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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkHealth & Beauty | June 2007 

Celebrate Summer Solstice with JOY!
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Join Life Transformation Coach, JOY! for a a special workshop centered around banishing fear.
This Thursday is Summer Solstice; a powerful day of purification and renewal of the self, a time to release fear from your life, a time to be reborn.

The sun is exerting its maximum powers on the earth, inviting us to step forth into the fullness of Summer; plant the seeds we want to make manifest in our lives, and move forward in powerful ways.

JOY! will be conducting a special workshop between 1 pm and 6:30 on June 21st, using this energy to create a Power Day centered around banishing Fear, enabling Forgiveness and Clearing negative inner voices.

It is difficult to step into ones power when fear pulls us down, negative voices in our heads are telling us we can't do it, and unforgiveness is taking up energy that we could be using in positive ways.

This Power Day contains a variety of extraordinary processes specifically designed to address these three challenging issues. These process range from Specialised Kinesiology techniques to clear the mind and bring balance to the body, to new perspective skills that will empower you in every part of your life.

JOY is certified in a dozen different holistic health modalities, and has spent more than 20 years gathering empowerment skills, tools and techniques from around the world. She draws on these to help you clear blockages that might be preventing you from being all you can be.

She devoted herself to enhancing quality of life in all areas after doctors gave up on her following a car accident that left her brain damaged. Traditional medicine said she would be dead or brain dead by age 30. She was 24.

She learned how to reprogram her brain to bypass the damage and access new, previously untouched areas of power. By age 30 she was advisor to State and Federal government, had co-created Australia's largest computer support organization and literally changed the face of computing in that country.

JOY! teaches by example how to transform your life. She speaks with gratitude about the man who tried to kill her and her daughter when she refused to marry him. He devoted his life to becoming a black magician so he could destroy her. She accredits much of her enormous strength to that time of her life when she had to grow in power to survive. Thanks to him she jokes that she could easily teach Defense against Dark Arts at Hogwarts.

She knows about fear, and how to vanquish it, and she has learned the secret of quieting the negative voices in your head.

You will be able to move forward into the next part of your life, at peace with yourself and others - even the most challenging people in your life! You will also be armed with an extraordinary ability to banish any fear. Guaranteed or the day is free.

TIME: Beginning at 1 pm and ending with a renewal ritual at 6 pm - The Solstice is at 6:06 pm. We will finish in time to go to Lazy Lizard for Celebrity Charity Bingo at 7 pm.

INVESTMENT: $1050 pesos, trade considered.

For venue and more information, call 044-322-129-1128 or send an email to
JOY! Is an internationally acclaimed life transformation coach, famous for her unreasonable success in helping people move through their challenges with her unorthodox approach and emPOWERment tools. For more information, visit her website or call 044-322-129-1128.

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