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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkHealth & Beauty | December 2009 

Awakening the Spirit
email this pageprint this pageemail usKrystal Frost - PVNN
December 18, 2009

Intuition, a clear knowledge or insight of what is right for you, free of any logical or rational processes, is a function of the sixth chakra.
It happened that I was having lunch with a friend of mine recently who is a psychotherapist. During the course of our conversation in dealing with emotional intelligence, she mentioned the deep connection of awaking the power of intuition and getting in touch with one's personal spiritual gifts as a tool in working through unsettled situations.

This statement got me thinking that everyone seems to have some closeted unsettled emotional baggage. Also, her comment lead me to understand that we, as human beings, have the inherit power of intuition, spiritual gifts and capacities that are meant to be used to guide and direct our lives.

We have become conditioned to using our physical senses and logical thinking minds as the compass in any given situation. Our natural intuition is dulled by television, computers, over work, and over saturation of our physical senses. We all know that emotional charges have very little to do with logic. By fine-tuning our intuition, we may be able to choose more effortlessly, with fewer and fewer detours, the direction our lives could be taking.

Spiritual gifts include intuition, discernment, precognition, spiritual empathy, visionary skills, working of miracles, powers of healing, including self-healing, and bringing our dreams into reality. It may sound a little to New Age to you, however may I say that your gut feeling is your intuition kicking in were your logic thought process leaves off.

Intuition is a clear knowledge or insight of what is right for you, free of any logical or rational processes. Intuition is a function of the sixth chakra. Chakras are energy stations in a line along the front of the body and head. Accessing and developing intuition is a natural gift we can all develop more fully. With the natural gifts of nurturing comes the sixth sense, or "gut" feeling, which comes easily to us all. If your are one of those that practice yoga or mediation, you already are working this sense.

The sixth chakra is located in the center of the brow, above both eyes, just above the bridge of the nose. In metaphysics, it is referred to as the "third eye. My friend claims you can activate these areas of your body and energy fields to increase levels of intuition and pure knowing of right action in tough situations.

Here are a couple of exercises and observations you can practice to get the energy flowing:

Imagine you have a third eye situated at the point mentioned above. Place your middle finger on the bridge of your nose and push up a couple of inches, breathing deeply, imagining you are opening the eyelid. This is a tool you can use before going into a confusing and difficult situation

Stop justifying, defending and explaining yourself in your day-to-day conversations. Every time you do, you discount what you "know" to be true and right for you. These encounters ring with simple truth and honesty even in the most difficult exchanges.

Stop using the phrase "I don't know." Every time you express that you shut down your intuition. Take a moment to get in touch with yourself and define what you do know.

We are essentially spiritual and highly intuitive beings. Sometimes we run into trouble trusting what we know, and all too often look outside ourselves for permission or validation. Confusion sets in when actions and attitudes are in conflict with your intuition. You may be able to pull off this role playing for a while, but sooner or later, your true nature will unfold, like a caged bird taking flight. Then everyone wonders what happened.

So, trust your gut feelings. All your answers are inside you waiting to be awakened and shared. Those who are willing to use their intuition play a great role in the time in which we live. Trust your inner knowing, develop your intuition, and you will not only enrich your life by being true to yourself but the lives of those around you.

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