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Spotlight on Vallarta: Opportunity Knocks in Puerto Vallarta with Life Vantage
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March 15, 2010

Host David Tarr introduces us to Protandim, an anti-aging product that has many people in Mexico starting their own home based business.
In this edition of Spotlight on Vallarta, host David Tarr introduces us to Protandim, a dietary supplement composed of five highly synergistic 'indirect antioxidants' that may actually inhibit aging, that has many people in Mexico starting their own home based business.

The new product Protandim is moving across Mexico at a very fast pace and many here in Puerto Vallarta have taken advantage of this lucrative opportunity. Protandim is an anti-aging product that has just launched into Mexico and because of the results, clinical studies, and the compensation program, it is growing rapidly and many people are benefiting financially. Because of the downed economy in Mexico and in the world, many people are starting their own home based business with this company.

The product was featured on ABC's Primetime and has had over 20 clinical studies. The product is designed to eliminate Oxidative Stress in the body within 30-60 days no matter what age a person is. It also has been written about in the American Heart Association Journal and other clinical studies about cancer, liver, and diabetes.

There have been over 75,000 studies about Oxidative Stress, which has been linked to over 200 diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart attack to name a few. Unlike an antioxidant product, Protandim actually turns on enzymes in the body that literally extinguish the free radicals that cause oxidative stress. Protandim is a real medical discovery that will help millions of people across the world.

Protandim is being marketed direct to the consumer by Independent Distributors in Mexico and the United States as these are the only two countries to open thus far. The Company plans to open countries throughout Latin and South America as well as Europe and Asia in the coming year.

The compensation program is strong and pays you down 9 levels as well as commissions for all initial orders. "It is like being the first to introduce Aspirin to Mexico," says one independent distributor. "I have only started less than 3 months ago and already built an income of $15,000 pesos monthly," says another distributor. "I have never seen an opportunity this good mixed with such a great product," says another. "I have never felt so good." "I have been able to stop taking my blood pressure pills and have tremendous energy." "A great way to supplement my income," others commented.

The beauty about these direct marketing companies is residual income month after month, you do not have to start over each month from zero. Every month your income grows with minimal work. It really is not much different than referring someone to a store to buy a product, except in this case, you get the commission month after month. It is not necessary to inventory much product as all orders can be shipped right to their door from the distribution center that has recently opened in San Luis Potisi.

To learn more about this new Patented Herbal Supplement click HERE. If you have an interest in being a part of something big while making money by helping to launch this product across Mexico, visit, contact Valeria in Puerto Vallarta at (322) 209-0092, call USA Vonage 561-337-5879 or send an email lifevantageinpv(at) for more information.

SF Productions is a full service production and marketing company in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, whose expert staff can design any film or marketing project to fit your needs at any budget. To learn more about SF Productions, click HERE or visit

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