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A Search for Health
Susan Wichterman

As my study of Macrobiotics and Oriental Medicine intensified, I found myself faced with the greatest dilemma of all. What is the appropriate food for man? Are we inherently omnivorous (eating all foods indiscriminately), possibly herbivorous (feeding on plants), or simply carnivorous (flesh eating)? It was a true mystery!

On reflection, I observed that in the animal kingdom, aside from we humans, there is little debate as to what to eat. For instance, the beasts of the field, such as the lion and tiger are most definitely carnivorous and feed happily on a neighboring gazelle. Then you may observe a cow or a horse, and they blissfully chew grass or hay, thus being in the camp of herbivores.

Most undomesticated animals forage for exactly what they need, and they usually find it in their immediate surroundings. And they thrive, assuming we mortals don't pollute or devastate their feeding ground. I may add, however, that domesticated animals do not count in this equation. Buster, the family cat, will eat anything he can manage to beg from the kitchen table, except maybe a carrot.

We higher evolved beings are blessed (or cursed) with a brain, and thus have infinite choices. We can eat anything that isn't nailed down, be it a Kiwi from New Zealand, caviar from Russia, or pate de fois gras from France. In searching for answers, I decided to eliminate what I knew was harmful to the body, and see what was left. Kind of like a process of deduction.

MEAT- due to its high protein content, it is a building and warming food; an excess, however, will cause putrefaction (as we humans have long intestines, and meat takes many hours to digest), it accumulates and clogs vessels and organs, creates toxic by-products that overtax the kidneys, contains antibiotics and steroid hormones that are passed on to the consumer, and can cause sluggishness, a dulling of the senses as well as aggressiveness and a quarrelsome temper.

DAIRY FOOD- man is the only animal who drinks milk after he has been weaned; cow's milk has 3 times more protein and 4 times more calcium than human milk, thus is perfectly suited to the developmental needs of a calf which will weigh 3 or 4 times as much as a human adult. Milk, butter, and cheese are dense foods that overwork organs of excretion lending to asthma, allergies, tonsillitis, ear infections, acne, and overweight. Dairy foods appear to be strongly linked to various disorders of the female reproductive system, including ovarian tumors, cysts, and vaginal infections. Milk should come out of a woman, not go into her!

SUGAR- a refined carbohydrate that is separated from the minerals, proteins, vitamins and fiber it started with; it is empty food and when eaten in excess, one will tend to lose B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other nutrients taken from one's own reserves.

EGGS- easily digested, and their protein fully utilized by the body; however, since ancient days in China, they were considered powerful medicine, as they contain potential for a whole, living creature; in excess, as they are a product of the female hormone system, they can stress the female reproductive organs, especially the ovaries; they also suffer the indignities of commercial production, as the chicken feed is laced with antibiotics and hormones.

So, the next question is, what is left? I've heard well-meaning friends suggest tree bark? Bird food? The answer is really quite simple as our body, combined with our own common sense, gives us many clues as to what we should be taking for nourishment.

The recommendations are flexible, easy to follow, inexpensive, and universally available. They consist of whole grains, beans, land and sea vegetables, soups, salads, fruit, and occasional fish and poultry. In subsequent articles, I will define in detail exactly why this is unquestionably food for man.

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