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20% of Retail Sales in Mexico Will Be Online By 2018
Sara Cantera

Online commerce will represent almost one-fifth of all retail sales in Mexico by 2018. The increase will be the result of increased Internet availability throughout the country, growth in the number of smartphones and tablets owned, as well as increased practicality.

1st Mexican Gray Wolf Pups Born in the Wild in Decades
Alicia Graef

Advocates are celebrating the first documented litter of Mexican gray wolves born in the wild since they disappeared nearly three decades ago. Mexico’s National Commission for Natural Protected Areas confirmed the wolves were sighted in the western Sierra Madre mountains.

Caged Bengal Tiger Found in Deserted House in Mexico
Chris Pleasance

Police called out to investigate strange noises coming from an abandoned house in south-western Mexico were shocked to find a caged Bengal tiger inside one of the rooms. Investigators are now trying to work out how the tiger got there, but confess they are at a loss.

Mexico Ranks Second in Worldwide Medical Tourism

According to statistics reported by Patients Beyond Borders, a medical and health travel consumer information service, Mexico might soon overtake Thailand as the world's leading destination for medical tourism.

To Keep Migrants Off, 'La Bestia' Will Triple Speed
Bryan Llenas

A Mexican railroad company will invest more than $150 million over the next five years to triple the speed of its freight trains (from about 6 miles per hour to 18) and boost security, in an effort to deter immigrants from boarding their freight trains to reach the US.

Netflix to Track Down and Kill Blockbuster in Mexico
Adam Epstein

Netflix, which was partially responsible for Blockbuster’s demise in the US, now has an aggressive plan to extend its reach in Mexico. If successful, Netflix could steal most of Blockbuster’s clientele in Mexico, and Blockbuster doesn’t really have anywhere else to go.

Texas National Guard Border Deployment Worries Mexico

The Mexican government has expressed concern over the decision made this week by Texas governor Rick Perry to send 1,000 National Guard troops to the Mexican border. Perry is looking to stem the massive arrival of undocumented child migrants arriving from Central America.

Mexican Grand Prix Returns to Mexico City in 2015

After a 23-year absence, the Mexican Grand Prix returns to Formula 1 in 2015 with a five-year deal to run the race at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City. British driver Nigel Mansell won the 1992 race, which proved to be the last F1 race in Mexico to date.

40 Mexican Bishops Taking 'Intensive' Exorcism Course
Emily Lodish

Some 40 Catholic bishops from various dioceses in Mexico are attending an exorcism seminar this week at the Pontifical University of Mexico. An Italian priest who says he's personally conducted 1,650 exorcisms is leading the course, along with a theologian and a psychiatrist.

A Guide for First-Time Visitors to Mexico City
Maria O'Connor

One of the largest cities in the world, Mexico City is a meeting place of old and new cultures, a hub of activity, a culinary mecca and a stunning canvas upon which Mexico's vibrant history is painted. It's extremely accessible, very safe, and you'll never run out of things to do.

Roger Corman Featured at Guanajuato Int'l Film Fest
Eric Ortiz Garcia

The 2014 Guanajuato International Film Festival promises to be both exciting and surprising, especially thanks to the fact that the event will pay homage to B movie king Roger Corman. Corman, 88, will also be attending - his first ever appearance at a Mexican film festival.

Mexico Did Not Leave 2014 World Cup Empty-Handed
Allan Wall

Though the Dutch beat Mexico 2 to 1 in the knockout phase of the World Cup, Mexico did not leave empty-handed. A lot of money was doled out, as FIFA paid out $576 million USD. Even teams that lost in the first round received $8 million dollars apiece, and Germany received $35 million.

Carlos Slim Says You Should Only Work 3 Days a Week
Kirk Maltais

Mexico's richest man, Carlos Slim Helu, told attendees at a business conference in Paraguay last week that it was time for 'a radical overhaul' in people's working lives. Slim said that people should take more time off, working only three days a week instead of five.

Guadalajara Selected as 1st IEEE Assisted 'Smart City'
Dr. Victor M. Larios

Envisioning its transformation into a 'smart city,' development has commenced on a 40-hectare area of downtown Guadalajara to create a socially integrated urban environment that attracts some of the world's brightest minds in advertising and other digital-media innovations.

New Temporary Import Permit for US Boaters in Mexico
Capt. Pat Rains

Revamped import permits for boaters entering Mexico were unveiled last month by three federal officials during a seminar at the San Diego International Boat Show. Last year, problems with the permit lead Mexican tax investigators to impound 338 foreign owned yachts.

How Mexico's New Telecoms Laws Will Affect Consumers

Everybody is talking about Mexico's new telecommunications laws and the impact they will have on the country's telephone and television companies, like Grupo Televisa and TelMex, and the people who own them, like Carlos Slim, but how will they affect consumers?

Mexico Restricts TV Junk Food Ads to Certain Hours
Ruth Rodriguez

Another initiative to combat obesity took effect in Mexico this week when television advertising for high-calory food products will be restricted to certain hours. The new rules will eliminate 55 of 139 hours of commercials annually, and affect 10,000 product announcements.

Mario Batali's Authentic Mexican Tacos Asada Recipe
The Tribune-Review

My recent travels to Mexico City reminded me how much I admire classic Mexican preparation in cooking. While I may not be able to re-create the carne asada street taco I had at La Merced Market, I was inspired to whip out my own version that I mastered a few years back.

Number of Mexicans Watching Online Porn on the Rise
Mexico News Daily

People living in Mexico like their porn, particularly on Mondays. A study by the Mexican news outlet 'El Universal' shows that 338 million Mexicans visited the website 'Pornhub' in 2013 - a total of 920,000 per day - putting it in eighth place in terms of visits by country.

Ban on Animals in Circuses Becomes Law in Mexico City

Mexico City has enacted legislation approved by the Federal District Legislative Assembly banning the use of animals in circuses - a measure strongly criticized by the industry. The measure became law on Wednesday, a day after its publication in the Federal District Gazette.

Mexico Appoints 'Czar' to Oversee Border Crisis
Angelica Leicht

The Mexican government has appointed a 'czar' to oversee the mounting Central American immigration crisis that has taken over both Mexico and the United States, and to implement the new system to 'guarantee the safety of migrants as well as their eventual repatriation.'

2nd Quarter 2014 Mexico Resort Real Estate Update
John K. Glaab

In the Settlement Company's 2nd Quarter 2014 Mexico Resort Real Estate Newsletter, John K. Glaab tell us about some mexico success stories, new infrastructure projects in Mexico that represent an investment of $161M USD, and the Los Cabos and La Paz real estate markets.

Mexico Employment Rate Grows 3.5% Over the Past Year
Narayan Ammachchi

The Mexican job market has kicked into high gear - creating 43,295 new jobs in June alone. Free trade deals, low wages, and proximity to the US market have been instrumental in stimulating the nation’s employment rate to grow at a rate of 3.5 percent over the past year.

Slim Close to Taking World’s Richest Man Title Back
Dolia Estevez

Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helú is close to taking the world’s richest man title back from Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates. Slim finished last week with net worth that Forbes estimated at $78.5 billion, just a hair behind Gates, whose net worth Forbes pegs at $78.9 billion.

In Mexico, Freight Trains Now Off-Limits to Migrants
Ian Gordon

After years of turning a blind eye to Central American immigrants using La Bestia, to avoid checkpoints throughout the country, the Mexican government claims it now will try to keep migrants off the trains, according to Interior Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio.

Mexico Passes Tough Restrictions on Telecoms
Associated Press

The lower house of Mexico's Congress approved tough restrictions on dominant companies in the country's telephone and television sectors last week after 20 hours of debate. The new rules must still be signed into law, but the lower house passed the enabling legislation.

Could the Mexican Riviera be Cruising's Comeback Kid?

In cruising's early years, it didn't get much more glamorous than a cruise on the Mexican Riviera. The 'Love Boat' showed cruise ships stopping at exotic ports such as Mazatlan, PV, and Acapulco. Today, you'd be hard-pressed to find Acapulco on a mainstream cruise itinerary.

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