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Vallarta Hailed Mother Earth-Madre Tierra on Solstice

March 23, 2018

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Mother Earth was royally celebrated on the Solstice by millions around the world, including the hundreds in Puerto Vallarta who gathered next to Los Muertos Pier and, led by joyful Azteca dancers, participated in sweetly regaling Her and Her ocean caretaker Neptune, with flowers at sunset on March 21.

We salute the great musicians of Mexico, who used their beautiful, joyful, uplifting love songs to help restore the earthquake victims in Mexico City in 2017, at the "We are United Mexico" concerts in Mexico and California. One of the Mexican stars sang a soulful song to Madre Tierra (Mother Earth), which is a powerful way to heal Her, but any expression from your heart that gives Her love and appreciation, I found out She hears!

In 2012, 192 United Nations countries, including Mexico, U.S., and Canada, officially "recognized Mother Earth as a living (advanced) being and we are all interrelated," said Sec General KiMoon. And five countries just gave Her rivers their rights to be protected from poisoning. Each country has an ancient name honoring Her herein: Do You Know How to Say Earth in Different Languages? The Quecha of the South American Andes, who called their beloved Earth Mother "Pachamama," depicted Her spirit in the above stunning painting.


Phil Kerr, an iconic Vallarta Cherokee fisherman, who danced with the Aztecas, reminded me the morning of the Solstice of the phenomenal missing contributions of the divine feminine, that surprisingly used to be celebrated more, especially in the U.S. "It changed when the banks took over," he said.

But through the #MeToo World Avalanche, all aspects of the nurturing feminine are starting to be celebrated and respected again, including our awesome Madre Tierra.

What Phil then told me blew my mind. While I knew that our American forefathers, like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, admitted to have channeled democracy, I didn't know that they called this wise Spirit helper, Columbia, the Goddess of America. They deeply revered her, as we all should, because she channeled America's rights, checks and balances in our justice system, agricultural wisdom, and freedoms in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

That is why our forefathers put Columbia's 19 ft statue on our D.C. Capitol, as well as the Justice Department holding scales, as the Goddess of Agriculture on top of my Vermont capitol, on our coins... they even named the Washington capitol after her, the District of Columbia, because they wanted to make it a sacred place where she presided over council meetings, instead of greed driven politicians.

Plus Phil said the Native Americans knew and loved her and also called her Columbia and Lady Liberty. Olivia Ellis PhD (Cherokee), my chief advisor of our Native American Olympic Team Foundation, also mentioned the powerful Lady Liberty spirit she calls on to help us, but didn't mention all the rest, much of which is in Wikipedia.

Columbia Pictures and Columbia University also honored her, along with the great nurturing Columbia River, which Pope Francis is helping the tribes protect from poisoning by stopping the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Europeans recognized our Goddess from the stars, why the French gave us the Statue of Liberty with her halo of stars, in appreciation for copying her democratic principles, along with those of the Iroquois. That is why Her other powerful symbols include feathers, or standing next to a Native women and our great bald eagle because she is our goddess of Nature with indigenous origins, which we all have. She also wears a cap associated with freedom of tyranny/slavery in early America, yet the Brits compared her to their Goddess "Britannia" on their ship masts, and the Italians "Italia Turrita" and the French "Marianne."

Given that "Hail Columbia" was our more spiritual National anthem until 1831. And given that America is honoring the feminine again thanks to more men also restoring their yin-yang balance; the 192 UN countries that have celebrated Her since 2009 through International Mother Earth Day | GLADE (Global Learning) on April 21; and the UN saying that women are key to regenerating Mother Earth, there is more hope for humanity surviving and THRIVING.

Most Gringos don't know about these UN breakthroughs, including the Obama White House until I told their inner circle, because our media hasn't covered it. Therefore Phil thought, "why should Americans celebrate a genocidal monster on Columbus Day? Instead we should honor the wise, nurturing, liberating Goddess of America, with "Columbia Day."


Giving Mother Earth any form of love and appreciation in thoughts, words and deeds, especially in gratitude for the snow and rain and sun, and healing the hearts of our neighbors, also helps enhance ideal weather. Since songs have been called prayers times three, why the tribes include them in their ceremonies, here are some of Mother Earth's favorite love songs by many cultures, at the end of my story, IMAGINE: Earthrising in 2015 Through Love Songs!

Plus those working for Mother Earth and helping heal Her Indigenous guardians, as Pope Francis urged, enhance their GOOD KARMA. That is why seven of my friends or family members in three different hurricanes in 2017, were all protected while many homes surrounding them were not.

Thank you Creator for sending battalions of angels to protect the innocents of world catastrophes and for guiding billions of us to wake up and ACT NOW in harmony with Nature to prevent them.

We can be proud that Vallarta is a world leader in restoring our oceans, thanks to a cross-cultural team at the University of Guadalajara, discovering that AMMONIA in cleaning products and fertilizers is a major cause of our oceans heating. So please read labels and eliminate them, and instead use compost, banana peels, and worm and bat poop instead of toxic fertilizers. In so doing you are truly honoring our Mother Earth and your children. You are significantly cooling our oceans and streamlining regrowing the coral nurseries of our fish to make them lots more plentiful and jump for joy!

Suzy Chaffee, a former Olympic skier who helped invent dancing down mountains, has turned activist, journalist, filmmaker, and has worked with seven U.S. Presidents. She is now co-chairman of a non-profit partnership of the Elders of the Americas and Olympians, called the Native American Olympic Team Foundation, which aims to heal Mother Earth for all our children through joyful sports and education. For more information, contact Suzy at SuzyNativeVoices(at), or visit or

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