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City Hosts Jalisco District Little League Tournament
email this pageprint this pageemail usBob Cohen - PVNN
May 25, 2010

The All Star team had a weekend competition with a team from Aguascalientes earlier this year. In this photo, the two captains recite the official Little League Creed as all palyers recite it with them.
The City of Puerto Vallarta and the Puerto Vallarta Little League will be hosts for the first time in history of the Little League for the divisional playoffs for the State of Jalisco teams the weekend of May 28th - May 30th. The division that we will be hosting is the 9-10 year old All Stars from District 9 and there will be eight teams participating, thus seven teams traveling to our city for this level of competition for the very first time.

We invite everyone out to the three day tournament and the official festivities begin at 9:00 AM Saturday morning although some games will already have been played Friday. We expect the stands to be full with locals as well as families and friends that are making the trip to Puerto Vallarta. The games will be played from early morning until 8:00 PM, with the bulk of the games played on Saturday. Regardless of the outcome, it is a first for our city and a treat for the all stars selected from all cities.

Teams that will be participating are Alfarera, Guadalajara, Legion, Metropolitana, Arandas, Tepatitlan, Ocotlan and our own Puerto Vallarta all star team. The strongest team according to past history and "those in the know" is the Guadalajara squad due to their large pool of players to draw from as well as their long history in the Little League. It will be a double elimination tournament and will strictly adhere to official International Little League rules.

The Navy Band is expected for the opening ceremonies along with much, much more.
Beginning Friday, all teams will play two games in a round robin format and as each team suffers their second loss, they will be eliminated from the competition. On Saturday play will continue and all but two or three teams will remain for the final day. On Sunday morning the remaining teams will play for the championship and then move on to the Regionals held in a city and state outside of Jalisco.

Good pitching, and a deep pitching staff is a big key to winning, as pitchers are limited to three innings at the most in one day and/or a pitch count that when exceeded. The pitcher will then have to leave the game or move to another position. They cannot pitch again that same day even if there is a second game. One team will be crowned District champions and will move onto the Regionals, then hopefully to the Mexican Nationals in their hope to win the Latino Division, which is as far as the 9-10 age group can go.

The following week, June 4th - 6th, the 10-11 year old Puerto Vallarta All Star team will travel to Guadalajara to play in that category. The 10-11 year old category will have the same rules except if they win the Mexican National Division, they will get a direct pass to play in Williamsport, Pennsylvania for the official Little League World Series which is televised internationally.

Special commerative All Star uniforms were made for all of the Puerto Vallarta All Star players and many parents of the selected players will pay for them. There are those who cannot afford the uniforms will get them through scholarships from money that we have raised. This is independent from the funds of sponsors from the regular season. The official name of our All Stars will be the Puerto Vallarta Delfines.

This is where we need your help. Teatro Limon Restaurant held a very successful fundraiser for the league two weeks ago and the proceeds donated to the Little League covered all the expenses for the PV tournament and much of the Guadalajara tournament. Added expenses that are never anticipated keep occurring and we appear to be a bit short for the Guadalajara tournament the following weekend.

For donations, sponsorships and further information we urge you to contact Bob Cohen at bob(at)

We need the public's help with any financial donation to help pay for the extra expenses as the traveling team. Anything that an individual, family or business can give will be greatly appreciated and well used as over 15 kids will be playing and spending three nights in a Guadalajara hotel along with league officials as chaperons. We also want to be sure that everyone gets fed well. Parents, family and friends will be attending as well but at their own expense. Our estimates are that we need to raise from $5,000 - $8,000 pesos in total for the big event in Guadalajara. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

We wish to give thanks to the City of Puerto Vallarta Department of Sports. The City has assisted the league to the degree that they can, but added expenses keep mounting. The City has provided materials to build temporary required walls in the two outfields and also have provided a bus for travel to Guadalajara. Others have stepped up as well with non-monetary donations.

Please contact me via email at a1abob(at) or at bob(at) with any donation pledges of any amount. If you are here locally I will arrange to pick up your generous donation and if you are outside of Mexico, easy arrangements can be made.

Your support provides endless benefits for Banderas Bay area kids, who will develop the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being by participating in Puerto Vallarta Little League Baseball. To learn how you can help, send an email to Bob Cohen at bob(at) For more information about Puerto Vallarta Little League Baseball, click HERE.

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