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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkNews from Around Banderas Bay | June 2007 

Huilo - Changing the Dream
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Thunder growled in sympathetic rage as symbols of the rape of Avalon, Amapas, Conchas Chinas and Vendido were placed by 'big business' next to the figure of a sad, ailing Mother Earth.

In honor of World Environment Week, Teatro Jaguar Luna will be presenting 'DreamCasting the Art of Transforming Consciousness,' an art/puppet show filled with hope and symbolism.
Huilo's grand puppet show at Los Arcos on the Malecon invoked big magic in the form of the season's first rainstorm. Thunder growled in sympathetic rage as symbols of the rape of Avalon, Amapas, Conchas Chinas and Vendido were placed by 'big business' next to the figure of a sad, ailing Mother Earth. The audience fled as Father Sky wept at the senseless destruction of the sacred mountain. The storm perfectly underscored the need for us to put a stop to the demolition of Puerto Vallarta. What will happen to the condo constructions when the monsoons really hit?

Puerto Vallarta - Huilo is a dreamer whose goal is to awaken us to a new paradigm, one in which we begin to dream a new world into being, instead of passively accepting the nightmares thrust upon us by government, religion and media.

His art/puppet show at beautiful Café Candela on Sunday night was a riot of colour and symbolism designed to awaken the community to the need to balance the duality of light and shadow. "When people become apathetic and avoid dealing with their shadows, that darkness becomes a community collective and we get situations such as what's happening in the United States right now" Huilo says.

His show; 'DreamCasting the Art of Transforming Consciousness' lasts about half an hour, and involves a number of huge puppets including Gaia, the earth Goddess who is ill and neglected; Quetzalcoatl, a Mayan God of Light and Tezcatlipoca, a Mayan God of Darkness. The struggles of duality and the effect of this on Gaia are the thrust of the program.

According to the Mayan calendar, November 2007 will bring us into the energy of Tezcatlipoca again, the same energy Hitler reigned in. Huilo's work implores us to awaken and bring balance, to dream beauty rather than the apocalypse.

There are very few words in the show, Huilo believes that each word is a spell – a blessing or curse depending on the word and how it is used, he would rather let the universal language of symbols speak straight to the hearts and minds of the audience.

Café Candela was filled with his paintings during the show, the entire place turned into a 'cartography of consciousness' art and theatre powerfully encoded to awaken the senses, each painting created to help guide consciousness in some way.

After the theatre segment, a video presentation deepened the message, with symbols and fleeting words set against the backdrop of Huilo's paintings. Colour is an enormous part of his work; he believes that our eyes, like the rest of our senses, have been desensitized by prolonged exposure to television and computers. There is actually evidence that we are seeing up to 50% less than we used to, that children who have been submitted to 20 hours of television a week are seeing up to 100 less colours.

"Apathy is the result of passive imagination. We have let our dreams be force fed to us by Hollywood and advertising and the government, and these dreams are all based in fear, they have produced the nightmare of the apocalypse." Huilo says "War the complete failure of the imagination. Theatre and art re-engage us, we need to dose ourselves with creativity on a regular ongoing basis, especially during the next two years."
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