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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkTechnology News | February 2007 

Top 10 Mp3 Sunglasses
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What kind of people take the most interest in MP3 Sunglasses? People who enjoy listening to music, even when they are moving. With MP3 sunglasses, you don't have to bother about cords.

For this reason, they are very popular for walking, running, snow skiing, fishing, bicycling, motorcycle riding or any other activity you do out in the sun.It gives the wearer complete freedom to enjoy music during these activities.

For those who love listening to music when they are moving we’ve compiled a list of Top 10 Mp3 Sunglasses, that also provides 100% UV protection.

1. Oakley Thump Pro

Manage to be the best equipped and least ridiculous member of its illustrious crew.It's so comfortably lightweight, you'll forget you have it on.This sunglasses are designed for sports.They are also resistant to sweat and rain, and athlets can train in any weather.Oakley produce this sunglasses in 3 versions according to capacity 1GB / 512MB / 256MB.Playback time is 6 hours.

Price : 299$ - Full info : Oakley Website

2. Oakley Thump 2

After one year after they've launched Thump Version Oakley decided that their first product should be improved a little, so they launched Oakley Thump 2.They've equipped the new sunglasses with a new look, and a bigger memory, that can reach 1GB ( almost 240 songs ).More comfortable than the original Thump. Earbud placement is more flexible.

Price : 299$ - Full info : Oakley Website

3. Brando - Sunglasses MP3 Player

Brando sunglasses give the wearer extreme freedom to enjoy music or receive phone calls during activities.When you listen music you can stop for a moment and answer the phone because they are equipped with bluetooth technology that make them more inteligent.

You have a 512 flash memory for music, and the battery can last more than 6 hours, and the weight is just 52g.

Price : 110$ - Full info :

4. Oakley Thump

The inventor of sunglasses with mp3 players was Oakley, with their first product named Oakley Thump.That was in 2004, when Oakley Thump were choosed the coolest product of the year.The glasses are extremely light with a weight of 52g, and with a 3 hour charge gives a 6 hour play-time.When you want to upload new music you can do it very quickly because they are equipped with an external 256MB or 512MB USB 2.0.Oakley Thump have plutonite lenses that provides 100% UV filtering and unsurpassed impact protection.

Price : 229$ - Full info : Oakley Website

5. Aigo iSonic Sunglasses

Aigo's iSonic sunglasses provide 6.5 hours continious playing ( in saving mode 8,5 hours ) as well as having voice recording capabilities.They have nylon fibre frame, which adjusts to your head size for the most comfortable fit.To ensure that your music sounds good at all times, the Aigo glasses offer multi-equalizer modes.You can also choose how much music you want to store ( 128MB/256MB/512M/1G ).

Price : 79.95$ - ( 512 MB ) - Full info : Aigo

6. Dark Shadow Mp3 Sunglasses

Dark Shadow's come with two sets of lens ( darker blue and light brown ).Styling and sound quality ( 3D Stereo Sound ) of the Dark Shadow sunglasses is very good for their price.This sunglasses come with built-in memory 256 MB.Battery playtime 8 continuous hours with fully charged battery.They also have a voice recorder.

Price : 49$ - Full info : Nu-Tech Review

7. Fio Mp3 Sunglasses

Global American Technologies made these mp3 sunglasses as a cheaper response to Thump sunglasses from Oakley.Recording voice conversation is one of the distinguishing features of the FIO Digital MP3 Player Sunglasses has over the Oakley Thump.For the outdoor and sports enthusiasts who never leaves home without his shades and MP3 player, this gadget is the perfect convergence of the two.The bad part is Oakley Thump uses a plastic tube system to hold the earphones in place, while the Fio glasses use wires.

Price : 79.99$ - 128MB - Full info : PocketNow Review

8. Evergreen MP3 Sunglasses

They have an MP3 player built in with 256MB Memory, Voice Recorder via built-in microphone ( 32MB is available for sound recording ), and USB support.Very light at just 50g.Again the bad part is that these sunglasses have wires built into the earbuds so they hang down like bad Counting Crows dreads. A two-hour charge keeps these sunglasses goin' for 8 hours.

Price : 110$ - Full info : NewLaunches

9. Oakley O ROKR

Launched at the start of 2006 Oakley O ROKR is a new type of sunglasses made in partnership with Motorola.This new model don't have an mp3player, but you can listen music to it, because they have Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream audio from your iPod, or other mp3players with bluetooth support.Bluetooth can be also used to answer you phone, and make calls.

Price : 249$ - Full info : Oakley Website

10. Improvised = iPod shuffle + Sunglasses

Everytime when you can't afford something, or your think you can do it yourself you improvise a little like in this example... [via]

C'mon, you really didn't think we were gonna shell out three hundred bucks for the Oakley Thump, did you?

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