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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkHealth & Beauty | July 2007 

Interview with a Face Reader
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Learn how to communicate with, and better understand, every person in your life. Join Internationally renowned empowerment coach JOY! at the Lazy Lizard in Puerto Vallarta on tonight from 7:30-9 pm for Advanced Communication Through Face Reading.
An interview with Internationally renowned empowerment coach and face reader, JOY!

Tell us about face reading, what is it exactly and how accurate is it?

The face reading I teach is actually a science based on Behavioral Genetics; How the DNA that determines our facial features also determines our basic patterns of behavior. It's been validated with 98% accuracy and is used throughout the U.S. for jury selections and criminal identification.

98% accurate, that's a pretty big claim.

I thought so too, in fact I originally set out to discredit it, believing the whole face reading thing to be at best akin to reading tea leaves and at worst some kind of racial judgment. As a skeptical business person I was offended at the claim that someone could look at a face and know with 98% accuracy how that person thought and how they would behave.

How did you come to teach it then?

It was part of the Specialized Kinesiology training I was doing. I had to complete all the modules to be certified in the modality. The more I learned about face reading the more amazed I became at its accuracy until I finally realized this is a skill everyone should have, it should not be restricted to the justice system!

I came to learn that people really are their traits, and that understanding these traits was enabling me to understand why people behave the way they do without needing to take the behavior personally. It transformed every relationship I had!

How did it do that?

I used to believe everyone thought just the way I did, they don't! As I learned to recognize HOW people thought I was able to communicate more effectively with them on so many levels, personally and professionally.

Communication is about what's heard, not what's said. I had been talking to people in the way I like to be spoken to, and not necessarily in the way they needed to hear it!

Can you give us an example?

Sure, let's go with the how people think example. It's of huge benefit to anyone trying present new information to someone.

The way we think is determined by the slant of our foreheads. The more the forehead slopes back the more focused on results the person is. If you are presenting new information to someone with a backward slanting forehead, give them the bottom line first and only as much information as they ask for. Anything else will bore and annoy them.

If the forehead goes straight up or bulges out, the person needs new information to be presented in a logical step by step manner, if you leave something out they will suspect you are trying to hide something. They want all the information presented before they make a move. This one piece of information alone increased my sales by 30% in the first month after I learned it!

It sounds a bit like a way of typing people by the way they look.

It does sound that way until you realize that behavioral genetics doesn't just work in and of itself, it works in relation to whoever you are with. Take for example someone with a very wide face. Perhaps as wide as it is long. This is the trait of innate self confidence, people like Julie will jump right in and give just about anything a go, and they can't understand why everyone else doesn't operate the same way.

Now look at the opposite of that trait; someone with a long thin face. Steve has learned his confidence, this trait tells us that he is more cautious, don't push him faster than he is willing to go, he likes to proceed at a more deliberate pace.

While these two people are together, Julie, with her wide face will always be the confident one. And Steve with his narrower face will be the voice of caution in that relationship. But put the Julie together with someone whose face is wider than hers and she will become the cautious one, in that relationship.

Just as if Steve is with someone who face is narrower than his, he then has the wider face and the extra confidence trait, while he is with that person.

So from this example you can see we have been all things to one another, including confident and cautious in different relationships depending on who we are with. There is never any excuse or reason to say that we don't know how the other person feels!

See for yourself how it works. Look at the width of the face, across the eye sockets, of the people that are close to you, and compare them to the width of your own face, then observe how your behavior changes in each relationship.

Do you behave in a more confident way around the people whose faces are significantly long and narrower than yours?

Do you tend to be the more cautious one when you are around friends whose faces are much wider than your own?

What about the person who is neither wide nor narrow but in-between?

They are lucky, they get to choose much more easily who and what they will experience themselves as in situations; requiring confidence, they can go either way depending on who they are with.

Isn't there a risk of judging people by the way they look?

That's a good question, I was originally concerned about that too, and then I realized, we judge people by the way they look anyway! This science enables us to do it with compassion and understanding instead of ignorance and assumption. I think it should be taught in schools and to absolutely everyone, it would end so many problems in the world.

How would it do that?

Imagine what would happen if we all really understood WHY people behave the way they do and took that into account instead of taking it personally.

What would be the effect in schools and marriages and business and politics and ALL relationships if we honored one another's structure and the way they learn and think and respected that in our dealings with each other?

That vision is why I teach it!

Who do you normally teach face reading to?

All kinds of people; people oriented businesses are my biggest clients, it's a huge advantage to know how your client thinks without them needing to say a word! I also teach managers what to look for when hiring, how to create better teams by understanding who works best with whom and why. I use face reading in couple counseling, one on ones, there's a lot of call for it among internet daters!

Can people just get a reading without needing to learn it?

Sure, I do in-depth profiles for gifts and many other reasons! Just email the photo, preferably clear full face and profile to If you want compatibility profiling make that clear when you send the photos and I will focus on how each person can best relate to the other.

Thank you very much for your time, JOY!

If you want to learn how to read faces join me on July 31st from 7:30 to 9 pm at the Lazy Lizard next to La Palapa on Los Muertos Beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
JOY! Is an internationally acclaimed life transformation coach, famous for her unreasonable success in helping people move through their challenges with her unorthodox approach and emPOWERment tools. For more information, visit her website or call 044-322-129-1128.

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