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Germany, 1939; America, 2009; And Perverted Science
Sherwood Ross

It has become commonplace for Congress to ignore the public's yearnings for peace and to support the Pentagon's now habitual wars of aggression. Last November's anti-war vote illustrates this disconnect between public opinion and public policy.

Death and American Guns in Mexico
New York Times

Drug-related murders in Mexico doubled last year, to 6,200, as cartels fight for the American addict’s dollar while relying on American gun dealers for their weapons.

Death Penalty Disgrace
Bob Barr

There is no abuse of government power more egregious than executing an innocent man. But that is exactly what may happen if the United States Supreme Court fails to intervene on behalf of Troy Davis.

Unparalleled and Denied
New York Times

In an appalling 5-to-4 ruling on Thursday, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority tossed aside compelling due process claims, the demands of justice and a considered decision by a lower federal appeals court to deny the right of prisoners to obtain post-conviction DNA testing that might prove their innocence

A Tragic Lesson in Anti-Gay Bullying
Joleen Hanlon

If you were taunted with words like "fag" and "dyke" daily in school, to what extent would this affect you? Perhaps the experience would keep you hiding in the closet for years, send you into a depression, or lower your academic achievement. Or, if the bullying were unrelenting, perhaps you might do the unimaginable: commit suicide.

Mexico: Failed State?
Enrique Krauze

A widespread idea, especially in the US, is that Mexico is, or is on the verge of becoming, a "failed state". This is not only wrong but a caricature of reality.

The Price of Economic Consequence
Bruce D. Greenberg

The Mexican people should be commended and congratulated by the international community for placing the health and safety of its citizens and the world first, regardless of economic impact.

Beleaguered Mexico
The Washington Post

Many countries get into trouble because of their own failings - bad government is the most common cause. But Mexico lately has become an example of how a nation with a relatively good democratic government can plunge into crisis because of forces outside its control.

Medically Assisted Torture
New York Times

There was a great deal to be troubled by in a report by the International Committee of the Red Cross documenting the kinds of torture and abuse inflicted on terrorism suspects by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Game On for PAN, PRI

The game of political pingpong between the PAN and the PRI continues to be quite entertaining.

Mexico’s Drug War
The Financial Times

When the Pentagon suggested in a strategy document last year that the US should be alert to the possibility of a “rapid and sudden collapse” of Mexico as a state, it caused diplomatic heartburn.

Southern Strategy Needed to Keep Mexico Secure
Alberto R. Gonzales

The root causes of the violence are systemic. While Mexican President Felipe Calderon has shown courage in confronting the drug cartels, significant progress in Mexico is not likely in the near future without fundamental institutional reforms.

When Honesty is Only an Illusion
Dale McFeatters

Trust in government - essential to a democracy - depends greatly on whether citizens believe the government's dealings are conducted honestly and above board.

Afghanistan: The New Vietnam?
Arthur I. Cyr

Understandably, parallels are drawn with our experience in Vietnam. American troops in Afghanistan occupy isolated fortified outposts reminiscent of deployments in the earlier war. In each case, intense ideology reinforced by outrage at foreign invaders defines our opponents.

Death Row Futility
The Los Angeles Times

The Barack Obama administration's apparent resolve to take U.S. foreign policy in a new direction is creating ripples of hope for an enhanced U.N. agenda on nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament.

Lives on the Net
Le Monde

Storm of panic in the global digital village! This village, where, thanks to the Internet and to "social networks," anyone and everyone may recount their life story, their tastes, their crushes, their tantrums - in short, where everyone may virtually meet and get to virtually know everyone else.

Slowing the Flow of Guns into Mexico
Austin American-Statesman

For years, Mexican government officials have been asking for help in stemming the flow of illegal weapons into Mexico. While narcotics flow north, guns flow south, arming the cartels responsible for the drug trade.

Puerto Vallarta: A Brand in Flux
Daniel Gomez

If Puerto Vallarta is to compete successfully in the international arena it needs to develop a clear brand strategy that guides not only its marketing and communications, but compliments its social, economic and environmental policies.

Mexico's Crime Solution a Mistake
Los Angeles Times

In Mexico, the unchecked violence of the drug cartels brings daily tidings of kidnappings, murders and corruption throughout the legal system. Mexicans, fearful and frustrated with the government's inability to prevail, are considering whether to reinstate the death penalty.

Time to Rethink Expensive, Futile War on Drugs
The StarPhoenix

If President Barack Obama is to succeed in convincing allies to pony up for the war in Afghanistan, he must do better than to reinvent former president George Bush's ill-conceived "War on Terror." He will have to revisit America's much older and disastrous War on Drugs.

Remembering Victims, Crew of Flight 261
Ventura County Star

Today, on the ninth anniversary of the crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261, our thoughts once again go out to the victims’ families and friends, who have traveled to our shore to keep alive the memories of those who perished.

Commentary: Lincoln and Race

Leonard Pitts Jr. of the Miami Herald discusses misconceptions about Lincoln's views on race.

Closing Guantánamo
New York Times

This work is essential to restoring the rule of law. It is essential to restoring this country’s reputation around the world. And it is essential to restoring Americans’ faith in themselves and in their government. That is the only way to move forward.

George W. Bush's Sorry, Sordid Legacy
Dale McFeatters

Historians may judge his presidency differently but even putting the best possible face on it, George Bush leaves the presidency with the country in a mess largely of his making.

Rewriting the First Draft of History
William Rivers Pitt

Seeing as how we currently find ourselves hurtling along this downhill run towards new history - the countdown to the day America has itself a president named Obama can be measured in hours instead of days or weeks now - it seems an appropriate moment to pause and reflect on a bit of older history we've already passed through.

Border Fence Spoils Symbol of Friendship

Friendship Park has closed. The triple fence will now run through it. That news from Southern California is a grim finale to recent years' clamor over illegal immigration. Call us sentimental suckers for symbolism, but we don't like it a bit.

A Very Bad Year
William Rivers Pitt

There is no present or future, only the past, happening over and over again, now. - Eugene O'Neill
The year 2008 began on a Tuesday. Matters went downhill swiftly from there.

Seasonal Forgiveness Has a Limit. Bush and His Cronies Must Face a Reckoning.
Jonathan Freedland

Heinous crimes are now synonymous with this US administration. If it isn't held to account, what does that say about us?

Mexico's Narco-Insurgency
Hal Brands

When Barack Obama takes office on Jan. 20, his foreign policy will almost certainly be consumed by the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet Obama would do well to pay equal attention to a third ongoing insurgency, raging not half a world away in the Middle East, but just across America's southern frontier in Mexico.

Expand AIDS Testing
San Francisco Chronicle

At the dawn of the AIDS scourge over two decades ago, there was a fear factor about testing for the disease-causing virus. There were worries of government tracking, no treatments to follow a potentially fatal diagnosis and the outcast stigma of the disease.

U.S. Must Keep Eye on Violence in Mexico

While Americans have been barraged by bad news from the financial and manufacturing sectors of the economy, our neighbors to the south have been fighting more than tough times.

Mexico's Calderón Faces More Obstacles Ahead
Patrick Corcoran

Felipe Calderón's legacy as a reformer is already better than Fox's, but it is also incomplete. The deepening of existing reforms, not to mention much needed labor and education reform legislation, will likely have to wait four years before having a chance for passage under Calderón's successor.

Who Are the Taliban?: The Afghan War Deciphered
Anand Gopal

Just three years ago, the central government still controlled the provinces near Kabul. But years of mismanagement, rampant criminality, and mounting civilian casualties have led to a resurgence of the Taliban and other related groups.

Mexico’s Drug War
Financial Times

Mexico’s war on drugs costs more lives with every passing day. Drug-related killings this year exceed 4,300, according to media reports, almost double the rate of 2007.

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