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PV Little League Results & Highlights - Pre-Season Week Three
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February 02, 2010

Teatro Limon gets off to a good start against as the batter crushes a home run over the outfielder's head.
The Puerto Vallarta Little League completed Week Three on Saturday, which marks the midpoint of the first half of the season. Teams play two six game seasons and then the playoffs follow to crown eventual champions in each division. The two seasons, without interruption is good for the newer teams that have been losing, due to lack of baseball experience.

As proven last year with eventual champion Sage Hill, regular practice and training can make a champion out of an average team and although the first half might be out of reach for some teams, they have a whole new second half to compete in. Still, the importance of competing to the best of their abilities is a must, regardless of the standings.

There was a change this week and both the regular baseball field and the softball field was and will be utilized from now on. The softball field actually seems better suited for the youngsters as the field is smaller and the backstop is much closer, allowing for fewer wild pitches and a faster game. Also, the stands are right behind the field and are not as spread out and they were full this past week with a loud, cheering crowd.

The stands were full in part as the two best teams in the 12-14 year old division went head to head for the first time this year. and Teatro Limon, both 2-0 went to battle for the lead in the division. Teatro Limon took an early 2-0 lead after the first inning with a crushing deep home run and then carefully manufactured another run with parents screaming "Limones" throughout the stands. Pitching was strong by both teams and there were very few walks. Balls that were hit were hit hard and both defenses played extremely well.

The score remained 2-0 until the bottom of the third inning when Teatro Limon crushed a two run homer to take a commanding 4-0 lead after three innings. A four run lead is generally far from commanding in Little League play, but with superb pitching and fielding, 4-0 is much different. Limon's starting pitcher, who dominated the BanderasNews lineup was removed and moved to shortstop as pitchers are only allowed to pitch three innings in a game. The relief pitcher came in and kept the shutout going through four innings and BanderasNews also held as the game reached the 5th inning, still at 4-0.

Francisco Ramon, starting catcher for, came in to pitch the final two innings and struck out five of the six batters he faced and also hit a home run in the victory. He was the MVP of Week 3.
The offense finally got going for BanderasNews as they got an RBI triple with the runner scoring on the next batter and then a long hard hit ball went for a home run before Teatro Limon got out of the inning leading now 4-3. After the "Limones" got heir leadoff hitter on in the bottom of the 5th, BanderasNews changed pitchers in an expected move if the game got close.

The catcher, who had been throwing the ball back to his pitcher harder than the pitch, was moved to the mound and the pitcher went to shortstop. The result was astonishing. The first six pitches were strikes and all blazing fastballs for two outs and the runner then was caught in a rundown and tagged out for the final out as the two teams went to the final inning.

BanderasNews needed at least a run or the game would be over. The cheering in the stands was now equal for both teams. With nobody out a ball was absolutely crushed over the centerfielder's head as the batter raced home with a tying home run to tie the game. After an out was recorded another blast down the left field line had the same result, a home run and BanderasNews first lead of the game at 5-4. The side was then retired with no more damage done.

As pitcher Francisco Ramon took the mound, the feeling was desperate but hopeful for Teatro Limon. The kid was absolutely dominating the previous inning and batters were way behind on his blazing pitches. Bottom of the 6th and final inning recap was quite impressive; nine pitches, nine strikes, three strikeouts and a 5-4 victory and first place for BanderasNews, who came from behind, scoring five runs in the last two innings for the victory. Francisco Ramon, who also homered in the game, was the MVP.

In the other 12-14 year old game, Sage Hill soundly defeated Las Rocas 20-3 after Las Rocas batted in the fourth inning due to the mercy rule. Las Rocas practiced three times during the week and showed improvement, but many of the kids on the team had never played baseball until just prior to the season start. We look for Las Rocas to improve as the first half concludes and possibly add a couple of players. Sage Hill, back after last week's forfeit is still the defending champion, look to show Teatro Limon and BanderasNews that they are still the elite in the league.

After a hotly contested game the teams always shake hands with each other, a show of good sportsmanship and competition.
The younger kids played and the matchup of unbeaten Los Picosos and PV Yankees was the highlight game, played in the left field corner. The Yankees dominated play offensively, defensively and pitching as they handed Los Picosos their first loss of the season 24-6 in a game that saw them break it open in the final two innings.

On the softball field, the other 9-11 year old game was played between the Mexlend Martillos and Pipis Restaurant. Both teams came in winless, but both showed improvement last week. The game featured the most runs scored by both teams in the two year history of PV Little League as Mexlend came out on top 37-26 in a marathon game that lasted more than 2 1/2 hours. Mexlend won their first game of the season and Pipis will be shooting for their first victory next week.

Standings thus far after three weeks of play:

12-14 Year olds: 3-0
Teatro Limon 2-1
Sage Hill 1-2
Las Rocas 0-3

9-11 Year olds:
PV Yankees 3-0
Los Picosos 2-1
Mexlend Martillos 1-2
Pipis Restaurant 0-3

Come out and join us for games each week beginning at 11:00 am. We hope to see everyone watching Little League in Puerto Vallarta every week.

Your support provides endless benefits for Banderas Bay area kids, who will develop the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being by participating in Puerto Vallarta Little League Baseball. To learn how you can help, send an email to Bob Cohen at bob(at) For more information about Puerto Vallarta Little League Baseball, click HERE.

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