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PV Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals & Health Services
With the escalating cost of U.S. health care and prescription medications, its good to know that most of the medical technology and procedures available in the States can be found in Puerto Vallarta at a fraction of the price . . .

Click HERE for a list of doctors and hospitals, provided by the Canadian Consulate.
Whether you are here for a visit, or here to stay, good health care is important, and here in Puerto Vallarta there are many doctors and medical specialists offering high-quality emergency care, as well as routine medical and surgical procedures, in modern hospitals and clinics using cutting-edge medical technologies.

Since it's no secret that medical procedures, plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry are less expensive in Puerto Vallarta, the search for "the fountain of youth" and simple good health often leads people here. With lower costs for the latest techniques and technologies available, many vacationers return home looking, and feeling, young and beautiful.

Holistic Bio Spa, Plaza Marina, Puerto Vallarta
Guiding Your Journey to Lasting Health

As holistic medical providers in Puerto Vallarta, Zoli Hargitai and his team of clinicians at Holistic Bio Spa don't just treat illness. They partner with you to restore vibrant health to mind and body. Based on Naturopathy science, all treatments meet international health standards.

Lynn Rogers, PhD
Your Guide for Navigating Life's Changes and Challenges

Integrating 25 years of experience as a licensed family therapist, ordained interfaith chaplain and life coach, Puerto Vallarta Psychotherapist Lynn Rogers offers individuals and their families the tools, support and guidance to integrate challenges into their lives and minimize emotional suffering.

Puerto Vallarta Sleep Clinic - PV Sleep Well
Wellness Begins with a Good Night's Sleep

Owned by Kevin and Rhnee Mohan, PVSleepWell offers Banderas Bay area home studies which deliver results of sleep disorder and possible treatments, plus sales, service and repair of CPAP equipment, masks and accessories - at a much lower cost than in the US and Canada.

CardioMed Diagnosis & Treatment Center
Dr. Jorge G. Chávez Páez, Cardiologist

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and Mexico, so it's good to know that we have CardioMed - a heart diagnosis and treatment center in Puerto Vallarta that offers patients bilingual diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cardiac disease.

PV Smile Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry
Your Dental Clinic in Paradise

Is your smile saying the right things about you? Or is it embarrassing you and holding you back in life? At PV Smile we devote our time and effort to making people happier by enhancing their smiles with advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry at our modern dental clinics in Puerto Vallarta.

Dr. Octavio Lomeli
English-speaking Dentist in Puerto Vallarta

Dr. Octavio Lomeli is not only one of the most well established and reputable dentists in Puerto Vallarta, but has also taught many of the dentists now practicing in the area. For the last 25 years he has treated locals as well as Americans and Canadians who return to Vallarta for his services.

Marcelo Mico Pilates Educación
Natural Therapies and Health Philosophies

Marcelo Micó Pilates Educación is more than just a form of exercise: it is a way of viewing and living life. The instructors offer a challenging and rewarding experience through their synthesis of the Pilates Method, physiology and other leading natural therapies and health philosophies.

Plastic Surgeon Doctor Ricardo Rivera
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Puerto Vallarta

Vacation surgery is gaining in popularity, and when it comes to plastic and reconstructive surgery techniques, Puerto Vallarta Plastic Surgeon Doctor Ricardo Rivera has the skill and experience that makes it easy and affordable to go home looking - and feeling - refreshed, rejuvenated and revived.

Dr. José Antonio Rodriguez
LASIK & Cataract Surgery for Less in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Save your vision while saving money with Dr. José Antonio Rodriguez, a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in phacoemulsification cataract removal and laser refractive eye surgery (also known as LASIK) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Dr. Javier Diaz Nuñez
English-speaking Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist in Puerto Vallarta

Dr. Javier Diaz Nuñez, ENT Specialist: A Mexican doctor who speaks your language! Whatever your ENT surgical needs, Dr. Diaz can provide a solution - at up to half what you'd pay in the US. Have your surgery and recover in the tropical Paradise that is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay Area Doctors and Hospitals
(provided by the Canadian Consulate)

Although the Consulate used care in compiling this list, they can not guarantee or otherwise assume responsibility for the professional competence or integrity of the individuals/companies whose names are listed.

•   B E L O W   T H E   F O L D   •

February 6: PV Medical Matters Conference
Pamela Thompson

Puerto Vallarta's annual Medical Matters Conference, a no charge community healthcare event featuring options for the Banderas Bay Community regarding day to day well-being and emergency healthcare needs, will be held at the Marriott Hotel on February 6, 2012 from 9 am to 7 pm.

HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta January 2011 Newsletter
Pamela Thompson

As we finish up the last week of 2010, it is a time to reflect on the past year. We have accomplished a lot of great things and are proud! So, hold on to your hats and prepare for a January that is jam-packed with our regular clinics, some new clinics and as well, some great programs.

Dr. Curiel on Cardiac Stress Testing
Pamela Thompson

HealthCare Resources is pleased to work closely with Dr. Adolfo Curiel, a bi-lingual cardiologist. As we move through various topics/interviews with our physicians, we have interviewed Dr. Curiel regarding treadmill stress testing.

New State-Of-The-Art Men’s Clinic Opens in Puerto Vallarta
Patrick Harrison

Just because we live in a tropical paradise does not mean that we need to compromise our healthcare services and that our clinics cannot be on the same level as clinics in the US and Canada. With the opening of Anku, the men of Banderas Bay now have another option for state-of-the art healthcare.

Interview with Vallarta Psychiatrist Dra. Adi Dominguez
Pamela Thompson

We all seem to be touched by either a family member or friend who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. Though the research continues, to date, there is no 'cure.' We interviewed Dra. Adi Dominguez, a local psychiatrist who specializes in geriatrics about any pre-disease testing and prevention.

SkyMed Air Evacuation to Participate in PV Medical Expo
Pamela Thompsom

Though we have state of the art medical facilities in Puerto Vallarta, there are situations when a patient needs to be transported back to their 'home.' For this reason, we are pleased to have SkyMed Air Evacuation participate in the PV Medical Expo on November 22nd at the Hotel Marriott.

Check-up Package for Men at Clinica Anku
Pamela Thompson

HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta is pleased to add another specialized clinic to the ever-growing list of our diverse services - a 'Check Up Package for Men' at Clinica Anku, the recently opened and free-standing Men's Clinic owned and operated by Dr. Pedro Lopez-Cueto, urologist.

Interview with Dr. Javier Diaz Nuñez, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist
Pamela Thompson

Since this is the time of year that so many folks are planning their return trip (or vacation) to Puerto Vallarta, we thought it would be a good idea to interview Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Dr. Javier Diaz-Nuñez, one of HealthCare Resources' favorite physicians.

General HealthCare Information Part 4: Choosing & Communicating with a Personal Physician
Pamela Thompson

Having basic information on how health care services work in the Banderas Bay area is vitally important. In Part 4 of her General Health Care Information series, HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta's Pamela Thompson talks about Choosing and Communicating with a Personal Physician.

General Health Care Information Part 3: Insurance Coverage - Inpatient Services
Pamela Thompson

Having basic information on how health care services work in the Banderas Bay area is vitally important. In Part 3 of her General Health Care Information series, HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta's Pamela Thompson talks about insurance coverage for inpatient services.

General Health Care Information Part 2: Insurance Coverage - Outpatient Services
Pamela Thompson

Having basic information on how health care services work in the Banderas Bay area is vitally important. In Part 2 of her General Health Care Information series, HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta's Pamela Thompson talks about insurance coverage for outpatient services.

General Health Care Information Part 1: Emergency Services
Pamela Thompson

Whether you're a visitor or a resident, having basic information on how health care services work in the Banderas Bay area is vitally important. In Part 1 of her General Health Care Information series, HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta's Pamela Thompson talks about local Emergency Services.

Ambulancias Intermedic Emergency Services
Pamela Thompson

With many years of experience in emergency services and medical tourism, Ambulancias Intermedic Medical Director Dr. Luis Arias and his highly experienced and cohesive team of paramedics bring professional air and ground ambulance services to Puerto Vallarta and the Banderas Bay area.

Puerto Vallarta Blood Drive Sets Records
Pamela Thompson

As we begin the Semana Santa/Semana Pascua holidays, the need for blood in Puerto Vallarta increases significantly. With the Blood Bank always in critical need of donations, the 53 units of blood donated during last week's blood drives could not have come at a better time!

Spotlight on Vallarta: Dr. Javier Diaz Nuñez
SF Productions

In this edition of Spotlight on Vallarta, host David Tarr speaks with Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Dr. Javier Diaz Nuñez, a Puerto Vallarta doctor who speaks your language! Whatever your ENT surgical needs, Dr. Diaz can provide a solution - at up to half what you'd pay in the US.

Hospital Medasist Offers Detox Program
Pamela Thompson

Hospital Medasist is pleased to announce the implementation of a new bi-lingual Detox Program (drugs-alcohol). This four day inpatient plan provides an integrated assessment, both physical and mental, for individuals struggling with addiction, as well as support for family members.

Spotlight on Vallarta: Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery in Puerto Vallarta
SF Productions

Can you say "Phacoemulsification?" Dr. Jose Antonio Rodriguez can not only pronounce it, he is the first board-certified ophthomologist in Puerto Vallarta to use this state-of-the-art cataract removal technology on cataract patients.

Dr. Jose Antonio Rodriguez: Restoring Good Vision to Aging Eyes
Roberta Rand

From the moment you step into the office of Dr. Jose Antonio Rodriguez, a board-certified ophthalmologist in the Medica Vallarta complex, you'll discover that you don't have to have 20/20 vision to see that having eye surgery in Puerto Vallarta is a win/win proposition.

Laboratorio de Patologia Clinica Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta Lab Work and Diagnostic Services

Founded in 1982, Laboratorio de Patologia Clinica Vallarta is an organization of health professionals committed to providing patients and physicians with state-of-the-art lab tests and diagnostic analysis services at over 22 locations throughout the Banderas Bay area.

Hospital Medasist
Serving Puerto Vallarta for Over 20 Years

Hospital Medasist has been serving Puerto Vallarta locals and foreigners for more than twenty years. This private hospital's reputation has increased due to their new technologies and skilled, compassionate staff, reflecting the healthcare center's commitment to excellence.

Diagnostic Integral Vallarta
A Multi-Faceted Diagnostic Center

Diagnostic Integral Vallarta offers many of the most common outpatient tests in one convenient location. The Diagnostic Center offers a variety of services including CAT scans, bone density studies, X-rays, ultrasound, EEG, cardiopulmonary exams and mammograms to name a few.

Vallarta Enfrenta el SIDA A.C. Announces New Location and Staff
Paul Crist

Vallarta Enfrenta el SIDA, A.C. has recently moved to a new location. Located at Manuel M. Diéguez #387, at the corner of Aguacate in the Colonia Emiliano Zapata, VES continues to offer free, confidential HIV testing and professional counseling by appointment or walk-in.

Dr. Javier Diaz Nuñez: A Mexican Doctor with "Gringo" Sensibilities
Roberta Rand

The first thing you notice upon meeting Dr. Javier Diaz Nuñez, a respected Ear, Nose and Throat specialist in Puerto Vallarta, is his impeccable English and the total absence of a Mexican accent. 'When patients hear me speak, they know that I will understand them,' he says.

Boomers May Soon Overcome Top Objection to Retirement in Mexico
Jim Scherrer

With high quality medical care readily available in Vallarta, the cost of it, even though at a fraction of the cost in the US, can be a deciding factor when considering retirement in Mexico. But it looks as if Medicare may be available in Mexico in the not too distant future.

Health Services in the Bay of Banderas
Julia Caranci

Vacations are fun: in theory. But what if you need a doctor while in Mexico but you don't speak Spanish? How do you know where to find specific services and what is and isn't covered by your health insurance? Pamela Thompson has the answers to these and other health-related questions.

The Abdominal Journey Continues... The Colonoscopy
Pamela Thompson

I know. I know. The thought of having a Colonoscopy done is not pleasant. It's not something folks look forward to doing. No grand anticipation of the big day. But honestly, it's not THAT bad! And, with Healthcare Resources Puerto Vallarta, you can have it done - and save money - this summer.

Changing Kid's Lives One Smile at a Time
Patricia Mendez

The Puerto Vallarta International Friendship Club is changing kid's lives one smile at a time by providing free medical consultation and treatment to underprivileged children born with a cleft palate or harelip. Your donations are instrumental in creating new lives for these children.

Gay A.A. Meetings in Puerto Vallarta

The Gay recovery community would like to announce that a new Open Gay Meeting has been started as of April 1st. These meetings, held every Wednesday morning at 11:00 am at Club Mañana, are open to everyone in the GBLT community.

Hospice Care in the Bay of Banderas

Join the Puerto Vallarta Wise Wo-Men at the International Friendship Club on Wednesday, April 8 from 10 am-12 noon for "Hospice Services," a special presentation by Bahia Home Care owners John and Lisa Ozello.

Yo Me Amo (I Love Me) Campaign by VES
Ed Thomas

The Yo Me Amo campaign started by V.E.S. in collaboration with CENSIDA (Centro Nacional para La Atencion Y Prevencion del Sida) and COESIDA (Consejo Estatal del Sida en Jalisco) will be 4 months in the works on December 1st - World Aids Day.

Puerto Vallarta Bariatric Support Group
Pamela Thompson

For post-bariatric patients, support is very important, regardless if you have had the surgery recently or in the distant past. Now there's a Bariatric Support Group here in Puerto Vallarta where you can share your experience and learn helpful tips.

VES Launches HIV Prevention Project

After the formal launch of the CENSIDA-funded Vallarta Enfrenta el SIDA HIV prevention project, V.E.S. President Paul Crist spoke to BanderasNews about what they are doing to reduce the number of new cases of HIV in Puerto Vallarta.

Revolutionary Prostate Cancer Treatment Comes To Puerto Vallarta
Jim Scherrer

While in the lobby of San Javier a couple weeks ago, we met a group of doctors, nurses, and assistants from the US who travel to PV on a monthly basis, spending three days at San Javier practicing a revolutionary prostate cancer treatment.

Website Focuses on Health Issues Plaguing Hispanics
Don Finley

The National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) developed the as a portal to share key information that can improve the quality of healthcare delivered to Hispanic populations. The information is directed to health professionals and the public.

New Store in Bucerias Does it All Naturally
Harold Sokolove & Sue Fornoff

Look into the small window at the shop at #14 Av. Javier Mina in Bucerias and you’ll see food items, soaps and medicinal products like in so many stores around town. But there’s something different about things at the Herbs International store.

Casa de Milagros Opens its Doors to Recovery
Bob Cohen

The first Medical Detox and Treatment Center in the Puerto Vallarta area, Casa de Milagros, will be opening its doors on April 15, 2007 in the beautiful and tranquil Sierra Madres of San Sebastian del Oeste.

Free AIDS Clinic Opens in Vallarta

The largest US AIDS group joins forces with federal, state and local Mexican government bodies and 'Vallarta Contra el SIDA,' a respected local Mexican NGO, to extend HIV/AIDS medical care and access to life-saving anti-retroviral treatment in Puerto Vallarta.

Rape and Sexual Assault Survivor Group in Puerto Vallarta

If you have been raped or sexually assaulted recently, or if it happened to you a long time ago but changed your life, therapist Sueanne Hagemann invites you to join a Free Rape and Sexual Assault Survivor Group that she is starting in Puerto Vallarta.more »»»

Pediatric Specialty Clinics in Vallarta

A group of Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara and Mexico City pediatricians are pleased to announce the beginning of their monthly Pediatric Specialty Clinics for local families in need. Clinics will be held on Saturdays on the second floor of Edificio Semiluna, on the corner of Prisliano Sanchez and Corona in El Pitillal.more »»»

More than a Drugstore
Eliza Barclay

Millions of Mexicans have become loyal customers of a discount drugstore chain called Farmacias Similares, where a consultation with a doctor costs only $2, most medications are under $5, and lab services like ultrasounds go for $12.more »»»

Total Fitness Gym
"'s fun and I really love it."

Total Fitness Gym in Marina Vallarta has been helping women get into shape for over four years. Recently, the gym was sold to Elisa Tovar, a long-time physical fitness instructor, and she has taken the helm and implemented a new way to think about exercise and the body.more »»»

Excellence in Plastic Surgery in a Tropical Paradise
A Profile of Dr. Carlos Gomez by Bob Cohen

With the growing popularity of people coming "south of the border" for cosmetic surgery, I set out to find the most capable and competent plastic surgeons in Puerto Vallarta and met Dr. Carlos Gomez, a highly trained and board certified professional who performs plastic surgery in his state-of-the-art clinic.more »»»

Take Care of Your Prostate!
Pamela Thompson

Do you know that one out of every five men over 50 years old have cancer of the prostate and have no symptoms? For this reason, Dr. Pedro Lopez-Cueto and Cornerstone Hospital have put together an economic, prostate-health package for men.more »»»

Dra. Valeria Lizaola
Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Upon her arrival in Puerto Vallarta in early 2004, Valeria could see that there was a need for more specialized therapy in the area, so she decided to leave the clinic that brought her to Vallarta and open up her own practice.more »»»

Biomedical Research Institute Opens in Puerto Vallarta

The new Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas (Institute of Biomedical Research) next to Plaza Caracol provides medical services previously unavailable in Puerto Vallarta.more »»»

New PV Hospital Aims to Smooth Insurance Tangle
Elaine Halleck

Among the new hospitals catering to foreigners and certified by U.S. hospitals that have opened in Puerto Vallarta in recent years, the newest is Cornerstone Hospital, located at Plaza Caracol.more »»»

Dr. Peter Gordon
...and fell in love with Mexico

After graduation from the University Autonomia in Guadalajara, Dr Gordan returned to the United States, but promised he would one day go back to Mexico to practice medicine.more »»»

Cornerstone Hospital Opens in Puerto Vallarta

The recent opening of the Cornerstone Hospital promises the people of Puerto Vallarta accessible health services and state-of-the-art medical equipment at reasonable prices.more »»»

Vallarta Counseling Associates

All individuals have the inner resources for self-understanding and for altering their self-concepts, basic attitudes, and self-directed behavior; We provide an environment facilitative of those changes.more »»»

An American's Hospital Stay in Puerto Vallarta
Sueanne Lineberger - PVNN

Tossing and turning for two nights having difficulty breathing, I was forced to see a specialist for internal medicine. Dr. Lewgot, (also known as Dr. Lupita) who has a great reputation among the English speaking population saw me immediately, did a battery of tests and gave me two medications to take home.more »»»

Dental Terminology
We believe that the best consumer seeking to purchase a dental plan is an informed one. If you can not find a definition of a procedure or service you seek here or if one is unclear, please use the contact links provided for further assistance.more »»»

Webaholics Anonymous
Center for Online Addiction

Along with the announcement that Internet Addiction is now a real problem effecting an estimated six percent of the online population, news immediately broke that a 12-step program had been formed for those who suffer from this dangerous affliction.more »»»

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