue of climate change.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - The greatest applause during the Olympic's "spectacular" Green Opening Ceremony in Rio was for regenerating Mother Earth and celebrating our beautiful diversity, from the Refugee Teams, to the female Arab Olympians, the "greatest gymnast ever" Simon Biles, and Brazil's City of God Olympians, to the strutting Gisele Bundschen.

Rio's murky waters and Zika mosquito challenges are a preview of coming attractions unless as an Olympic Family, like the musicians and actors, we boldly mobilize to curb climate change. Their warmer waters, combined with their sewer challenges, which they could not fully afford to fix despite spending 1/10 of London's Opening, resulted in their infections waters.

Given this warming is mainly from us "Super Powers," and this was the first Olympics hosted by a developing country, this is a chance to do the right thing, give emergency support to the United Nations' solution to clearing their ocean in ONE WEEK, and to be Rio Olympic Heroes.

A team of scientists developed this amazing natural micro-mineral-Nanotech solution, headed by Leonard Sonnenschein, a leading ecosystem researcher and president of the Conservation for the Oceans Foundation and the World Aquarium, a consultative status ECOSOC member of the UN.

With 1/3 of humanity witnessing this transformation of Rio's waters back to turquoise, the Olympic press could springboard this cost-effective solution to restoring our endangered World Oceans! Rio's water could be transformed any time this month or after, but the sooner the better for everyone.

This UN solution quickly regenerates the oceans' main food supply, plankton, which converts CO2 to Oxygen "equal to all trees (rainforests), shrubs, grasses, and other plants." This micro mineral formula also clears our oceans' vast dead zones and transforms/decreases the accompanying pollutive effects of toxic fertilizers and other AG waste runoffs, given livestock is major contributor to global warming. Plus it saves our dying bees from pesticides!

Therefore, this solution is the fastest, most cost-effective way to getting Mother Earth down to the survival temperature of 1.5C. So the name of whoever helps make this solution possible will be on everyone's smiling lips.

As a concerned Olympian, and co-founder of Vallarta Saludable A en P, partnering this UN Project, I asked Sonnenschein a month ago if his team could possibly clear Rio's waters of some sewage problems, as he is doing here in Puerto Vallarta. His team had already solved water and other ecosystem challenges as a consultant in Canada, India, The Maldives, China, Panama and Nigeria, mainly by supplying the missing minerals, like iron and sulfur. To my surprise he said, "Yes!"

Leonard's PowerPoint presentation shows how their formulas usually first transform farms laced with toxic chemical fertilizers back to organic within one year, which doubles their nutrients and yields. These changes are monitored by satellites, in partnership with the governments and university scientists like the U of Guadalajara, tracking the minerals seeping into the streams and oceans, and then restoring the plankton and coral - some types within 3 weeks instead of years. The latest test results are available, including how they helped restore salmon to hundreds of square miles in Canada. So restoring our plankton and the protective coral reefs will also feed the whales and other starving fish and grow significantly more.

Clearing Rio's waters would also befittingly lift the on-going health, tourism and economy of our gracious, struggling Brazilian Hosts, and then possibly countless coastal communities.

This International team just needs $250,000 USD to implement this Rio ocean solution immediately. Please contact Sonnenschein's Conservation for the Oceans Foundation in St Louis at (314) 647-6011 or info(at) (Donations tax deductible.)

I felt compelled to ask him to help Rio, since the Olympics is the greatest force for peace, and war is a major cause of global warming, so we will also be preserving our shorelines and snow for drinking water and food supply, as well as joyful snowsports and Winter Olympics.

The purpose of sports is to not only get populations happily healthy, but to get soldiers and everyone fit to be able to quickly protect ourselves and others from life threatening emergencies. Climate Change is now our No. 1 threat. That is why over 100 fellow Olympians have brilliantly banned together to Protect our Winters, and why Muhammad Ali was a peace leader for the US and then the UN and IOC.

Through being our Greatest we can then regenerate the world's oceans as fast as Usain Bolt! Then Rio can truly ROCK and this pivotal Olympics may be heralded by generations!

This is a golden opportunity to turn the tide, with perhaps billions praying, tweeting, and then giving gratitude at the Closing Ceremonies. "The key to my success is gratitude," said Gisele, which is what the indigenous say is also key to healing Mother Earth.

So tsunamis of appreciation for being part of our valiant Green Rio Olympic Team by sharing this info, or donating or forwarding this to your angel, sponsor, foundation, star or Forbes friends who would love to be Heroes to the World's children, especially theirs.

Suzy Chaffee, a former Olympic skier who helped invent dancing down mountains, has turned activist, journalist, filmmaker, and has worked with seven U.S. Presidents. She is now co-chairman of a non-profit partnership of the Elders of the Americas and Olympians, called the Native American Olympic Team Foundation, which aims to heal Mother Earth for all our children through joyful sports and education. For more information, contact Suzy at SuzyNativeVoices(at) or visit or