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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkNews from Around Banderas Bay | August 2007 

Canopy Tours de los Veranos Celebrates New Arrivals
email this pageprint this pageemail usAdriana Romero - PVNN

In July, Canopy Tours de los Veranos woke up to a very pleasant surprise... the unexpected birth of two adorable little Marmoset monkeys.

The baby Marmosets are in perfect health, thanks to the loving tender care of Verano's excellent staff.

Two lovely, healthy, White Tail deer fawns, which happen to be on the list of local endangered species, were recently born at Los Venanos.
During the first few days of July 2007, Canopy Tours de los Veranos woke up to a very pleasant surprise... what seemed to be a totally unexpected captive birth of two adorable little Marmoset monkeys.

These very cute little tropical creatures, also known as Tití, because of the sound they create, live in Central America (Costa Rica and Panama) and in South America (Colombia, Bolivia, Brasil, Perú, and Paraguay.) Marmoset Monkeys are generally pretty small, very shy, and most of them are also considered endangered species due to the destruction of the jungle, their natural habitat.

Today, the Baby Marmoset monkeys are almost 2 months old, and fortunately are in perfect health and being very playful, thanks to the loving tender care of Verano's excellent staff of animal trainers; Alejandra, Joaquín and Ulises.

Fortunately, the animal trainers had enough experience in knowing how to handle, nurse and feed the babies, because the story they share with us is that when these baby monkeys were born, the Alfa Marmoset (dominant male) took the newborn monkeys away from their mom to put them on his back. Ever since that moment the Marmoset mother has not wanted to nurse them. So a big round of applause to the animal training team and their wonderful efforts!

On Tuesday, August 21st, the team over at Los Veranos witnessed another happy arrival! Bambi and John Deere parented 2 lovely and healthy White Tail deer fawns, which happen to be on the list of local endangered species.

Thanks to its privileged geographical location, the Canopy Los Veranos ecological preserve offers refuge to a surprising variety of plant and animal species. The amazing family of wildlife currently living at the Los Veranos facilities include a Burmese Python named Monty Python, two Toucans, four Squirrel Monkeys, four Marmoset Monkeys, four White Tailed deer, two young local Coati, and an incredible collection of local Insects, Tarantulas, Chameleons and Black Scorpions from Africa - but this is the first time the Los Veranos team has experienced births in captivity.

Los Veranos Canopy Tours are designed to give adventurous explorers the opportunity to discover the flora and fauna found in Puerto Vallarta in a whole new way. As you are flying from tree-to-tree, you'll also see Philodendrons, Strangler Figs, rubber trees, palms and bamboo, as well as tree-bound termite nests and a large numbers of iguanas, tropical birds and parakeets.

While vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, be sure to visit Canopy Tours de los Veranos. These amazing ecotours will not only give you a fuller appreciation of the biodiversity in this beautiful place, but will also give you a fascinating view of paradise.

For more information or to make your reservations, call (322) 223-0504 or visit
A painter, photographer and drummer who has had several important art exhibitions in various galleries all over the United States, México, and Europe, Adriana Romero worked for Santa Fe Workshops School of Photography in San Miguel de Allende for seven years before moving to Puerto Vallarta in January of 2004. In 2006, she moved to Cabo San Lucas where she worked as an editor for Los Cabos Discover Magazine. After returning to Vallarta in 2007, she began writing about local news and events translating articles for Banderas News.

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