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Ancient Tunnel in Mexico Could Lead to Royal Tombs
Mark Prigg

Archaeologists say a sacred tunnel discovered in the ancient Mexican city of Teotihuacan is filled with 50,000 ritual objects and may lead to royal tombs. The artifacts inside the tunnel, located some 30 miles from Mexico City, include stone sculptures, jewelry, and shells.

Forced Cremation Threatens Day of the Dead Traditions
Associated Press

Mexico City is rapidly running out of gravesites. Many residents are forced to exhume the remains of their loved ones once the burial rights expire, to make room for new bodies. Critics say this threatens the long and rich traditions of burying and celebrating the dead.

Oxxo's Store Debit Cards are New Option for Mexicans
Wall Street Journal

Mexican convenience store Oxxo reports that their new 'Saldazo' bank card is a huge success, opening a financial option for the many Mexicans who don't use banks. Over one million of the cards were issued in the past 10 months, for a rate of about 100,000 cards a month.

Many Mexicans Suffer Without Access to Palliative Care
Human Rights Watch

Thousands of Mexicans with terminal illnesses suffer from severe pain and other symptoms because they cannot access adequate end-of-life care. Mexico's health law grants people with terminal illness a right to palliative care, but the service is not available in many states.

24 Countries to Compete in 47th Edition of 'Baja 1000'

The 2014 Baja 1000 off-road race through Mexico's Baja California Peninsula, will showcase competitors from more than 20 countries. The competition features modified cars, trucks, ATVs, and motorcycles racing across 1250 miles of rugged desert and coastal landscapes.

'Un-Honda-Like' Problems Plague New Plant in Mexico
Neal E. Boudette

Honda's journey into Mexico has left it with a bout of indigestion. The automaker's new $800 million plant in Celaya has been struggling to meet demand amid problems caused by a green labor force, language barriers, and a rail system prone to delays and occasional thefts.

Lions Rescued from Mexico Taken to Colorado Sanctuary
PR News Wire

Recently, 11 animals, including African lions and other large carnivores, were transferred from Mexico to a 720 acre refuge located in Colorado known as 'The Wild Animal Sanctuary,' a facility for exotic animals that have been confiscated from illegal or abusive situations.

Nestle's New 'Cero Agua' Dairy Factory in Jalisco

Nestle has opened its most water efficient factory in the world in Mexico, in a move that the company plans to replicate in other factories globally. Through new processes that deliver significant efficiencies, the company will move towards being a zero-water factory.

Mexico Joins Efforts to Combat African Ebola Outbreak

Mexico is joining the international effort to combat the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus by making a financial contribution towards equipping the contingent of doctors and healthcare workers Cuba has sent to West Africa to fight the spread of the disease.

Japan's Importers to Refuse Bluefin Tuna From Mexico?
The Japan Times

At the meeting of the 'Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission' scheduled to take place in Calif. today, participating countries are set to discuss Tokyo’s proposal to cut catch limits of juvenile bluefin tuna - weighing less than 66 pounds - in the eastern Pacific by half.

Daylight Savings Time Ends in Mexico October 26th
Banderas News Team

There's just a couple of days left before we get that opportunity for an extra hour's sleep in the morning. That's right, daylight saving time 2014 officially ends for most of Mexico at 2 am on Sunday, October 26th - this weekend! Be sure to set your clock back 1 hour Saturday night.

Dorilocos: The New Snack Craze on Mexico's Streets
Nick Miroff

Perhaps it was only a matter of time before someone gazed upon a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos, a product boasting no fewer than 27 ingredients, and thought: these need more. And that appears to be how 'Dorilocos,' the red-hot snack food craze, began sweeping Mexico’s streets.

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