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Lolita's Comida Corrida Much Better Than Fast Food
email this pageprint this pageemail usSylvie Scopazzo - PVNN
April 23, 2010

Lolita's is located at Ave. Mexico #1061, kitty corner to Parque Hidalgo in downtown Puerto Vallarta
When I looked up the English translation for Comida Corrida, the definition I found was "Food on the Go." I could easily take that definition to mean "Fast Food." However, Comida Corrida is everything BUT fast food! I would define it more as an inexpensive, authentic, home cooked meal.

Anyone that knows me well can tell you I have a very healthy appetite and what I dislike the most is leaving a restaurant still feeling hungry. At Lolita's, I can enjoy a hearty meal that consists of a small soup, a choice of 3 different entrιes that comes with beans, rice and tortillas on the side. It also includes a small pitcher of natural juice water.

Lolita's menu changes daily, so you can have a variety of tasty options and all for just $45 pesos! Do the math and you will see the price is difficult to beat! They also have a liquor license and sell the coldest beer in town.

Comida Corrida menus can be found in many different restaurants throughout Puerto Vallarta and I have to say, it's the best kept secret around. At lunch hour, it's not unusual to see only locals eating at these types of establishments. I would think this is mostly due to the fact that many tourists have yet to discover this inexpensive lunch option. Truly, it is the closest to authentic Mexican food you will find at a ridiculously low price.

So what makes Lolita's special and different from the rest?

While eating lunch there, I was introduced to a woman named Elisabeth who gave me the scoop on the restaurant's history. Dolores ("Lolita") Madero Flores is the original founder/owner/cook who opened the restaurant in 1960.

Soon after opening her business, "Lolita" received an award of recognition by the City Mayor. She was recognized as being the first person to introduce Comida Corrida to Puerto Vallarta. Lolita's first restaurant was located on Juarez and Libertad Street.

In 1965, she packed up the restaurant and moved to their present location, Ave. Mexico #1061, which is kitty-corner to Hidalgo Park. Nowadays, the infamous Lolita can be found on any given day sitting in a chair in a corner of the restaurant. She is 94 years old!

When Lolita was ready to retire, she handed the business over to her daughter, Lupita ("Lupe"). She can often be seen in the kitchen overseeing food preparation. Elisabeth, who turns out to be Lupe's daughter, manages the restaurant. She told me that most of her customers were Mexican. However, they noticed an increase of foreigners after an article was written about them in a magazine some time ago.

Another important person, who plays a big part in the family business, is Paula. She is married to Lolita's son, Jose Candido Montano, who was also very helpful with giving me information about their history.

Last but not least, I met the Great Granddaughter, who just happened to be outside while I was taking photos. She was surrounded by her four small dogs waiting for a ride to the vet's office. Her dogs were all going in to get vaccinated. I love responsible pet owners!

What made my day exciting besides eating an incredibly delicious lunch, was that I was lucky to have met 4 generations of women who make "Lolita's" what it is today... a great place to enjoy an authentic Mexican meal without burning a hole in your pocket! Insider tip: Saturday's menu offers Chicken Mole!

• Operation Hours: Mon-Sat from 9 am to 11 pm for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sundays from 4-11 pm.

• Note: Comida Corrida hours are from 12 pm to 4 pm

• Location: Ave. Mexico #1061, downtown Puerto Vallarta

• Landmark: Hidalgo Park (kitty-corner)

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