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America Movil Wins Telecom Battle in Top Mexico Court

Mexico's Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled Carlos Slim's telecommunications company America Movil should not be barred by law from charging competitors fees. The decision worried foreign companies, which have invested heavily in the market since the 2014 telecom industry reform.

Celebrities Choreograph Wedding Dances at Velas Resorts

Offering unmatched experiences for destination weddings, Mexico's Velas Resorts are upping the ante once again – offering couples the opportunity to have their first dance choreographed by a dancer from the hit shows 'Dancing with The Stars' and 'So You Think You Can Dance.'

Mexican Farmers Want NAFTA Agriculture Chapter Scrapped
Latin American Herald Tribune

With the market price of corn – one of Mexico's staple products – currently determined by the Chicago Board of Trade, thousands of Mexican small farmers are demanding that NAFTA renegotiations do away with that accord's agricultural chapter, saying it has caused economic hardship.

First Round of NAFTA Renegotiations Begin in Washington

The first round of NAFTA renegotiations between the Trump administration and counterparts from Mexico and Canada begin today in Washington, DC. The August 16-20 talks to redo the 1994 agreement, which eliminated trade barriers among the three countries, may be thorny.

Alaska Airlines Launches LAX to Mexico City Flights
L.A. Biz

Alaska Airlines is returning to Mexico City with the launch of new service to Benito Juarez International Airport from two major California hubs: the San Francisco and Los Angeles International airports. This fall, Alaska will add service from San Diego International Airport to Mexico City.

Cruise Ship Arrivals Increase 78 Percent in Acapulco

Acapulco, Mexico is proud to announce a massive increase in the number of new cruise ship arrivals throughout 2017. With nine cruise lines making port calls, the city is expected to welcome 32 ships this year, versus 18 for 2016, a 78 percent increase.

Mexico Buoyed by NFL Success, Hopes to Host More Games
Associated Press

Mexico hopes to top last year's success with the NFL and is trying to extend its three-year deal to host league games. In 2016, Oakland and Houston played the first regular-season game in Mexico since 2005. That game generated $45 million for Mexico City's economy, according to NFL.

Favorable Economic Effect of Berry Production in Jalisco
Fresh Plaza

According to Hector Padilla Gutierrez, the head of the Ministry of Rural Development (Seder) in Jalisco, berry production generated 300,000 jobs at harvest time. 'These crops also have a favorable economic effect on other sectors, such as transportation, logistics, etcetera,' he added.

437-Pound Black Marlin Lands Angler $258,683 USD
BD Outdoors

A 437-pound black marlin caught in the Bisbee's East Cape Offshore Tournament was worth more than a quarter million dollars to angler Andrew Hughes and his fish-fighting team. The winning marlin hit a trolled live skipjack 5 miles off the Punta Arena Lighthouse on the Sea of Cortez.

Trump Wants to See Pay Raise for Workers in Mexico

Donald Trump has gone after Mexicans for stealing U.S. jobs. Now he's trying to get workers south of the border a pay raise. US negotiators will push for higher wages for Mexican workers when negotiations on revising the NAFTA pact get underway August 16 in Washington.

Mexico is Writing Rules for Medical Marijuana

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto approved a law in June calling on the Health Ministry to write rules for the medical use of marijuana. But given the Mexican government's no-to-drugs, tough-on-crime history, the Health Ministry is expected to issue very conservative rules.

Live By These Rules If You Want To Drink Good Tequila
Huffington Post

Tequila - it's one of the most divisive spirits in the market, and for good reason. For many the word is reminiscent of horrible hangovers. But what you may not realize is that true tequila doesn't have to be a regret, and can in fact be a spirit that rivals the best of them.

Bar on the Edge Promotes Collaboration and Inclusivity

BrewDog last week announced plans to open a new craft beer bar that 'straddles' the border between the USA and Mexico. The Scottish brewery did not reveal the exact location of the new bar, dubbed 'The Bar on the Edge,' but said half will be in Texas and the other half in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Guadalajara Competes for Silicon Valley's Business
New York Times

In Guadalajara, Jalisco, sometimes referred to as Mexico's Silicon Valley, government and tech industry leaders have been stepping up their efforts to attract engineers and entrepreneurs who might rely on the H-1B visa program to work in the United States.

Veracruz Lawmakers Repeal Cockfighting, Bullrunning Ban
Mexico News Daily

After months of protests by breeders who argued that in addition to the running of the bulls being a long-established tradition in Mexico, Veracruz is one of the main producing states for fighting birds, last week State lawmakers overturned last fall's ban on cockfighting & bull running.

Editorial: Yesterday's Immigrants Better than Today's?
Domenico Maceri -

It would be simplistic to say that modern immigrants are treated worse than those who came to the US at the turn of the century. America keeps growing and improving as we've learned to treat immigrants in a more humane way. That doesn't mean everything's rosy for new arrivals.

Estrella Jalisco Debuts New Foil Topped Beer Can

Just sixteen months after its U.S. launch, Estrella Jalisco, the authentic Mexican beer with more than 100 years of Mexican brewing tradition, last week introduced one of most innovative packaging elements in the canned beer category: a new foil top seal.

Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit Single Parent Vacations

Solo parenting isn't for the faint of heart. You wipe the tears and make the tough decisions. The upside is you get all the hugs and all the rewards that come with being a parent. Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit is offering those parents going it alone a vacation package just for them.

Sesajal Buys Majority of San Diego-based Chosen Foods
Business Wire

Sesajal, a privately held company headquartered in Jalisco, and a worldwide leader in the processing of specialty oils, oily seeds and their derivatives, has purchased the majority stake in San Diego-based Chosen Foods, one of the fastest-growing food brands in North America.

Volunteers Needed for 2018 WGC Mexico Championship

Following the successful debut of the World Golf Championships-Mexico Championship, thanks in large part to our volunteers, the PGA TOUR has announced that volunteer registration is now open for the 2018 event, which is set to return to Mexico City, February 28-March 4, 2018.

Four Reasons to Invest in a Mexican Vacation Home
MEXLend Mortgages for Mexico

We've all dreamed of owning a vacation home, though sometimes it ends up being just that - a dream. What most people don't know is that investing in a vacation home can be one of the best financial decisions you can make. The experts at MEXLend Mortgages for Mexico explain.

Guillermo del Toro Talks About Tequila, New Movie
Hollywood Reporter

At an L.A. event, Mexican director Guillermo del Toro introduced 'Patron x Guillermo del Toro,' his limited-edition tequila blend - in packaging he designed - and offered new insights on his romantic horror film, 'The Shape of Water,' which is set to open in theaters December 8.

Individuals & Organizations are Saving Cats in Mexico

Sometimes an issue appears black and white - when it's really a complicated calico, a mix of hues and colors. Cats haven't always had an easy time in Mexico. In many parts of the country, though, their welfare has improved and continues to evolve for the better.

Transgender People Can Change Birth Records in Nayarit
Mexico News Daily

Nayarit recently became the third state in Mexico to allow modifications to birth certificates for gender identity reasons. The modified law represents significant progress for transgender people, a sector of the population that has been historically discriminated against.

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