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Mexico's Immigration Problem: American Retirees
Adam Taylor

While immigration between Mexico and the US is often veiwed as a one-way street, in reality that's not the truth. Not only does the US economy rely on many undocumented workers, Mexico has had its own problems with illegal immigrants, and sometimes they are US citizens.

'Grillo' - The Inexpensive Lifesaving Earthquake Alarm
Eoghan Macguire

The 'Grillo' early warning system is an inexpensive way to gain vital seconds for individuals to brace themselves before tremors from an earthquake begin. At a cost of $50, it undercuts the price of the receivers used in public buildings and subway stations by around 85%.

Drones Patrol Nearly Half of the US-Mexico Border
Spagat and Skoloff

The US now patrols nearly half of the Mexican border using drones alone, in a largely unheralded shift used to control desolate stretches where there are no agents, camera towers, ground sensors, or fences. Plans are to expand the strategy to the Canadian border as well.

US Will Provide $68 Million for Mexico Justice Reform
Associated Press

As part of the 'Promoting Justice' plan, the US Embassy in Mexico says the United States government will provide $68 million over the next five years to assist Mexico's effort to change its court and justice system to one that more closely resembles the US court system.

US, Mexico Agree on Greater Access for Air Carriers
John Thomas

Although falling short of an 'Open Sky' partnership, the US and Mexico have reached an agreement which removes existing limits on the number of airlines that can provide passenger or cargo service on routes between the two countries. The agreement becomes effective in 2016.

First Gay Wedding in Baja California Thwarted, Again
Sandra Dibble

Dressed in matching white suits and holding hands, Fernando Amparo and Victor Espinosa tried for a second time to become the first gay couple to be legally married in Baja Calif. But almost 2 years after their first attempt, they were again turned down by city officials.

Mexico and LatAm Applaud Obama's New Immigration Plan
Gardner and Stargardter

Peña Nieto and other LatAm leaders hailed US President Obama's sweeping immigration reforms on Friday, with the Mexican leader calling them 'the most important steps taken in several decades.' The plan eases the threat of deportation for some 4.7 million illegal immigrants.

Jalisco's Colima Volcano Erupts, No Injuries Reported
Associated Press

Mexico's Colima volcano erupted on Friday, sending a column of ash into the air that is falling on towns as far as 15 miles from the peak. The 12,533-foot volcano, located on the border of Colima and Jalisco states, is one of Mexico's most active and potentially destructive.

Many Young Mexicans are Deciding Not to Get Married
Daniela Guazo

According to a recent study, young Mexicans aged 20 to 29 do not want to get married. In 2000 more than 700,000 couples got married in Mexico, compared to 500,000 in 2012. The causes for this range from better education to a financial independence crisis and cultural change.

Mexican Travelers are Using Mobile Technology Most
Theodore Koumelis

Air passengers in Mexico are increasingly using mobile technology to enhance their travel experience. According to a survey of 1,300 passengers across the Americas region, 'check-in via smartphone apps' are poised to nearly double in Mexico over the next two to three years.

Scotiabank Mexico to Launch 'Bank In Your Currency'
BBR Banking Services

Scotiabank will soon launch 'Bank In Your Currency' service at over 1,500 ATMs across Mexico. The service will provide MasterCard cardholders with the ability to instantly view, select, and manage the conversion to their 'home currency' of the Mexican Peso amount dispensed.

AMC Doubles Number of Households Reached in Mexico
Georg Szalai

AMC Networks has doubled the number of households they reach in Mexico, striking new agreements with most all of the of cable systems throughout the country, including Megacable and Telecable as well as Televisa's Sky Mexico, the country’s largest pay TV operator.

Colorado Urges ALL Mexican Nationals to Report Crimes
Maya Rodriguez

They call it a milestone: a memorandum of understanding between the United States, Colorado, and Mexico outlining a partnership between all three entities to encourage all Mexican immigrants to report crime, while assuring them of protections against deportation if they do.

Known for Beer & Tequila, Mexico's Wines Turning Heads
Will Lyons

Mexico is a country known more for its gassy lager and tequila than its grapes. But that’s slowly changing, and wines from regions like the Valle de Guadalupe on the Baja California peninsula have found their way onto various restaurant wine lists and specialist shops.

Mexico City Passes Pro-Trans Gender Recognition Bill
Darren Wee

Last week, the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District approved a bill allowing transgender people the legal right to change gender on official documents without a court order. The legislation passed with 42 votes in favor and only six abstaining.

Non-Citizens Will Pay Fee to Walk Across into Mexico
Christian De La Rosa

US citizens and other non-Mexicans who walk across the border to spend an extended period of time must now pay a fee for a permit, similar to a visa. The fee is part of a pilot program that currently only applies to foot traffic at both Otay and San Ysidro crossings.

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