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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkNews from Around Banderas Bay | January 2009 

Not Just Another Fish Story
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For more information about reserving a fishing boat, call Captain Alfredo at 044-322-136-2419 or Las Gaviotas Restaurant at (322) 228-1193.
We have all heard of the tall tales told by men coming back from their fishing trips, right? Well this one is no different, but has a bit of twist... it gives you an insider's tip that can make for a great day in Puerto Vallarta.

In what was to become my perfect Saturday in Mismaloya, just 10 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta, it became clear to me early on that this day belonged to a group of people visiting from the United States who were staying at the Casa Iguana Resort in Mismaloya.

While sitting on the sandy beach enjoying a quiet afternoon, I looked up and saw some tribal men returning from the hunt (fishing trip) with what their tribe hoped to be enough food for the village to make it through the rough winter we have here in Puerto Vallarta.

At first I got a chuckle, as what appeared to be the Chief held up his catch of the day... a 3-inch-long fish. I had to laugh because I was sure that stories about the bigger fish that got away were being told. But then I noticed that he and the other men were bringing about 8 Albacore Tuna to shore. Wow, I thought to myself, how do I become part of that tribe?

For those that might enjoy a quieter day, I encourage you to consider what this tribe from the United States experienced. I did not even know this to be possible, so I guess an old dog can learn new tricks.

Did you know it to be possible to send your men out fishing for a few hours, bring back their catch and have it cooked and served for your afternoon meal? Well, yes, it is possible - and I think I will be trying it very soon.

On Mismaloya Beach you can rent a fishing boat for around $40 USD an hour from Alfredo Rodriguez, Captain of the La Jolla I & II, and spend as much time on the Bay as it takes for you to catch your afternoon meal.

Once you've made your catch and brought it back to shore, Las Gaviotas Restaurant will clean and prepare your fish for you and serve it up with rice, beans, tortillas and salad for just $50 pesos per person.

So, if you are seeking something a bit different, I encourage you to head out to Mismaloya Beach for what seemed, to this tribe, like a perfect day. I am sure that you, too, will enjoy an afternoon in Mismaloya.

For more information about reserving a fishing boat, call Captain Alfredo at 044-322-136-2419 (cellular) or Las Gaviotas Restaurant at (322) 228-1193... and be sure to tell them "Hola!" from Mike at BanderasNews.

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