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On Being Thankful
William Rivers Pitt

I have a confession to make: I'm actually pretty damned thankful this year. Feeling thankful is a hard thing to fess up to, given how spectacularly crappy things are for so many people in America right now.

Is Europe a Soap Opera or a Disaster Movie?
Guillermo Ramón Adames y Suari

As the eurozone marches toward this slow-motion train wreck of a result, there are voices yelling “STOP THE INSANITY” on both sides of the aisle.

Corporate Media Saturation of TSA News an Operation to Desenitize and Anger Population
Lee Rogers

The greater amount of coverage the terrorists at the Transportation Security Agency gets, the more people will be desensitized to it and the more likely they will accept it as a new reality.

Airport Security Pat-Downs are Grotesque
Heather Mallick

Something has gone terribly wrong if you can’t get on a plane without your unspeakables being stroked by the plastic-gloved hands of a paid stranger.

Why Granny Gets Searched
Eugene Robinson

It's hard to love the Transportation Security Administration, especially now that airport personnel seem so intent on touching people's junk. But the TSA's job isn't to be adorable, it's to be infallible - and also, apparently, to suffer being unfairly maligned.

Chomsky on U.S. Global Policy
The Real News Network

Noam Chomsky: U.S. still wants to dominate but cannot order other big powers as it pleases; Iran war threat is real.

Worldview on Obama: He’s a Failure
Doug Thompson

Barack Obama’s plummeting job performance ratings at home are nothing compared to the worldview of the American President — especially in the troubled Mideast where candidate Obama promised a different approach.

TSA Now Needs False Flag Security Incident to Convince Americans to Accept Obscene Pat-Downs
Mike Adams

With the grassroots backlash over the TSA's obscene pat-downs growing by the day, it's becoming fairly obvious that the only way the U.S. government is going to get the public to accept these Fourth Amendment violations is if there is another "terrorist incident" that's stopped by the TSA and its naked body scanners.

The Popular Theme of Revolution in Latin America Fizzles
Jerry Brewer

The traditional moniker of revolution continues to be interpreted in the violent replacing of governments, officials, and regimes in repudiation or overthrow.

Pushing Back The Date To Exit Afghanistan: U.S. Strategy To Wage Perpetual War?
Sherwood Ross

The disclosure by McClatchy News Service Nov. 9th that President Barack Obama is “walking away” from his pledge to begin withdrawing U.S. forces from Afghanistan in July, 2011, comes as no surprise.

How Corporate America Is Pushing Us All Off a Cliff
Michael Moore

When someone talks about pushing you off a cliff, it's just human nature to be curious about them. Who are these people, you wonder, and why would they want to do such a thing?

Hateful Days
William Rivers Pitt

There is a great deal of hate in my heart today. Not the healthiest condition to find myself in, but these things sometimes cannot be helped.

Getting Touchy at the Airport
Tobin Harshaw

We’re an innovative people — if we as travelers are worried about inappropriate contact by the T.S.A., we can find a technological alternative that makes everybody happy, right? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Known Secrets: US Sheltered Nazis After WWII
Ann Woolner

To whatever degree the U.S. knowingly or carelessly sheltered Nazi murderers after World War II, it’s a national shame.

Non-Violent Response Urged to Oppose U.S. Aggression
Sherwood Ross

People the world over must find non-violent ways to oppose American military force lest they suffer the fate of the Iraqis - hundreds of thousands dead and a nation in ruins.

Just How Mexican are Mexican-Americans?
Gregory Rodriguez

Is there one Mexico or two? It's a fundamental question that is actually about Mexicanness: How Mexican are Mexican-Americans? Are Mexicans and Mexican-Americans siblings? Distant cousins? Strangers?

A Hedge Fund Republic?
Nicholas D. Kristof

Earlier this month, I offended a number of readers with a column suggesting that if you want to see rapacious income inequality, you no longer need to visit a banana republic. You can just look around.

Killing the Poor Instead of Taxing the Wealthy in Arizona
Matt Renner

If you happen to be sick and poor and are among the 98 people in Arizona who are awaiting state-funded organ transplants, you've just been handed a death sentence.

Chomsky on Post-Midterm America
The Real News Network

Noam Chomsky: Liberal-conservative divide no more than an illusion amongst ordinary Americans.

Let's Pass Some Laws Before the Republicans Head Into Town (After All, That's What They'd Do)
Michael Moore

Dems - here's something I don't understand: Why do you look all sullen and depressed? Clearly you're not aware of one very important fact: YOU ARE STILL COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, LEGALLY IN CHARGE!

Does TSA Behavior Fall under Definition of Terrorism?

Are agents of the Transportation Security Administration engaging in behavior that falls under the Patriot Act’s definition of domestic terrorism? The question may sound preposterous until you consider the following.

The Missing Immigration Debate
Esther J. Cepeda

If I were a member of the third largest minority group in the United States, I'd be really frustrated that the immigration issue continues to be discussed almost exclusively with Latin Americans in mind.

A Small Fraction of a Man
William Rivers Pitt

George W. Bush was all over my television this past week, all over the newspapers, and the feelings inspired by his sudden reappearance are almost beyond my capacity to describe.

Olbermann Saga Highlights the Decline of Journalism
Doug Thompson

Keith Olbermann returns to his chair as host of “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” on MSNBC Tuesday night. His suspension — such as it was — kept him off the air for Friday and Monday nights. When you make about $7 million a year, a couple of days without pay won’t send you to the poorhouse.

Noam Chomsky: No Evidence that Al-Qaeda Carried Out the 9/11 Attacks
Washington's Blog

The head of FBI, after the most intense international investigation in history, informed the press that the FBI believed that the plot may have been hatched in Afghanistan, but was probably implemented in the United Arab Emirates and Germany.

The Disappearance of Rosendo Radilla Pacheco: An Open Letter to Mexican President Calderón
Dr. Peter Watt

Last December, the Inter-American Court on Human Rights (IACHR) ordered the Mexican government to undertake a full investigation into the disappearance of Rosendo Radilla Pacheco from Atoyac de Álvarez on August 26, 1974. To date, the present government has not done so.

CIA Requires Secrecy To Cover Up Crimes That Killed Millions
Sherwood Ross

If the CIA routinely lies to the American people, maybe that's because its got so much to lie about, like killing millions of innocent human beings around the world.

Electronic Vote in the US: The Very Last Elections
Guillermo Ramón Adames y Suari

It is not my goal to question or evaluate the political implications for the US. My role is reduced to try to explain to the best of my knowledge, the methodology and the voting procedures hoping to call the attention of the reader and eventually the decision makers of the procedures suggested.

We Won. Now What?
Alan Burkhart

We have taken a step in the (no pun intended) right direction. But do not delude yourselves into thinking that all is well on Capitol Hill. Until fiscal conservatism becomes the norm in Washington, our problems will continue.

What ‘Isaac’ Has To Say: Immigration Reform and Why the Future is Inescapable
Mark Alvarez

Inflexible immigration laws and discriminatory attitudes more appropriate in pre-Fourteenth Amendment times hold everybody back. The industrious and enterprising nature of undocumented immigrants could serve the economy.

“Very” Powerful Women…
Guillermo Ramón Adames y Suari

The most powerful women in chronological order were: Cleopatra Queen of Egypt, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Isabella, Queen of Castile and Aragon, Elizabeth I of England, Catherine the Great, and Queen Victoria.

“Collateral Damage” Grows in Mexico’s Army-Led Drug War
Robin Emmott

In northern Mexico, where I cover the drug war, it has become a part of life to read about, hear and even witness shootouts, but today I shuddered at the thought: what if those soldiers accidentally ever shot at me?

Obama Must Fight for Workers and the Poor
The Real News Network

Heather C. McGhee: Lesson of election is Obama must fight for a direct jobs program.

'Are Any Parts of Your Body Sore?' Asks the Man From TSA
Jeffrey Goldberg

Reagan National, 6:40 a.m. today. I opt-out of the humiliating back-scatter machine and ask for a pat-down. Once again, the TSA officers eye me suspiciously. "Wait here," one says. I wait, and wait some more.

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