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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkNews from Around Banderas Bay | January 2007 

Ooh Baby, Baby
email this pageprint this pageemail usLaura Gelezunas - PVNN

BanderasNews videojournalist Laura Gelezunas shows us why this adventure tour operator is unparalleled in the Banderas Bay area.
Most people do not have the opportunity to observe Pacific Bottlenose dolphins in the wild. But in the protected environment of the Vallarta Adventure Dolphin Center in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, people can observe, up close, these awesome and wonderful creatures.

Vallarta Adventures hopes to increase public awareness and appreciation of wildlife by giving guests the opportunity to see, and even interact with, these graceful and playful animals.

At the Dolphin Adventure Center in Nuevo Vallarta, the family of Pacific Bottlenose dolphins continues to grow through a successful reproduction program. Vallarta Adventures Tour Company has been working with dolphins for 10 years; they started with only five dolphins, but today, they have a family of more than 20.

Currently, there are four little guys under the age of one year at the Dolphin Center - and you can check out the new additions when visiting. It's just one of those things that just makes you go, "aahh, a baby dolphin."

Part of the breeding success is attributed to a dedicated staff. "I love to work with the dolphins, they are amazing animals. Ever since I was five years old, I always wanted to work with them," says Paola Smolensky a staff veterinarian, "I would like to know more about them, we need to do some research, and that is what I like to do."

There are two vets on staff at the dolphin center, along with 13 trainers. The vets provide medical attention and keep a close eye on the babies. This ensures healthy dolphin development.

Paola goes on to say, "The way we take care of the animals, the way we manage the mothers, we can have a lot more success with the baby dolphins being born."

The dolphins also benefit from a sophisticated pool filter system, along with almost 20 maintenance technicians, who check the water's PH, salinity and perform other tests throughout the day.

One dolphin trainer, Alejandro Gomez Rubio, says, "What we have is an ozone system and this kills a lot more bacteria than just an ordinary filter system, so we can use a lot less chlorine in the water to keep it healthier and it is a better environment for the babies."

Dolphins and humans have a history of positive interaction with one another, and guests are usually awed with their Dolphin Adventure. Visitors can catch the dolphin antics while the team of marine mammal experts examines aspects of dolphin biology that are difficult or impossible to study in the wild. And with a new generation in place, there are years of good fun and research ahead.

For more information about swimming with dolphins and dolphin adventures, check out the Vallarta Adventures on our website, or call toll free from the U.S. and Canada 1-888-303-2653.

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