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Mexico Lifts Limit on Businesses' Dollar Deposits
Associated Press

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has announced that the government will no longer limit the monthly cash deposits of US dollars that border businesses can make if the companies allow authorities to monitor their financial transactions and meet other requirements.

Category 3 Hurricane Odile Roars into Cabo San Lucas

Hurricane Odile roared into Baja California on Sunday night, packing winds that shook buildings, blew out windows, and knocked out power in the resort town of Cabo San Lucas. Wind gusts of up to 116 mph were measured in Los Cabos as the storm made landfall just after 11 pm.

Pemex Invests In System to Stop Theft from Pipelines

Pemex has announced that it is investing $282 million to expand an automated system to detect the theft of oil and fuel from its more than 21,750-mile pipeline network. Theft from Pemex pipelines, known as 'milking,' is common with a total of 2,523 cases registered in 2013.

'El Grito' Marks Mexico's Independence from Spain
Banderas News Team

One of the most popular Mexican patriotic holidays is September 16th, Mexico's Independence Day. But September 15th is when the celebration really begins, as Mexicans commemorate the first and most significant episode of Mexico's history, Independence from Spain, with 'El Grito.'

Free Rabies Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats in Jalisco

For the last 19 years Jalisco has been free of rabies. This month, during the Reforzamiento de Vacunación Antirrábica Canina y Felina campaign, 924,000 free rabies vaccines are expected to be administered to pets throughout the state in order to keep Jalisco rabies free.

Mexican Chefs Break World Record With 9,450 Tacos

Chefs and artisans in Mexico broke two Guinness World Records by assembling 9,450 tacos to create the largest 'Taco de Plaza' and by serving it in the world's largest clay pot. Hungry residents looked on as Guinness officials supervised the weighing of almost a ton of tacos.

Mexico Sees First Artificial Insemination Wolf Pups
Associated Press

In an effort to save the species from extinction, Mexico has presented the country's first litter of Mexican gray wolf pups conceived by artificial insemination. Conservation projects in the US, where the wolves survive in captivity, provided genetic material for the effort.

Texas Fuming Because Mexico Not Sending Owed Water
Joshua Partlow

In 1945, President Harry S. Truman signed a treaty intended to bring fair play to the fight for water in the parched deserts along the US-Mexico border. Seventy years later, the historic drought across the western US has raised a diplomatic dispute along the Texas border.

Tropical Storm Odile Threatens Mexico's Pacific Coast

Tropical Storm Odile is spinning in the Eastern Pacific threatening catastrophic flooding in areas recently affected by Hurricane Norbert. From Manzanillo to Puerto Vallarta, coastal cities and the mountains near the coast could be at risk of flooding rains and mudslides.

Free Trade Will Make Mexico 'America's Car Capital'
Joann Muller

With some of the most liberal free trade arrangements in the world, Mexico is an ideal export base for automakers from Europe, China, Japan, and the US. Eighty percent of the cars built here are exported to other countries, about two-thirds of them to the United States.

Antonio Ramblés Travels: Guanajuato's Centro Historico

The 'Alhondigas de Granaditas' – The Granary – dominates the old city of Guanajuato, Mexico, and has played a central role in its history for more than two hundred years. The Alhondigas is best known, though, as the site of the first battle in Mexico's War of Independence.

China Investing in Mexican Infrastructure Projects

During last year’s visit, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto signed a 'Comprehensive Strategic Alliance.' As a result, Chinese construction, rail, and related companies are investing heavily in key infrastructure projects in Mexico.

Wastewater Plants Blamed for Jalisco Mass Fish Deaths

The death of over 3 million fish at a lagoon in Jalisco, Mexico last week was caused by poorly functioning wastewater treatment plants failure to filter out untreated material. Samples taken found the fish died from lack of oxygen due to excessive organic waste in the water.

Mexico City's New Airport Plans Threaten Environment
Fox News Latino

According to Mexican Senator Alejandro Encinas, a 1995 study concluded that the area chosen for Mexico City's new airport was 'less than ideal' because of the adverse environmental impact on Lake Texcoco. Building there would threaten 120 species in the area with extinction.

Clinton, Zuckerberg See Brilliant Future in Mexico

On Friday, Hillary Clinton and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg visited Mexico City to speak at a charity event hosted by Mexican telecommunications billionaire Carlos Slim. Both hailed Mexico for 'having one of the brightest, smartest futures of any country in the world.'

Mexico's New Gambling Bill Set for September 9 Premier

The proposal to reform Mexico's gambling regulations will be introduced to the country's House of Representatives on Sept 9. The government believes it will be officially approved no later than the 20th, according to Fernando Zárate Salgado, President of Mexican Gaming Commission.

Lion Saved from Taxidermy Becomes Star at Mexican Zoo

A lion rescued from a cruel taxidermist who was waiting for the animal to die of starvation so that he could mount it, has become a star attraction at a local zoo. The animal was discovered in a van when the driver was stopped by police during a routine roadside check.

Hillary Clinton to Visit Mexico for Carlos Slim Event

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be in Mexico today to attend one of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim's annual charity events. Clinton will become the second potential presidential candidate to visit Mexico this week, following New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Jalisco Schools Face Junk Food Fines, But Who'll Pay?
Mexico Gulf Reporter

Mexico, a country that faces critical obesity issues, especially among its juvenile population, is doing its best to penalize one of the many causes. The Jalisco Department of Health will begin enforcing laws that prohibit 'chatarra' vendors from entering school property in October.

WHO: Lightning Kills 223 People a Year in Mexico

The World Health Organization says more people die from lightning strikes in Mexico than anywhere else in the world, at an average of 223 per year. Also, a national electrical association says 12,000 people in the country were injured by lightning between 2005 and 2011.

US Agrees to Protect Rights of Immigrant Workers
Penny Starr

The US has signed an agreement with the Mexican government that allows Mexican Nationals – regardless of immigration status – to 'exercise their workplace rights.' This act and other antidiscrimination laws will ensure even the most vulnerable workers are protected by law.

Mexico City Airport to Quadruple Passenger Capacity

Mexico plans a new $9.15 billion international airport which will eventually handle 120 million passengers a year, quadrupling the congested current hub's capacity, President Enrique Peña Nieto said during his second State of the Union address on Tuesday.

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